Generate Relevant SEO Analysis and Reports – Top 7 Rules to Follow


Kevin Urrutia




February 09, 2024

You will know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is if you have an online business. In simple terms, it is the process of modifying your business website. The objective is to increase its online visibility in search engines and enhance its website rank. However, SEO enhancement isn’t just a process where you want to dive in without having a well-planned strategy. Hence, the ideal way to design an apt SEO strategy is to conduct an in-depth SEO analysis.

Understanding SEO analysis

For an SEO expert, SEO analysis is a valuable tool. It helps others research and knows how they can enhance their website’s search engine ranks. With a proper SEO analysis, you will be able to discover the best aspects of the SEO strategy that are working for you. Simultaneously, you will also be able to know the hurdles that lie in your SEO strategy that is affecting your website ranks.

Thus one can say that SEO analysis is a vital process if you want to rank better in SERPs. It is also essential if you generate more traffic, increase your business reach and fulfill all your business targets. When you have an in-depth SEO analysis and report, there’s no need for you to make assumptions and faulty SEO strategies. You can be firmly rooted in your company’s SEO health and arrive at updated decisions regarding plans.

How to generate relevant SEO analysis and reports?

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SEO analysis and reports are an essential part of SEO strategy-making! It is necessary to sieve through the layers of insightful data and arrive at a sound strategy. And if you are searching for ways to develop a significant SEO analysis and reports, you can resort to the following directions listed below:

  1. You need to outline your objective first

Are you aware of your immediate SEO objective? And does this sync well with your client’s business objectives? The initial steps to any initiative outline what you’ve been set to attain. It is essential to etch out your current SEO objective for your clients. For instance, your primary goal could be to maximize ranks for a set of keywords—additionally, other purposes count, generating increased inbound links and maximizing search visibility. You will also want to explain how your SEO objectives will influence your client’s work.

You might as well want to settle for a more accurate business objective, for instance, maximizing monthly income. Other purposes can be to generate extra traffic for your online store and cater to customer preferences. However, in the midst of it all, don’t forget to discuss the reasons for selecting your current set of objectives. When you tell your clients that you’re working to maximize the keyword rank for better marketing, you will not let the client know why this is essential. So when you highlight the objectives and actions with justified reasons, you will have a proper direction for your SEO analysis and reports. You also are at par with your client’s expectations as well with this.

  1. Develop your hypothesis

Are you wondering how your efforts need to be channeled to cater to this objective? The way you plan to attain the client’s business objectives using SEO strategies is what you need to analyze having the SEO report together. It would be best if you also thought of ways in which business objectives and your client’s expectations get fulfilled. For instance, if a client is interested in maximizing the organic search traffic your website can churn, you would be keen to concentrate on enhancing the keyword ranks.

When your client asks you how to go about it, you can share your action plan. Additionally, you can also share the influence that you’re estimating. It will help to ensure that every webpage has Meta descriptions of proper length.

Furthermore, when you continually ask yourself “how,” it helps you create your analysis and report in a better manner. It would be best if you took ample time to highlight the following actions. It will help you to produce precise and straightforward to understand reports. Simply put, SEO, at times, can tend to be confusing. It is the reason why a client reaches out to an SEO agency. Ensure that you can explain what you intend to do consistently. Your client won’t feel out of the loop anymore. Instead, it will keep him informed of all the following SEO initiatives that the SEO agency is implementing.

  1. You need to determine your process.

Have you done anything to cater to the fulfillment of this goal? It is one question you need to ask yourself. It is essential to highlight all that you’ve completed thus far. And here, you need to address the SEO objectives that you have attained elsewhere, such as:

  • Solving all the hassles concerning 404 pages on the website
  • Fixing all the missing description
  • Web pages that got optimized for all kinds of target keywords

Today, most people want to check in for evidence instead of their investments. Hence, it is essential to remind your client about the terms of service decided. Furthermore, you can also set up a detailed report showing your efficiency all through. There are many report tools that you can use for such reporting.

  1. Performance of your keywords

Here the objective is straightforward! It would be best if you highlighted it for the client the way your keywords have increased in ranking. Also, they should know that their Search Visibility got modified in the previous report. To be completely transparent, you can also comprise the keywords that didn’t go well. You will also have a set of low-performing keywords. You might also share their ranks with your client compared to a few specific names.

  1. The process of page optimization

Do you want to include more details concerning the keyword ranks in the customer report? If yes, then you need to add on Page Optimization modules. Simply put, the Page Optimization tool enables you to put together a specific page on your website that you’ve been tracking using a target keyword to look at the report on how precisely optimized the page is for that.

Furthermore, the page optimization tool also makes relevant suggestions on how to enhance your ranking scope. It will also highlight what you’re presently doing to assist your client in the order they’re currently typing.

Furthermore, when you add the page optimization structure to a report, it can explain the following:

  • The enhancements that you’ve done to selected pages
  • The way the ranks have been altered for URL/Keyword pairs
  • Highlight those pages that you aren’t already working on presently and which can be a favorable scope for optimization
  1. Link generation

Just in case a few of your objectives is to develop extra backlinks for your client, it’s natural that you will want to highlight all that you’ve attained. So go ahead and be entirely truthful about the links you’ve been searching to procure. For instance, if you are keen on quality than quantity and have been concentrating your initiatives on getting links from specific sites, you need to ensure that your client is aware of that. You also need to demonstrate the impact that can have on the backlink profile.

It would be best if you also considered that your strategy would get extra links overall. Check whether you are up for high-quality links as well. And then, you can decide which is perfect for your business. It would be best if you also made your client understand why your objective is a qualified plan of action for attaining the fundamental business objectives.

  1. Inbound traffic

When you show your client that more and more people are moving towards their website, you indicate that they have made good progress. Also, if possible for you, make sure to point out where the maximized traffic is arriving from. You need to know whether the source is a new age backlink generation, high keyword ranks, or any other factors associated with all the work you’ve been doing.

When you say yes to intelligent analysis and reports, you have the chance to customize your best information that gets emailed on a monthly and weekly basis. It will help your clients stay updated on how things are happening. You can also select to email a report to anyone who might have a stake in observing the outcome of the SEO initiatives. It is valid for the stakeholders and colleagues.

Every client today wants to witness practical outcome, individually available to their business. However, you must make your clients aware of what they are paying! A well-thought-out and designed SEO report should help to make your job even more comfortable. It should also allow your client to relax, assuring them that their investments are paying off.

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