We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in ecommerce, lead gen, and mobile.

We take your customer’s on a conversion focused journey.

In today’s world,
long-term & profitable businesses are no longer built around product sales. They’re built around branding and story telling.

Client Success Stories

Voy Media created a Facebook strategy tailor-made for our company. We contacted them because we knew we had a problem that needed solving: we were spending too much time and money on ads that were not converting. When they took over, they were able to optimize our campaigns quickly.

facebook advertising for rob from pup butler

Rob from Pup Butler

I usually don’t give reviews, but the service I received from all the people at Voy Media deserved mention. The staff was friendly, efficient and most of all prompt. Sometimes I understand that the customer can become a little needy, but they always made me feel like it was just as important to them as it was to me. I look forward to a long relationship with them and will recommend them to other business professionals. Thanks again guys!

facebook advertising for jeff from serac hammocks

Jeff from Serac 

Our Technology Partners

We will drive more customers to your business than any other online source.

Multiply your Business’ Facebook Traffic 10x

Voy Media is a Facebook Ads Agency that specializes in growing businesses. Our clients have seen massive leaps in their sales volume while decreasing their cost per sale from pay-per-click. By fully managing and optimizing your Facebook account on an ongoing basis we’ll unlock the unlimited potential of paid advertising.

With more than 1.59 billion users worldwide that’s the equivalent of 12 Super Bowl Audiences everyday, Facebook has created a tremendous opportunity for any businesses to reach their audiences and deliver resonating messages.


startup looking for a facebook advertising agency

Just Starting

I’m just beginning to research Social Media paid advertising. I need help getting started – but most importantly I want my campaigns properly set up with low cost per sales and a positive ROI.

looking for a facebook advertising maanger

Looking For an Ad Manager

I currently have campaigns up and running. My current return on investment is not where I’d like it to be. I’m looking for help in managing my account and helping me cut wasteful advertising dollars.

looking to optimize facebook advertising

Scaling and Expanding

I’m ready to unlock the full potential of paid advertising. I am looking for an agency to optimize my current campaigns with the latest software, technology and advertising techniques to scale up and maximize my advertising potential.


Instagram Ads

We create well-crafted ads to increase your business on Instagram. Ads do best when they’re well shot, interesting to look at and artistic. Our Ads draw people in and keep them wanting more.


Retargeting creates greater online sales by keeping your brand and company in the customers eyes and bringing “passive shoppers” back when they’re ready to buy.

Facebook Ads

We create Facebook Ad campaigns that send high-quality traffic to your landing page to convert to sales and leads.

Looking to improve your ROI but not yet ready for Voy Media to manage your account?

Our other services can help you increase your conversions.

Facebook Ad Copywriting

$99.99 $49.99

We’ll craft professionally written ad copy that drives sales. You’ll never have to worry about non-converting ad copy again.

Target Audience Research

$499.99 $249.99

Targeting the wrong audience is a waste of your advertising dollars. We’ll help you send the right message to the right people – the people who will buy.



You’re looking for an ad agency for their knowledge and experience. Maybe you’ve already spent the countless hours muddling through the complex settings and features of Facebook Ads. But why spend your valuable time and money on something outside your area of expertise.

You’re here looking for professional Facebook advertisers with years of experience advertising on this unique platform. So avoid the headaches. Our team will take care of Facebook advertising for you. Focus your time where your business needs you most.

Timely Results

Can you imagine waiting for years to get the first positive result? Do you want to continue paying an agency that is not delivering a breakthrough outcome in a time-efficient manner?

Our goal is to get your campaigns up and running as soon as possible and start seeing results immediately. Remember – everyone is working together to see your ROI trending upwards! We’ll work to set deadlines and meet targets on a regular basis.

Quality Customer Service

An ad agency that is dedicated to your project will develop a close relationship with you and your business. They will learn everything they need to know about your vision, goals, and requirements a vital aspect of delivering quality customer service and making you feel at home.

You’ll feel like you are part of a winning team that is on top of their game and not cutting corners along the way. We’ll take care of every aspect of your ad campaign, and ensure that every detail is addressed in the best way possible for your business.

Safe Campaigns to Protect Your Brand’s Integrity

What about your brand’s integrity? The first impression is crucial regardless of whether it’s a person to person or customer to business interaction. We never run misleading and spammy campaigns for the quick wins at the expense of your business.

Your brand integrity is always a priority with every ad we write and every banner we design.

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