Ideas to Protect a Storage Unit from Moisture

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If you want to prevent the growth of mold and mildew in self-storage units, you have to pay attention to indoor humidity. Relative humidity or indoor humidity should be limited between 30% and 50%. This range is not only comfortable for humans but prevents the development of mildew and mold. If moisture accumulates in your self-storage unit, your belongings will be susceptible to rust, corrosion, mildew, and mold. It can be dangerous for stored items and goods of personal value, such as electronic appliances, leather, wood, photos, and clothing. Here are some recommendations that will help you to protect storage units near me from the mold.

Check Level of Humidity

Make sure to measure humidity levels in your storage units frequently. Indoor humidity must not exceed 50%. A humidity gauge may help you to check the level of moisture in your indoor storage units. If the humidity level is high, you have to inspect the storage unit and stored stuff visually. If you spot mold in your storage unit, you will need professional help. Moreover, you have to check your storage unit to locate possible leakage or source of moisture. After completing your inspection, you can take the necessary steps to decrease humidity level.

Inspection for Leaks

If you are using outdoor self-storage units, make sure to check these units for possible leaks before renting them. Inspect the whole unit for holes and cracks. It is essential to avoid water in your self-storage units. You can’t ignore even a small crack because it can be risky for your valuables. Keep checking your rented storage units for leaks and damages in each weather.

Carefully Choose a Storage Unit

If you want to stop moisture in your self-storage unit, don’t let it develop it at first place. Select a quality storage unit with moisture-resistance qualities. It will decrease your extra stress and worries. Your selected container must have the ability to handle climate challenges. If you want to store sensitive items, you will need a particular unit with climate controller. A storage unit with windows, air conditioners and vents can be a good choice to avoid moisture.

Store Dry Items

Keep it in mind that a rotten apple can spoil your whole basket. Similarly, a wet item can ruin other things in your storage unit. Make sure to store 100% dry items in self-storage units. Wet items can increase the humidity levels. Even a damp article can increase the probability of mildew and mold growth. Make sure to remove all traces of dampness from your belongings before storing them.

Vapor Barrier

By installing a vapor barricade, you can make your storage damp-proof. A foil or polyethylene plastic on the storage wall (warm side) can block outdoor moisture. You can install this membrane underneath the floor to protect your storage unit from ground’s moisture. A vapor barricade is available with less than 1.0 permeability value. These are available in hardware stores. You can use silica gel to absorb moisture. Gel desiccant is readily available in hardware stores.

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