Voy Media is a Facebook Ads Agency that specialises in scaling small businesses. We help clients to increase their sales volume whilst decreasing their cost per sale from pay per click. We do this by fully managing and optimising your Facebook account on an ongoing basis.

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We create well-crafted ads to increase your business on Instagram. Ads do best when they’re well shot, interesting to look at and artistic. Our Ads draw people in and keep them wanting more.


We create Facebook Ad campaigns that send high-quality traffic to your landing page to convert to sales and leads


Retargeting creates greater online sales by keeping your brand and company in the customers eyes and bringing "passive shoppers" back when they’re ready to buy.

Voy Media is the leading Facebook advertising agency specializing in Facebook ads management to generate more leads, customers, app downloads & sales. With more than 1.59 Billion users worldwide, Facebook has created a unique opportunity for businesses to reach their target audience with incredible accuracy and with any sized budget. With Facebook Ads, you choose the type of people you want to reach, and we deliver your ads to them. This makes your ads more relevant for the people who see them and brings you real results. Here are the top three reasons why you need to be advertising on Facebook today:

With 1 Billion daily users... it's like a Superbowl, every day!

With over 1 Billion people logging into Facebook every day, it creates a tremendous opportunity to reach a broad range of active people that are most interested in your product, service or business.

Advanced user targeting... down to a single user.

Facebook has implemented a robust ad targeting system, which gives advertisers thousands of options to reach your exact audience. You can even target down to a single person. Facebook advertising provides targeting features which are unable unavailable with Google, Twitter or other traditional media.

Facebook is the best way to reach customers on mobile.

Facebook is the world’s #1 mobile app and is the way people stay connected with friends and family. Because Facebook Ads are placed in the stream of information people view on Facebook, they’re more likely to see your ads and take action.

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Nothing Quite Like Voy Media

Professional Facebook Ad Agency

Millions of dollars are being spent on Facebook ads on a regular basis, and there is a reason for this. Most Internet marketers are starting to realize the potential this social media platform has to offer. It is highly targeted traffic that is going to convert as long as you target it in the right manner.

Do you want to do this on your own? It is a risk that no one should be taking because it might tank your campaign right off the bat.

With the help of a professional Facebook ad agency, you can make things work in your favor. Let’s take a look at how this happens and what the agency can provide.

Specialized Expertise

Knowledge is essential when it comes to running an ad on Facebook. Those who are producing campaigns will understand the power of a quality ad and what it can do moving forward. It is imperative to look at going with a good Facebook ad agency that can pinpoint what needs to be done before following through on it.

With years of experience, a person will get the results they want and assistance from people who have been there and done that.

This understanding of Facebook removes the learning curve that comes with a new platform and that is critical. Why take a chance where it becomes next to impossible for a person to grow their business and increase the number of leads coming in?

Trusting a powerful ad agency that has done it for thousands of clients in the past and continued to do so is the only way to go.

Identification Of High-Value Customers

There are various leads present on Facebook that is not going to help. Those leads are useless because they are not heavily targeted and are not going to help gain the results that a person would want moving forward. It is best to look at the best ad agency in town to see what is going to work and what is not.

The ad agency and its experts will sit down to focus on the high-value consumers who are going to buy in right away.

Those are the leads you are going to want to foot the bill for. Those are the ones who are going to push your campaigns to new heights when it comes to the work being done on Facebook. If you are not able to hit those levels, you are going to struggle for a long time to come.

This is why a good ad agency is a meaningful option that is going to steer the ship in the right direction every single time. Running a campaign that does not look at high-value leads is not the way to go at all. Let this ad agency guide you towards success and those key customers.

Split Testing Of Creatives

What is being put in front of the target market? The first impression with any ad campaign is going to be seen with the creatives being used. You want the creatives to be of the highest quality as they are going to set the tone for what is being done. When your creatives are subpar, the chances of your campaign doing well will be slim as well.

A good ad agency can choose quality creatives that are going to generate interest and work in the long-term.

When you can make these things work, the results are going to race in with ease.

You want to split test as much as you can to see what the market is accepting and what it won’t like. This is done by running smaller campaigns to acquire data. When the data has been collected, a good ad agency can focus on optimizing results and running a thorough analysis.

This is the best way to ensure the results your campaign receives are worthwhile and showcase the quality that is required in the long-term. You cannot settle for less than this.

Custom Creatives

What about the actual creatives that are being put up? You will enjoy the idea of split testing, and that is a given, but what creatives are going to be used? The ad agency is going to have a thorough system in place to make these selections and a set of qualified designers who can figure out what needs to be done.

The brand’s values and vision will be taken into account as the creatives are being made.

Each design is going to be customized to fit the needs of your target market along with the brand you are putting forward. When you have custom creatives, you have the ability to make a first impression that is a game-changer. You can put forward something the market will not have seen in the past, and that is going to capture their attention.

What more do you want when it comes to the creatives that are being used? Do you want to keep rolling through creatives other brands might have used in the past? Don’t you want to be new with what your business presents? This is how ads should be running, and a great agency can understand and implement this.

Consistent Work On ROI

What is a business all about? It is all about the ROI that is coming through on the investment. For every dollar that is going in, how much are you earning? Is it a negative or positive ROI? You want to have this information on hand when you are making decisions as to what should be done next.

A good ad agency is going to have this data ready to go and will provide it every step of the way in the form of updates. You will get a look at how the ads are doing (i.e., what the returns are) along with the costs that are coming up for you. This is all done to see whether things are working or faltering.

You want to maintain a positive ROI for as long as you can and see it improve over time. This is an ad agency that will ensure specialists are trained to implement positive ROI strategies as soon as the process begins. Why should you continue to be in a negative with this investment?

You should continue to grow, and that is what the ad agency can bring to the table.

Built-In Algorithms To Better Chances

The ad agency is not relying solely on the feedback it is getting from the social media platform. Facebook does have an excellent interface that provides excellent real-time information, but that is not enough. The data being generated from the platform is something most people are going to have access to.

You want to take the next step, and that is only possible when you are choosing a team that has something extra to work with. This ad agency can look at its built-in algorithms to see what is working and what is not. Decisions are made by this successful algorithm and what it can decipher.

Why not rely on a powerful algorithm that has worked for thousands of clients in the past and will continue to work as time goes on? You will know the chances of seeing more leads come in and increase your ROI will go through the roof with the help of this algorithm.

In the past, ad agencies would only focus on what Facebook was giving to them, and that is not enough. It is just not going to let you progress. You will start spinning your wheels, and that is insufficient at best.


Why choose a Facebook ad agency instead of trying to wing it on your own? Surely, you can set up an ad campaign on your own and try to see what happens? Well, you could, and indeed many businesses aim to do this, but they fall flat on their face.

You are not going to find it easy to master a market that requires years of education to get right. It is a unique platform, and there is a learning process that only comes with experience. You will want to surpass this headache as soon as possible, and the only way of doing this would be to go through an ad agency.

When you select an ad agency, you will know they are going to be professional and will break down everything that has to be done for your campaign to work. They are going to put in the hard yards to ensure their clients are satisfied, and positive reviews come back.

When that is being done, you can relax and know they are running the campaigns as they should be run instead of just doing all of it on your own.

Quality Customer Service

What about the customer service you are going to receive? It is one thing just to go with an ad agency and hope for the best and another to know you will receive assistance from those who are on your team now. The ad agency is not separate from what is taking place.

They will want to be a part of this new relationship and are going to learn everything they need to about your vision, goals, and requirements. Everything is going to be listed down as that is vital when it comes to quality customer service and making you feel at “home.”

You want to feel like this is a team that is on top of their game and will not cut corners along the way.

You will get this from a good ad agency because quality customer service is the number one goal for any good option. You can’t choose an ad agency that does not understand this or does not care for you. They will never do this in the manner it should be done, and that is a risk on your shoulders.

Go with those who do care and will worry about everything ensuring details are not being overlooked.

Timely Results

The results you will get should be timely. Imagine waiting for years to get the first positive result. Is that something you will want to pay for? They might be find being an ad agency that continues to bill you, but is you fine with that as a business?

You won’t be fine because the goal is to get the campaigns up and running as soon as possible while seeing results from them as well. You want the positive ROI to be in place effective immediately.

If that is the attitude you are going in with, you want to choose the right ad agency. This is how you should be pursuing any online solution.

Anyone that is not getting timely results will get perturbed and rightly so. Let this professional team set deadlines and meet targets on a regular basis as required.

Safe Campaigns To Preserve Brand’s Integrity

What about your brand’s integrity? Many campaigns can be run using nefarious means, and those are short-term options that might work, but will eventually blow up in your face. A business cannot afford this because the target market has a very long memory in this regard.

They are not going to be fooled again even if you try to come back with a legitimate campaign.

You have to make the right first impression, and the ad agency will focus on this as well to preserve brand-related integrity.

When choosing a professional Facebook ad agency, go with one that is proven, well-reviewed, and knows what it needs to do. This is the approach you should take to all business-related decisions because the right solution has the power to push you to a whole new level.

Call now and speak with a representative as soon as possible to begin the process towards a robust marketing campaign that is going to change your bottom line forever. Facebook is the way of the future, and you have to jump in before others do.

The power of Facebook could be the boost your business requires to dominate in your niche.