7 In-Depth Techniques of Link Building


Kevin Urrutia




February 09, 2024

Link building is an SEO strategy that helps websites get high-quality authority backlinks from sites that are relevant to their niche. Google considers links as one of the top ranking signals that decide the position of a website on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Apart from that, a link mention from a high-traffic generating website can also increase the referral traffic to your website.

Link building can be a challenging task to accomplish, but with the right strategies, it’s not impossible to create quality backlinks. With that said, here are 7 in-depth techniques of link building.

  1. Use Digital PR

Modern link building integrates digital PR, where you build mentions for your website by sharing something newsworthy. The sites that make the mention also give a link back to the source, i.e., your website. Here are some ways to generate editorial links from PR buzz:

Build a rapport with the top journalists in your niche. For a highly competitive niche, doing this can be a tough task. You need to find journalists who already write for websites where you wish to be featured and then try to build a good connection with them.

Then you should pitch them to post for you on the sites that you prefer. Again, there are different ways to ask a journalist to post for you on the target websites. You can offer them freelance writing gigs or send them gifts or do something newsworthy and make them aware of it. You can also use the portal HARO for releasing any inside or trending news online that will attract journalists to feature you.

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If you’re wondering what kind of news is considered “newsworthy,” here are a few things that can help:

  • Running an event
  • Donation to a charity
  • Reverse Graffiti
  • Create something viral

Once you do any of the above activities, just reach out to the journalists you know and share the news with them. If you approach them to post something on your behalf without building a rapport, your chances of getting the work done are very bleak. However, establishing a good connection will generate quality links successfully.

  1. Create Smart Guest Posts

Guest post strategies have become generic today. Every business is focussed on creating backlinks from high authority websites of relevant niche. These high authority websites rank higher than your website on Google SERPs for various keywords. You may try to gain a portion of their traffic to your website with the help of guest postings. This process will also help you generate quality backlinks to your website.

Guest posting is a profitable strategy for both parties. How? well you can generate quality backlinks from an authoritative website while the latter gets a valuable piece of content that provides commendable value to its users.

Once your content is published, also promote it to your own list of subscribers by sending them an email stating that your content has been published on a different website and they can check it out. It works as a mutual promotion for both the website and you.

Hundreds of websites approach these high authority websites for guest posting opportunities, so unless you’re a well-known brand in your niche, your chances of getting selected are less. So, if you’re starting with guest posting activities, try to create unique pieces of content like a detailed case study or an elaborate data analysis to be noticed and improve your chances of being approved.

  1. Cross the Niche Bridge

If you are very specific about your niche, then sometimes, it can be a little tricky to find enough guest posting opportunities. Once you try to cross the niche and explore guest posting opportunities in related fields, you will be able to explore more content topics and find more guest posting opportunities. Also, when you go for link building, always focus on link quality rather than the quantity.

  1. Try to Create Expert Round-Up Content

The key strategy behind this is to reach out to industry experts and influencers to build a rapport with them. You can then ask them to contribute some valuable information on a given topic, and in return, they can get a backlink to their site. To increase the chances of getting your proposal accepted, mention the name of other experts who have agreed to contribute for the same and explain how they will get the opportunity to be featured alongside these experts.

Once you have compiled the information from various influencers and experts and published the round-up content, you can email published link to each of the contributors individually. Hopefully, they will interlink this in their future blog posts.

  1. Resource Pages

Another effective link building strategy is to find content that is already generating a lot of links and try to improve the piece of content by adding more in-depth information to make it truly amazing. After that, you can reach out to websites, linking that particular piece of content and ask them if they’d like to link it to your content, which is more informative and valuable to readers. Resource pages will have the word ”resource” in its URL, and to find such pages on the web, you can run a Google search and narrow down the results by using Ahrefs to see which pages have the maximum links.

When you find the website owner of the resource page, contact and show them how the content on the same topic is more beneficial to them without making it look obvious that you’re doing this for link building purposes.

  1. Broken Link Building

Find high authority websites with broken links and request them to replace it with a live link of your website. Narrow down the linking pages based on search terms and then extract all the external links to find the broken or dead links. The more broken links you discover, the higher your chances are to replace them with your own live links.

Another way to build links is through images, videos, and infographics. Very few businesses focus on creating valuable infographics and visuals, but they are very beneficial to approach authoritative websites.

  1. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is an essential part of the entire link building strategy. Analyze your competitors to understand what types of content they are focusing on, which websites they are approaching, whether they are implementing any type of black-hat strategies, etc. Building your own link building strategies using your competitor’s data will save you time that you may need to spend while looking for new opportunities. This is especially beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses that require immediate improvements in their organic rankings.

Link building is essential to improve your website organic traffic, and you should know the right techniques that will help you to achieve high rankings in search engines. Use our tips to build a robust link-building strategy, and you’ll be able to improve your site’s ranking soon.

Author Bio: Shreoshe has been writing professionally for more than 3 years. She enjoys writing about advanced SEO and loves to learn new technologies. She’s also a movie buff and an amazing cook. She plans to start an animal shelter someday to work for the welfare of street animals.

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