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What are the three most important goals for any digital marketer? Engage the users, inspire confidence about the brand and use this to increase conversion rates. While that sounds easy it is practically one of the biggest challenges that a marketer has on hand in a market where competition is reaching new heights. Traditional content strategies though important don’t quite make you grow virally amidst competition. In their search for an effective engagement strategy, most marketers are increasingly moving towards personality quizzes. They are a fast and effective way to increase traffic, boost engagement, collect data and increase conversion rates. Many Brands are using personality quizzes as an effective means to stay ahead of the competition.

Personality Quizzes Explained  

While you may not know what personality quizzes are we are sure you may have come across personality quizzes if you are active Internet users. For instance questions such as ‘Which is your favorite animal’, ‘Which color defines your personality’ or ‘What is your dream vacation destination’ flood your social media wall. These quizzes, unlike knowledge-based ones, don’t have questions that have correct or incorrect answers. The choice one makes is based on his/her personality traits and understandings. Instead of success scores, you have outcomes in these quizzes. Marketers love these quizzes as it allows them to get a deeper understanding of the user, the person he/she is and how he or she perceives the world. Here are some reasons why these quizzes are popular –

  • Increases Engagement
  • – Not everyone takes the trivia or knowledge-based quizzes. But personality quizzes are different as they engage the user immediately. Since there is no success or failure in these quizzes that help in improving brand engagement and recognition.
  • Improves Lead Collection – As a marketer, you know the importance of collecting leads. An email id can help you boost your sales figures. While engaging your users in these quizzes you can passively generate leads that help your marketing efforts.
  • Understand The User – Personality quizzes help you understand your user better in terms of their needs and aspirations. This allows you to market products and services they are in need of before their eyes.
  • Viral Marketing – Every brand aspires to grow virally when personality quizzes are entertaining you can expect the users to share these quizzes and their outcomes within their network and help you enjoy the benefits of viral marketing.

Getting Started With Personality Quiz Creator

If you are planning to get started with these quizzes you need to make use of a personality quiz creator. Choose the best personality quiz tool and create a quiz from scratch and deploy them on your website or social media platforms without the knowledge of coding. Let us take you through the basic steps of creating and deploying your quiz using a personality quiz creator–

  • Identifying Audience – This is the starting point of your quiz. There is no quiz that would appeal to all and hence you need to start by knowing who your target users are and creating a quiz that would appeal to them.
  • Crafting Outcomes – Personality quizzes are built around outcomes. The outcomes have to be positive and make the user feel good. This will ensure that they share it within their network. The main aim here is to segregate the users based on their personality traits that allow you to run a targeted campaign. Let’s assume you wish to promote your digital marketing courses among target users and you have courses for different kinds of users. You wish to segregate them based on their proficiency level you can work on three outcomes –
  1. Newbie
  2. Intermediate
  3. Expert
  • Setting Questions – You have your outcomes in place and now you have to set questions around those outcomes. The questions should be in correlation with the outcome of your quiz as this will help you segregate the users based on their knowledge levels. Here we take a look at examples of questions you can use –

How would you rate yourself as a digital marketer on a scale of 1 to 10?

  1. a) 1-3
  2. b)       4-7
  3. c) 8-10

Can you manage an end-to-end digital marketing campaign?

  1. a) I have never tried
  2. b) I met with reasonable success
  3. c) I do it every day for a living

How many years have you been in the digital marketing industry?

  1. a)       Less than a year
  2. b) 2-5 years
  3. c) More than 5 years
  • Weighing Outcomes – If you take a closer look at the questions and the choice of answers you would find that there is a relation between the answers and the outcomes. This is where you need to set the rules for weighing the outcome of the quiz. With reference to the example above you can set the results of the quiz in the following pattern –
  • If the user chooses maximum “A”, redirect them to Beginners Digital Marketing Course page
  • If the user chooses maximum “B”, redirect them to Intermediate Digital Marketing Course page
  • If the user chooses maximum “C”, redirect them to Expert Digital Marketing Course page
  • Match Design – In the digital medium visuals are as important as content. So if you are targeting digital marketers your design has to appeal to them. It would be different for personality quizzes around women’s styling quotient. Match the design to your brand and make sure it immediately grabs the attention of your audience using images and graphics that are well blended with text. The best personality quiz creator will offer you complete creative freedom in terms of designing your quiz.
  • Launching Your Quiz – This is the final step in running your personality quiz. You can run the quiz on your website or social media handles. It is important to choose a platform that would offer you maximum eyeballs and traction for your quiz to be popular.

To sum up personality quizzes offer an edge to your marketing campaign. They let you engage more users and also get to know their personality traits for targeted campaigns. You will be able to grow your brand virally using these quizzes. To maximize the reach and success of your campaign you need to focus on the call to action. In the example we have used you can offer discounts or other freebies to the users upon signing up for your course programs. This will help you convert a qualified lead into a sale immediately.

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