What Is The Difference Between Customer Support And Customer Service?


Kevin Urrutia




February 09, 2024

What is customer support?

You just ordered a t-shirt from Amazon and you totally hate it, so, you hit up the support number on the website. An agent promptly replies to your call – takes down your order details and processes a no questions asked refund.

This is what customer support is.

Customer support is nothing but responding to requests like refunds, tech support, and any other request where the buyer either wants to have nothing to do with you anymore – – so he requests a refund or a cancellation through a customer support software integrated into the company’s website that automates customer support ticketing so the support agent responds to you at the earliest through the customer support chat software or his telephony integration.

Customer Support Examples

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If you buy a video course and cannot access a particular video – you contact the support email and ask the company, why is it that this particular video cannot play.

You immediately get a response that says a support ticket has been created and an agent will get in touch with you shortly. A few days later – you receive an email from the agent answering your query – effectively sorting out your issue.

What is Customer Service?

Let’s say you picked up a pair of shoes from an online store. It’s been a month since you started using it and you love it.

One fine day you start browsing through your inbox and find that the shoe company has a brand new edition with a limited number of pairs selling right now.

You hit up the link – see the shoe – love it and make another purchase.

This is what customer service is.

Customer service is the art of maintaining and building a relationship with your customers – so they not only buy more but also become your fans and go around spreading your service. Let’s now see an example of how an awesome customer service looks like.

Customer Service Examples

You’ve been thinking about switching to a new internet service provider (ISP) for a while – so one day you see a flyer outside your office that matches what you were looking for.

You go in to have a closer look and realize that this can help in fulfilling all of your internet requirements at a great price. So you quickly scan to the bottom of the flyer to find a support number, and yes, it’s there.

So you get dialing – an agent picks up and asks you about your requirements and promptly sends over a salesperson to explain the whole scenario to you.

You tell the salesperson – you love the offer but not ready to switch yet. The salesperson smiles calmly and says goodbye.

A few months later you get a call. You look at your cell phone and the Truecaller shows you an unknown name. You want to kill some time – so you pick up.

Guess what – it’s the ISP company asking you if you’d like to take a FREE 30-DAY Trial of their service.

With nothing to lose but a few hours on a Sunday – you get them to install it.

A month goes by and this Internet service is way better than your old one – so you do the most logical thing – you call them and seal the deal for a fully paid connection.

This is an example of customer service.

Customer Support VS Customer Service

To be honest – you can’t have a customer support without great customer service first.

Only if you have a great product that the customer wants to invest in – would you be able to transition him to the customer support phase- where he purchases your product and looks for help with his issues.

So as a general rule of thumb – your business needs a great customer service strategy that is coupled with an even better customer support system. Investing in both these resources will help you retain your customer allowing you to sell more and sell often.

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