What are the Top Lies to Avoid about SEO!

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What are the Top Lies to Avoid about SEO!

No doubt SEO is hugely important to succeed in the modern business world; however, there also exists much misinformation about SEO which is sometimes an outright lie from an SEO expert. Therefore, it is recommended not to believe such lies. For more information, visit Get the clicks Orlando. Also, read the below lies about SEO:

Not to Believe When SEO Experts Guarantee You Top Position

No doubt everyone desires to rank on the top, but only around thirty per cent of the traffic for a given search can get you the first link on a results page which is quite massive to achieve. Also, you need a significant increase in visitors to move from position number two to position number one. However, both the conditions are hard to achieve, but the number one spot is precious for a business. Therefore, to make this position, you easily believe the lie of SEO experts who guarantee the first spot on a results page. So, it is recommended not to accept the SEO experts when they promise you top position.

SEO is Complicated

You must have heard SEO is a vast and complex industry, but it is not a complete truth. Because improving your search rankings is easy but, you need to practice techniques such as backlink profile, domain authority, and many more to get up to the mark results in SEO. Also, it takes much experience in understanding the process to make it work efficiently. However, if you desire to make your website useful, easy-to-use and authoritative, then you need to do much hard work.

Also, to maintain this position, you need to keep track of constant updates, your content, technical improvements, backlink outreach, your competition and a host of other things which is a time taking strategy. Therefore, considering these points, you start believing the other lie of SEO experts that SEO is complicated, but in actual, it depends upon how much time and effort you devote and in which direction to improve the rankings of your website on search engines.

Social Media Is Not Crucial for SEO

Though some SEO experts lie to you about the role of social media in digital marketing, you must not believe them. Because when people start sharing your content with the people who need it, then only you can help out more people with the information you provide. Also, your site performs better when people share your content, link to your pages, revisit your site and turn into leads. It shows social media plays a crucial role in better SEO. So, stop believing the SEO experts who lie to you about social media, and start sharing your content to the most on social media.

Too Many Links on Your Site Improves the Rank

The other big lie of SEO experts is too many inbound or outbound links, external or internal links will improve your site. No doubt according to some SEO experts, link building is the most crucial technique for SEO, but having too many irrelevant links on your site will degrade the ranking of your website instead of improving the rank. So, only a link from a high-authority site such as Mashable, Moz, AdAge, and many more will add value to your SEO efforts for a particular page.

Similarly, linking from your page to high-quality external websites will show Google your page contains useful information and help it figure out your page exactly. Therefore, if an SEO firm tells you that you need tons of links, then make sure you do not believe them. Because having too many links is good, but only if the links are appropriate to your site.


To conclude, the above are the top lies about SEO which you usually hear from SEO experts. However, instead of believing these lies, you must work harder on your SEO techniques and achieve a rank you desire for your website.

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