5 Communication Tactics All Startups Need to Follow


Kevin Urrutia




July 10, 2024

It has been six months since to launch your start-up, and clearly, you haven’t had a decent conversion rate to show your team to support your brand’s success. Your investments and loans are bottling over with no progressive ROI to account for.

Your main problem here seems to be getting your word across – communication, per se – and this is probably why you’re struggling with building Public Relations and, consequently, conversions and sales in the first place.

Sure, outbound marketing will help you move a mile ahead, but not as powerfully as the platforms offered by digital marketing. To sell your services or products, you need to encourage your team to strive for a strong communication plan so that you can entice your potential leads towards doing business with you.

Below are five communication tactics that every budding entrepreneur needs to follow to develop their start-up.

1.    Plan It Out with Your Team

Right now, no one is paired with a broadcasting gramophone in their hands – to top all of it; your team isn’t even relying on Chinese Whispers to spread the message of your new product line. How else do you plan on having new customers if they don’t know about it in the first place?

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

Before you tackle your audience – your employees need to come to terms with you as a robust team. It would be best if you aimed for a team that can rely on each other – designing a product line or planning a communication strategy to garner more leads.

There are several ways of communicating the same message – several B2B marketers require a word from the brand’s founder. In contrast, others might require the entire team to validate the presenter’s opinion.

To be prepared for everything, you must plan a communication strategy and train your team conveniently. Each team member needs to know about the brand’s past, present, and future and exactly how you plan on achieving your goals.

2.    Analyze Your Social Media Marketing Strategies

The only place to test your communication strategy is to take it online before a herd of potential scavengers. Social media is an actual treasure hunt, and it promises to reap the rewards for you if you take the channels seriously and operate smoothly.

To communicate via social media, you need to address your audience and understand their interests and reasons for shopping. Several analytical tools and SEO will help you to develop buyer personas so that you can create an understanding of your clientele and promote the services relevant to each user.

Next, you can hire a social media content marketing team on behalf of a digital marketing agency responsible for handling your social media channels for proper and enthusiastic coverage. Your SEO team will distribute information online for lead generation by catering to owned, earned, and paid media subtly.

3.    Build Your Network

Are you going out for dinner with your friends and colleagues from work? Take some time to discuss work and give little insider details to garner advice from them. While your colleagues will indefinitely spread the news about your brand since they work under you and require a raise, your friends and family will do it for free and honestly.

Source: Pexels

Your friends and family belong to that person, an insider network that desires to be trusted in situations warranting a voice. They would be ready to advise you and spread the word regarding your entrepreneurship services and business qualities through social media and public relations channels.

If you’re breaking into a discussion regarding your brand during pleasure or business, then make sure you’re always prepared with your contact details and brand credentials. Always keep custom business cards on you to deliver your talk with authority.

Personal referrals generate positive feedback since they’re third parties and aren’t paid to promote your brand. Keep them closer by breaking the ice with them, and discuss your brand’s journey now and then for advice.

4.    Approach the Influencers

Influencer marketing has significantly risen in a few years – approximately 86% of digital marketers are now investing in influencer marketing, mainly because it has helped in a lead generation like no tactic. Most millennials depend on testimonials and product reviews from their favorite celebrities and influencers.

Over the last two years, social media has been inhabited by 45% more women users, out of which half of them consent to make purchases after they come across inspirational and encouraging influencer posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Social media is a hub for influencer marketing, and to attract a larger, global audience, you need to look into this immediately. By hiring or collaborating with influencers on social media channels, you’re helping to promote your brand with a much more authentic and reliable voice. Since consumers mostly make purchases after learning about them from social media and influencers, there is no such reason why you shouldn’t include yourself among digital marketers who adhere to cost-effective influencer marketing for lead generation and sales.

5.    Improve Your Customer Service

You must keep your customers happy, even if they are unsatisfied with your products or services. Your customers are here for a good time, and only your customer service can help them stay for a long time.

Source: Pexels

Customer service is usually overlooked in brick-and-mortar stores, probably because of the restriction of timings and availability of customer care employees. To prevent this situation, ensure your customer care service is present via social media and e-mail marketing at all times through prompt replies to cater to their queries.

You’ve to listen to your customers to ensure they listen to your promotions and deals later. Research how you can train your customer care team to cover issues that can be resolved without taking them up to the authorities. Train them to be polite, friendly, and understanding – even if your start-up is situated as a storefront.

You’re Up

Communication is a solid key to building relationships within all walks of life, especially in business and marketing. You can’t possibly promote your brand without agreeing to a forefront marketing method. Your five communication tactics will surely help you generate leads and convert them into sales in no time – we guarantee you’ll be able to surprise yourself with the changes in your budget sheets and product spreadsheets you’ll need few months.

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