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Kevin Urrutia




July 10, 2024

Instagram has a huge role in social media marketing. The social media photo sharing site is getting almost 80 million photo uploads in a day from users of various age groups from throughout the world.Users of Instagram are mostly in the age group of 18 to 19 years and around this. And this age group forms a good mass of people who can be used for business promotions. But before you plan marketing through Instagram, you must get a business account with Instagram. The account will reflect the virtual face of your business.

The business account in Instagram

Switch your ordinary account into a business account. Ordinary profiles do not get that attention and features as business profiles get.There are business Instagram accounts. And you can switch to it. The benefits you will enjoy changing to a business profile are as follows:

  • Generally, in ordinary profiles, the followers will have to go to your profile bio section to click on the link to your website. But when you have a business account, then followers get a contact button on your profile, which one can click to contact you.
  • Business accounts get an analytical tool from Instagram, which is called Insights. This tool helps you find the reach and impression based on your content posted.
  • Creating and posting ads on Instagram is easy using these tools. You can quickly post without having to depend on any ad maker.
  • Many of your followers subscribe to your news feeds, and with a business account, your content can get seen in their feeds.

Changing to a business profile may seem to be a natural step, but the changes you would feel with this switching will tell you how good the step is.

Advertising on Instagram

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You must consider advertising on Instagram seriously for many reasons. With such a highly sophisticated platform and features, so many people daily building their accounts on the platform, so many posts being shared, re-shared, and commented every day, Instagram is a shockingly high traffic zone, where everyday users spend gala time. And you must learn to use the power of this platform in advertising for the best social media marketing.

With a highly strong user base of 700 million users, Instagram is expanding every day. And being cross-platform connected, you can use your experience from Facebook advertising on Instagram.

  • The connection between Facebook and Instagram makes it easy for you to plan and budget the ads on Instagram right on the ad manager of Facebook.
  • Instagram ads have a nature of being non-intrusive, and yet they engage. That is why the ads on Instagram have a higher conversion rate than other media.
  • Instagram ads are not highly chargeable. They are budget-friendly and low cost.
  • On Instagram you enjoy creative freedom. You can make images, video clips, and slideshows and use them all for promotion besides the ads.
  • Ads on Instagram do occupy the whole screen of the mobile, and hence are hard to ignore or miss.
  • The ads can be tested for better performance using the Instagram facebook ad editor.

Utilizing influencers

Finding an influencer to market for you can be the most significant gain while using the social media and a site like Instagram for marketing your website. Influencersare people, who have afan following, and a certain style of delivery of speech, content, etc., so that whatever they create as content becomes a hit, and people adore them, believe them, love them, follow them, and seriously do get influenced by their views, ideas, style, and everything. Hence when an influencer endorses your product or website, you always get great power in the promotion. People who believe the influencer will automatically follow anything that the person says or endorses about you. And that is how you may get a great number of real Instagram followers, and traffic to your website when an influencer speaks of your product.

Influencers who are on Instagram have a huge fan following, a large list of followers who religiously follow them, and they have a great hold on these followers. Hence, if you can tie up with such an influencer to promote your product, then you can get very high-quality traffic. And better you find influencers who are in your niche.

Cross-platform promotion always helps

If you are new to Instagram, you will soon find out that you have the option for promoting your content on Instagram to other social media platforms as well. The common social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumbler, etc are all possible to connect to your IG account. Hence you may share any post on your profile to these account profiles as well by just a simple click of a button. This saves time and effort, keeps you active and shows you active everywhere. And also helps you fetch traffic for your website. When you post the content of Instagram to other social sites, you can get traffic from those sites as well to your Instagram posts, and then may get traffic to your website.

Play with your hashtags

The strategic playing with hashtags is the key to success in Instagram marketing. If you know how to use the hashtags most productively, you will be able to make great traffic from Instagram only. With the right use of tags, you can connect the content or post to the right niche and make it visible to the right groups of users.


Instagram is one of the most tried ways in social media marketing, which is yielding results as good as it once gave on facebook and twitter. That is why people are taking more and more interest in Instagram. The photo sharing feature where you can express nice comments and ideas about the image with important and effective hashtags is a great way to communicate, create contacts, make an impression, brand, and make a mark. Hence you can always benefit highly from the right use of Instagram in marketing.

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