Boxing Day Email Subject Lines

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How about some more sales and increased cash on boxing day, cool isn’t it? Sure, it’s great to keep making more sales on special days as you keep advocating your brand and getting more customers.

Despite the relaxation mood people still shop as they celebrate and open their Christmas gifts.

Similarweb did research that showed some decrease in traffic to top websites on boxing day.

The same report analyzed some most used keywords clients used to search for items to buy. Customer electronics keyword topped with 35.86% showing that more clients were searching for electronic products.

Despite these changes in traffic and keyword search, customers still make purchases on boxing day.

As a business owner, ensure that you increase brand awareness and let more potential customers know what you sell.

Also nurture your target clients, earn their trust and convert them into clients.

If you are running email marketing campaigns and are out of the best subject lines to use for increased email open rates and engagement, use these.

  1. It’s boxing day. Claim your special GIFT NOW!!!
  2. BUY your laptop NOW and save $200
  3. ORDER items worthy of $1000 and above this WEEKEND and get free delivery
  4. You have a day to claim this SPECIAL offer.
  5. Wonderful shopping time with amazing discounts this after Christmas sales event
  6. WANT to add more boxes this boxing day. Check out our great DEALS
  7. SAVE $145 When you buy a pair of shoes this boxing day
  8. Open your boxes in STYLE this boxing day. We have awesome products for you
  9. Check out our NEW ARRIVALS this boxing day just for you
  10. Here comes the boxing special sale event. Get everything at a 15% OFF the price
  11. Visit our store for special TREAT this boxing day+ a free present to add to your boxes
  12. Create more space for BOXES. Great amazing products are HERE
  13. This boxing day enjoy free shipping for orders above $150
  14. 25% OFF to make your boxing day more fun
  15. Happy boxing day. Get 30% OFF sale TODAY to add more boxes
  16. These are the great DEALS we have for you+ free shipping this boxing day
  17. How about celebrating this special day with up to 80% OFF
  18. You are special, KEVIN and here is your special gift this boxing day. ENJOY
  19. Make your orders NOW and get these special discounts
  20. This is your chance to save 30% on your shopping this boxing day
  21. END YEAR is close and all these amazing products are for you
  22. The party CONTINUES. Get these deals NOW and have a great shopping time
  23. This boxing day we got you. See our guide for great OFFERS
  24. Here is your happy shopping time. We have the best for you this BOXING DAY
  25. NEW ARRIVALS for this special boxing day are here. ORDER NOW!!!
  26. Get a free product when you order five items this BOXING DAY
  27. LAST ALERT for you to shop now before the OFFERS expires
  28. The awesome boxing day AMAZING sales begins NOW!!!
  29. JANUARY is hard. Save some money by SHOPPING with us this BOXING DAY
  30. What a surprise, 80% OFF this boxing day sales. Crazy isn’t it?

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