7 Reasons Why Email Marketing Calendar Is an Important Part of Your Business Campaign

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The reasons to create an email marketing calendar may vary from various points of view. Yet, the main idea is that you should do it no matter what challenges you face in the process. The 7 reasons for this process include several privileges, and most of them will help you in achieving progress.

  1. Effective distribution of responsibilities and values

The first parameter of the discussion is focused on the effective supply of errands and standards. In other words, the teamwork and individual efforts that are put into place shape the characteristics of the potential company’s success. It contributes to the enabling of the proper distribution of resources and the allocation of management. Some of the examples include the creation of an effective calendar to deal with all your email campaign and access to the most effective strategies. Yet, you must be aware of potential frauds following the implementation of the procedure, as in reality, there are professional individuals that would appropriate your data for their own gain.

  1. Determination of themes and the goal of your agenda

The email marketing calendar can be a determining factor of your themes during your campaign in various terms. The first is that it will strategize your potential newsletter during the year. The second includes the ability to formulate an effective set of topics that will shape your agenda in the most effective way. The third reason includes the formulation of the proposed goals in a concise and simple language. Therefore, all combined, you will be able to keep track of most of your recipients in respect to their importance. It would be very useful getting some knowledge on how to manage your time appropriately.

  1. Setting up of deadlines

The allocation of the potential deadlines in an organised and useful order will allow you to create a ground for future tasks and avoid potential email marketing bloopers (EMB). The term is used to describe the irrelevant content that associates itself with “junk email.” In other words, the prolonged and time-consuming process of approval within the campaign managers domain will be easier to deal with. The calendar will also facilitate an easier access to emails of relevance and sort the most important ones to help you deal with the approval process. Therefore, setting up some deadlines will help you organise yourself and provide important solutions to some of the most important difficulties of your schedule.

  1. Keeping close track of the email metrics

Keeping an adjacent track of your email metrics will certainly be of an advantage to your daily campaign’s schedule. Indeed, according to some of the experts of email marketing calendars, the active and inactive members will be listed and shelved by the email list hygiene. In so doing you will avoid the unnecessary task of accumulating spare subscribers.

  1. Regroup the former productive emails

The regrouping of the successful emails will help you in a variety of ways. Some of them are the ability to campaign within a specific sphere that match your preferences. With an email marketing calendar, you will be able to utilise all your preferred emails, by going back to what you have previously sent and repurpose them for the purpose of keeping them with the latest trends. An example could be related to when you send a plain text in an email, you can after that recall the email and send it again with an attractive GIF or a picture to support the purpose.

Tip: even if you install the email marketing calendar, you can still work on the content of a potential marketing strategy that will prove to have a determining result in your campaign process.

  1. Prepare yourself for the modern prosperity

Within the past few years, we saw a rapid development of what the future will look like for the email marketing calendars. Some of the examples can be illustrated in the statistical use of the feature by big companies and corporations. At the end of this year, there is a positive inclination towards more entities using the calendars as they provide a detailed insight of what is working and what is not. Additionally, the more you use the calendars, more detailed services emerge from the accessibility and availability progress of your routine. This will surely help you in developing a better strategy year after year.

  1. How to set the right backgrounds

This part involves the initiation of the right amount and the right categories of your emails into your calendar. In other parameters, the idea of implementing the email marketing calendar involves the ability to manage the entire campaign concerning your current strategy and goals. The settings that will help you with handling the right amount of emails for the identified purpose. This feature will help you to prepare to make changes according to the advancements of your business. The niches that you will need to follow will be nicely placed into contemporary trends and popular preferences.

Concluding remarks

The overall idea of installing an email marketing calendar may be an undeveloped idea due to the newness of the trend. What can be said for sure is that the feature provides promising functions that will adjust your business according to all your preferences. Indeed, some of the companies that adopted the calendar are only privileging from the feature, to say the least. The proper distribution of the responsibilities and resources allows adopting the right teamwork and individual effort. The determination of topics and the aim of the campaign can also set your company on the right path by allowing to design ideas and develop newsletter consistency during the whole year. The function that allows setting the right deadlines is procuring your campaign with all the last-minute necessities overcoming deadlines and expectations. Keeping track of the email metrics allows you to maintain the target audience at the right pace and resend the appropriate emails that you previously sent. And in addition, prepare for the future as it might hold lots of surprises you what to be ready for.

Author Bio: Antony Garlton is a Kansas journalist, writer, car and tech lover. He always provides experiments with his creativity approaches in writing style. Antony graduated The University of Kansas and after that he started his career as a journalist. Inspired by Max Polyakov’s Noosphere conference he run some online projects where he helps people learn marketing basics and business communication skills.

How to Get Quality and Cost-Effective PSD to Magento Development

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PSD to Magento conversion is the best option when you are planning to convert your PSD designs into a fully functional shopping store. It is considered to be the most cost-effective and result oriented process for the E-commerce field. Also, Magento is a well thought-out and the first choice of developers across the world.

Reasons why Magento is the Original Choice

There are various reasons why Magento is the preferred pick and one of the reasons is that the matchless features of Magento allow you to create a great online store that meets international standards and various other technical parameters. Another reason is the PSD to Magento Conversion gives a flexible output hence you are sure to have an online shopping website which will work flawlessly. Therefore E-commerce developers across the world mostly favor this.

Why Magento leads all the other Platforms for E-commerce

Without any argument, Magento dominates all the E-commerce development platforms in each and every aspect. Over 40% of the shopping website across the world is built over Magento. Apart from being a development platform Magento also helps in creating an e-store according to the latest trend and the demand of the customers. Hence all business sizes, small, mid or large favor PSD to Magento Conversion mainly.

Let us understand the key of getting Quality PSD to Magento Conversion as well as its Cost-effective Development.

  • Analyze the requirement and plan

The first and foremost step of PSD to Magento template conversion will be to analyze the requirement thoroughly. Here you have to work out a detailed plan and a rough framework or feature list of how you want your store to be like, what all features you want to highlight, and what will be your marketing strategy to promote the E-commerce store.

  • Preparation of PSD files efficiently

The second step will be preparing PSD designs efficiently. For this, you can use Adobe Photoshop, or any other image editing software that gives you a clean and attractive output of the designs. Make sure all the font size, color, logos are in sync and the layout looks visually appealing.

  • Slicing the PSD files

Here comes the most important step of the entire process i.e. slicing the PSD designs into various layers. This process simplifies the coding and ensures an effective and quality conversion. This process demands the high level of precision and expertise and the smallest of the element need to be saved as a separate element as a PSD file.

  • PSD to HTML and CSS

Once the slicing process is complete, the immediate next step will be coding the PSD images into HTML/ XHTML format. To make the design look visually appealing you also have to use CSS. The CSS style sheet needs to be linked for your ideal styles to replicate in the stripped HTML page which we will see ahead with Magento solution platform.

  • Integrating HTML and CSS into Magento

After all the PSD files are being coded into HTML or XHTML, the next step will be integrating all the coded files into Magento E-commerce platform. This is again a crucial step in the development process as you will have to create folders, directories, and subdirectories. This step makes sure your design looks attractive and is fully responsive to access on any device.

  • Adding Data to Magento Theme

Once the HTML is integrated into Magento you need to start uploading data to your shopping site. This is a lot of tasks and it is very time-consuming too as it includes details like prices, product range, description, terms, categories, images and a lot more.

  • QA Testing on your E-commerce site

The last and final phase will be testing the online store. After the data is added to the store, the website should undergo a QA testing process where the features, functionalities, the workflow of the website are checked. Testing is done on multiple browsers and devices to make sure the design is responsive and works flawlessly on all the browser and devices including desktop, laptops, and smartphone.

With this, we can conclude that PSD to Magento Conversion Services deliver accurate and specific E-commerce solutions which are why they are so much accepted worldwide.

Key Takeaways

Magento Conversion is a tedious task and as mentioned earlier it demands expertise and precision as the PSD files need to be coded into markup and style sheets like HTML and CSS.

Also, the PSD to Magento theme conversion needs to be precise and picture perfect.

These steps will help you to convert PSD to Magento effectively. This process will make your site all the more user-friendly and interactive with the many features. Users will be able to easily search for the products they are looking for. Additionally, you can also highlight the features products the exclusive sale so that customers can easily locate them on your site and can buy them instantly.

More about Pixlogix

We at Pixlogix are a leading web design and development company based in India that delivers exceptional services in India as well as across the globe. In the field of PSD to Magento, Pixlogix is considered as the finest PSD to Magento conversion services providers. Along with this worldwide acceptance for e-commerce solutions, we have succeeded to deliver over 7600 projects till date and growing with over 450 clients as well as 96% of client return ratio. So, if you anytime need to discuss your upcoming projects then feel free to connect with us.

Author Bio:

Nishant Desai – Digital Marketing Strategist at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. I love to write about the latest trending updates, WordPress, Web Design, SEO and other interesting information. I believe in Learning, Sharing and keep growing together.

How to Win New Customers with Freebies

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The idea of giving away free products may seem counterintuitive to business owners and marketers. After all, the whole idea of a business is sell products and services, not give them away!

However, freebies can be an incredibly powerful tool in attracting new customers and building customer loyalty. In fact, more than 80 percent of consumers say that branded freebies positively impact their overall impression of a brand.

The reason is simple: people love to get things for free. Whether it’s free samples at the grocery store, trinkets at a tradeshow or a high-quality item won in a contest, people love the power of paying for nothing. So, when you give away something of value to your customers, you not only bring attention to your brand, but also encourage people to buy into it.

Take for example, Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day, an annual event where its ice cream stores around the country hand out free cones to everyone who visits – no strings attached. Not only does the event garner ample press and social media attention for the brand, it also gets customers out into local shops to enjoy their favourite ice cream or sample new flavours. However, most importantly, it’s a way for Ben & Jerry’s to show appreciation for its customers and foster a positive brand experience that will last long beyond the promotion.

While a freebie promotion can be a great way to boost your business, it does require some careful planning. Here are a few things to consider when using freebies to bring in (and keep!) new business.

Create a Clear Plan and Set Goals

The first step of any campaign or promotion is to determine your goals and objectives. What do you hope to accomplish with your campaign? Are you hoping to build buzz around a new product launch? Is your aim to sign up more newsletter subscribers? Or maybe you’re trying to attract the attention of media outlets?

Freebies can be used in a variety of ways to help bring in new business, including:

  • Generating awareness at trade shows
  • Gathering leads through contests or giveaways
  • Introducing new products
  • Building client relationships

Be sure to take time early on to consider how you want to incorporate freebies into your campaign or promotion and come to a clear consensus on your goal and objectives with your key stakeholders. This will save you time and money down the road and ensure the success of your campaign.

Select the Right Freebie

Though freebies work well for getting attention, the trick is to pick the right one for your campaign. Consider your audience, budget and promotion when deciding which freebies to include.

For example, if you’re launching a new product, you might consider incorporating freebies as part of a social media contest. Take for example, this Instagram contest hosted by book publisher Simon and Schuster to promote the release of Cecile Richard’s book, Make Trouble. Not only does the giveaway’s theme make it stand out, but it also offers up a covetable collection of practical branded merchandise that ties in perfectly to the campaign.

View this post on Instagram

“You don’t have to be a professional troublemaker to take a stand.”—Cecile Richards . . ✨ Giveaway ✨ How do you make trouble? Comment below to enter for a chance to win a copy of @cecilerichards‘ Make Trouble, a tote bag, a bookmark, and Make Trouble pins! There will be five winners total. . . Sweepstakes begins at 10:00 AM ET on Friday, April 6, 2018 and ends on 11:59 PM ET on Tuesday, April 10, 2018. Participation open only to legal residents of the United States or the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older as of date of entry. Official rules here: spr.ly/SweepsRules . . @maketroublebook @touchstonebooks #MakeTrouble #MakeTroubleBook #CecileRichards #memoir #socialactivism #nonfiction #plannedparenthood #shepersisted #futureisfemale #preorder #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #igreads #literature #bibliophile #bookworm #booklover #bookish #booknerd #readinglist #currentlyreading #reading #read #giveaway #sweeps #enter #win

A post shared by Simon & Schuster (@simonandschuster) on

On the other hand, maybe you plan to attend a trade show or exhibition to promote your business. It’s always good practice to have some freebies at your stand to entice visitors and help build brand awareness. Low-cost, high impact items such as button badges, stickers, and pens are always a safe bet and will turn your stand visitors into walking adverts for your brand.

Get Creative to Stand Out

Freebies are an effective way to engage with customers, which also means that a lot of businesses offer them. The key to a great freebie campaign is to make yours stand out. Take a note from successful campaigns, such as the ones mentioned above, and mimic some of your favourite elements, like a catchy hashtag or special campaign merchandise. But be sure to add your own unique spin!

One thing you may want to consider is partnering with another business to cross-promote complementary services or products. Take for example, the recent partnership between Estee Lauder and Expedia, who’ve teamed up on a contest in which customers can win a trip to a tropical location inspired by the beauty brand’s spring gift-with-purchase products. The creative teaming helps introduce both companies’ offerings to a new audience, while building trust with potential customers.

Don’t be put off by giving things away for free- what freebies lack in their ability to generate immediate revenue, they make up for tenfold in fostering long-term brand loyalty and awareness. That is priceless. The ideas we’ve outlined here are just to help get you started; the sky really is the limit when it comes to dreaming up your perfect freebie campaign. Give it the same care and attention, within budget, as you would to a product launch and you’ll be reaping the rewards of a thoughtful, creative campaign well into the future. So what are you waiting for… get gifting!

Customers Are Your Best Advertisers: Leverage Customer Feedback for Your Brand

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“The customer is always right” has been a business mantra for decades, but in today’s digital world, it takes on new meaning. As online reviews become ever more influential in consumers’ purchase decisions, a customer’s firsthand experience is far more trusted than a brand’s marketing campaign.

Since customers with great experiences with a brand are more likely to recommend a business to a friend, customers are now a brand’s best advertisers. Capitalize on this natural word-of-mouth marketing by gathering customer feedback on a larger scale, and incorporate it into marketing efforts to maximize your advertising efforts.

A Matter of Trust

A positive customer experience goes a long way toward inspiring customer trust, loyalty and satisfaction. Consumers see thousands of brand messages every day and have grown wary of advertising and marketing tactics. When brand marketing comes across as insincere or false, customers may find a competitor.

While they have a hard time believing brand messaging, they do trust their fellow consumers. In a recent survey, 97% of consumers reported consulting reviews before making a purchase and 89% said reviews were an essential part of their purchase decision-making

Reviews, comments, and testimonials from customers are objective and tangible messages to potential customers about your superior customer services. By sharing real-time customer experiences on your website, social media channels, and online review sites, you can position your business as trustworthy and authentic while creating an emotional connection with your customers.

Ask for Feedback

How can brands collect a plethora of customer feedback? It’s simply really: ask! Customers love to share their experiences –  when asked if they were more or less likely to tell others about their customer service interactions, more than half (58%) reported they were more likely to share their experiences.

Customer Surveys: Use a customer satisfaction survey to learn what customers are thinking about your brand. Design the survey to find out what is or is not working in servicing your customers. Surveys can help pinpoint smaller issues and trends that may otherwise go overlooked. Send a follow-up email after a purchase or post a message on your social media channels asking them to rate and review your brand.  Don’t waste customers’ time: keep the survey as short as possible and tell them upfront how long it will take to complete.

Provide Incentive: People are busy and might not want to take the time to complete a survey or write a review. Instead, offer a reward for their opinions. Hold a monthly gift card raffle or offer a discount on their next purchase for completing a survey.

Respond to Feedback: Positive or negative, respond to customer feedback to demonstrate your commitment to your customers. This also encourages others to share their experiences because they know you are paying attention to the feedback. Take the time to thank customers for both positive and negative reviews. If a customer leaves negative feedback, address the issue politely and do all you can to rectify the situation. Customers pay attention to how you handle negative feedback so do everything you can to resolve any complaints. You can turn the negative into a positive by being transparent with your customers.

Note: When soliciting feedback, however, it is important to remember that many third-party review sites such as Yelp may have guidelines dictating how businesses can and can’t ask customers to leave reviews. Be sure to follow these guidelines!

Display Feedback

Social Media

To reach your customers, you need to be where they are. Right now, your customers are using social media networks to connect with peers and businesses. Social media enables businesses to humanize their brand and build real relationships with customers. You can also leverage your social media channels to drive inbound traffic to your website.

Which Channels?: Select the social media channels based on your customer demographics and market research. Not all platforms will be necessary or effective, so focus on the channels that will deliver the best return on investment.

Customer Service: In addition, many businesses are using social media to provide customer support. Customers prefer using social media to communicate with businesses, and brands can demonstrate strong commitment to providing them best customer experience. Twitter has emerged as stellar channel for providing customer support, but again, know where your customers are most likely to spend time on social media and focus your efforts there.

Pro Tip: While social media is often thought of as a way to draw traffic to a website, don’t forget to direct website traffic to your social channels as well! This is crucial for gathering feedback and engaging in customer service via social media. To direct website visitors to your social channels, incorporate social media buttons in your website header or footer.

Share Customer Reviews: Share and promote organic customer feedback via your social channels. If a follower tweets about a great experience, retweet it! If they post on your business Facebook, share it! Social media can broaden your reach to thousands of potential customers through the combined effect of your brand’s social following and that of your customers.

Using social media also enables you to be more creative in telling your story to customers. Video, graphics and polls are some examples of content you can use to enhance the social media experience for your customers.

Be Active: Take active control of your online review and social media pages. For example, ensure you enable reviews on your Facebook page and other platforms, and encourage as many customers to leave you reviews as possible. Make sure you monitor your social media channels for feedback and respond as quickly as possible.

When someone shares your blog, give them a shout out – take this tweet, for example. People had shared this company’s blog and even though the company is more concerned about background checks, they engaged and gave recognition for the tweet. Given the 24/7 nature of social media, customers expect an immediate response.

Review and Testimonial Pages

Social media and third-party review sites should not be the only platforms you can leverage reviews. Build a section on your website for customers to leave reviews. By asking for reviews, you demonstrate transparency and show you care about your customers. When shopping online, 63% of consumers search for business websites with product reviews. Feedback also provides additional benefits to help your business attract more customers.

Create a Dedicated Review Page: Pages dedicated exclusively to customer reviews and testimonials give customers an easy way to learn what other customers are saying. Review pages on websites can be set up in a variety of ways depending on what fits best with your business and brand. Check out some examples of testimonials, customer reviews, and other ways to display customer feedback.

Incorporate Reviews throughout Your Website: Don’t limit positive customer reviews and testimonials to just one page, but weave a story across your website. Sharing success stories will reassure customers they can trust your brand and help them envision using your product or service as they move through the buying process.

SEO Benefits: Customer feedback can also influence your search engine rankings. Content created by customers provides unique and fresh content that will naturally be full of keywords that are relevant to your brand.

Brick and Mortar

While more and more purchases are taking place online, feedback is still just as important for brick-and-mortar retail. Put a link to their website on the receipt and ask customers to go to their website and complete the feedback survey. Customer feedback forms can be provided and customers encouraged to fill out and return during their visit. Other options are to have a manager or employee stationed in the store to personally solicit feedback from customers.

Customers are very powerful messengers for your brand. Customers with positive experiences are more likely to remain loyal to your business and refer others. However, marketing and advertising messages are met with skepticism. Increasingly, consumers want to hear from other customers. Collecting and sharing customer feedback is a great way to help fill customers need and demonstrates you are trustworthy and care about their needs.

About the Author

Haku Kapule is a contributing editor at 365 Business Tips, a new blog that prides itself on presenting the best advice and practices for small and medium-sized businesses everywhere. He’s passionate about finding and offering useful tips to small business owners. He is an expert in digital PR and marketing strategy and has assisted with the increase of digital presence and customer support for small and large companies alike.

Role of Logo Design in Marketing Strategy

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It is common for many people to fall into impression that a well-built logo is enough for branding of their product or services. However, logo is just a single aspect in a marketing strategy. Logo stands as symbol, offering immediate recognition of a business and its products and services. Having said, you need to make sure that you have built an entire brand strategy prior to beginning of the logo creation process, as logo is just a brief ad about your company.

If a logo does not have any strategy behind it, a logo can display the false message, weakening the brand strategy rather than strengthening it. You need to maintain the brand message to amplify the brand recognition. The mission of logo is to display the values and goals of a business. You need to ensure that both are established before you seek out for a logo designer. In addition, you need to be clear about the brand message that your brand wants to convey. In this way, your logo will be able to display the message in the best manner.

You should build a robust association between a brand and a logo. You need to keep in mind that a logo is just a piece of puzzle in a brand strategy. Though you can build a logo with free logo design tool, but it should represent professionalism and development regardless of what your business aims for. In case, you are designing a logo in-house to save on the budget, then ensure to test in among the small group of the target audience before launching finally.

On top, you need to ensure that the logo that you choose does not look obsolete or outdated, as you will be using it effectively even after years. You simply do not want to update a logo on regular basis, as it will make the audience forget about the originality of your logo. A robust and consistent logo contributes in building brand identity.


Tips to Create a Remarkable Logo Design

You can begin with analyzing robust logos, especially those that you have been coming across since years. It could the logo showing a horse speeding up. You know when you see this logo, you think of the Ford Mustang, but what was in it that grabbed your attention at first. Why does it suit the product? An answer is horse is fast and appealing, and leaves everything behind in dust.

You can use same strategy if you sell shoehorns. It is actually about how you show it. Let you mind flow with the creative juices. On top, you should be unique, demonstrating an aspect of the shoehorn that none has considered before. The moment your target audience sees it, they will say “Aha”. You can use a color to grab their attention accordingly.

Be Original

You need to think out of the box, being creating. In essence, the prime goal of a logo should be to make you stand apart from the competitors. Only in this way, it will help you build an astounding brand identity. Above all, you should avoid using any clipart logo, as it is widely utilized as the monogram in towels.

On top, you should not be using logos that have been used already. You can learn about the latest advertising trends and discover what’s mainstream and contemporary. If you use a set of blue arrows, then it will not make a chance for people to rush into your new café, as it would be considered as copyrights infringement.

Color Selection

Prior to choosing a logo with green combo, you need to think that colors send sophisticated messages to the target audience. Logos help in building a visual identity for a company. The symbols and colors should be selected with optimum care. Many times, some people see bold colors as offensive, while others view it as a sign of kindness and openness. White color is represented as a symbol of purity in few countries, but is often related with sadness, death, or loss.

In addition, muted colors are often eye-catching, and are suggested to be utilized with bold fonts, making them attractive. Having said, you should perform a thorough research, making sure that a logo does not offend any person. Your approach should be broad, holding appeal for different cultures.

Keeping Things Simple

When building a logo design, you should make sure to avoid pitfalls. You should not overuse special effects in a logo design. In addition, you should not be using designs that are complex and garish. On another hand, solid colors and simple lines will take you farther, conveying a clear feel and look for your brand. In case, you use a color in a logo, do ensure that it looks equally good in simple black and white color, making it flexible to use anywhere else.

The moment you decide on a logo design, you are set for long journey. Never be afraid to invest time and money in designing of a logo. Logos can be utilized for promotional purposes, along with official documents including company policies, letterhead, packaging, and complimentary items. Since, you can always redo a logo any time to achieve a contemporary aesthetics; you should make it deviating too much from its original form.

Keeping Brand Identity Intact

The reason lies on the fact that you have already branded yourself using a brand identity. Too many changes in logo can make loyal customers go away. Above all a logo should be profound and robust regardless of your business. Usage of a logo in marketing and advertising campaigns can promote your company effectively, establishing brand image of you.

Final Words

Once you have a remarkable logo at your side, don’t feel afraid of printing it on promotional items. Above all, never overcomplicate a logo and avoid too much fuss. Consider it as Apple Inc. used an apple in its logo with a single bite at top, not an Apple with too many bites.


Author bio:

Gerry Wilson is a passionate tech blog writer and a senior mobile app developer, He transform complex ideas into innovative approaches for app development. His user-friendly visuals are based on the creative approaches that improve the digital marketing campaigns for brand awareness. Follow him on Twitter for further details.


Email Marketing in 2019: The Most Powerful Trends and Pitfalls

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Recent studies show that customers who purchase items through emails tend to spend about 138 percent more than people who do not use email offers. This statistic alone should be all the motivation you need to start your own email marketing campaign.

An effective email marketing plan will need to include things like tracking software and professional guidance. While most business owners do copious amounts of research when trying to find the best option for unlimited hosting, they tend to rush through the tool selection process for their email marketing campaigns. Consulting with professionals in this industry is a great way to find out more about which tools are the most effective.

Are you curious about the email marketing trends of 2018 and how you can utilize them? If so, take the time to read the information below.

Utilizing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a buzzword many business owners hear thrown around but have very little information about how it works. Using the power of AI in your email marketing campaigns can give you better insights into what your audience responds to. Most business owners use AI tools to analyze the customer data they collect to make informative decisions about what direction to take their marketing efforts.

One of the most innovative AI solutions being used in the world of email marketing is provided by the company Phrasee. This company provides business owners with AI-generated subject lines for their marketing emails. According to this company, these AI-generated subject lines outperform human-written ones nearly 95 percent of the time.

Grab More Attention with Interactive Emails

Including dynamic elements into your marketing emails can also be quite effective when trying to generate quality sales leads. Things like hover-over animations and even games and quizzes are used in emails to attract the attention of modern consumers.

The key to having success with these interactive elements is knowing when to use them. Simply filling your emails with copious amounts of animations and games can be overwhelming for the recipient. Using these interactive elements sparingly is essential when trying to have maximum impact with a state-of-the-art email.

You Need to Use Email Verification Tools

In the past, business owners would by third-party email lists and just hope they were legitimate. These days, business owners can test out these emails before buying them to ensure they are getting the best deal possible. Using email verification software will allow you to build detailed and strong email lists to use during your campaigns.

Are you curious about what type of email verification tools you need? If so, you can read more here.

Marketing Automation Can Be Beneficial

If you are tired of manually sending out emails to new and potential customers, then using marketing automation is a great idea. Nearly 65 percent of the marketers polled in a recent survey claimed to use these automation tools on a regular basis. Not only do these automated tools take a lot of work off of your plate, but they can also reduce the chance that important emails are not sent.

If you are using email automation tools, you need to allow your subscribers to manage their own preferences. Failing to do this can lead to them getting frustrated and unsubscribing altogether.

Your Emails Need to be Optimized For Mobile Devices

A large number of people will open the emails you send out on their mobile devices. Making sure the images and the text in the emails are optimized for these devices is essential. Neglecting to optimize your email will lead to you alienating a large part of your audience.

One of the best ways to optimize the text portion of your emails is by making it shorter. Rather than rambling on in an email, you need to get to the point. The shorter the text in your email is, the easier it will be for mobile users to read on the go.

While perfecting your email marketing strategy will take a great deal of time and effort, the results you achieve will make your hard work worth it.

Email Marketing vs. Other Digital Marketing Channels - Infographic by Campaign Monitor

Source: Email Marketing vs. Other Digital Marketing Channels by Campaign Monitor

Why should small businesses invest in SEO before traditional marketing hacks?

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The cool, hipster central borough of New York, Brooklyn is home to uncountable thriving small businesses. Over the years, the entire area from Greenpoint to Bay Ridge has fostered some of the busiest bars, restaurants, pubs, fashion and lifestyle stores, and startups. Outsiders face tough competition since native Brooklyn residents run most of these thriving businesses. These people have lived in the outer borough for at least one generation if not more and now they have monetized their premium location. Owning a store in Brooklyn is a dream several new entrepreneurs foster today. Small businesses, new enterprises, and startups are looking for a commercial real estate in Brooklyn because this location brings the promise of constant footfall and lucrative revenue. In short, it is a readily available brand that entrepreneurs want to leverage when they set up a new store. Sadly, there are thousands of other new businesses trying to do the same, and some of them have been working in the location for at least a decade. Competing with them and outperforming them is somewhat impossible if you do not have the right toolset.

Before the big inauguration, you must be worrying about the outdoor signs, the indoor décor and setup, the retail equipment and software setup, but these are things that cannot make up for the lack of a robust digital gameplan. All businesses aiming at making it big in the coming years need to think about their online presence and interactions with their potential customers. However, garnering enough footfall in the online world is not easier than getting passersby to notice your glow sign. On the web, you must think about optimizing your presence for an exclusively Brooklyn centric audience. You may be selling completely vegan cupcakes for office parties, birthdays and anniversaries, but so are a hundred other bakeries in Brooklyn. Or, you may be offering lucrative discounts on hair treatments for a limited period, but you cannot guarantee that at least a couple of hundred more salons in New York isn’t doing the same.

What will help you shine brightly at all times on the Google SRL?

At this moment, you must ask yourself the question, “what have I done so my clients and potential customers will see my name when they search for related products and services in Brooklyn”? It is indeed true that Google has made it easier for local businesses to remain visible through the implementation of local search options, and customer search relevance. However, that also means it has narrowed the competition down to you and other businesses that offer similar services. As a result, when a person searches for “top bakeries near me” or “best salons near me” the SRL will list all relevant businesses in the Brooklyn area. So, what is the guarantee that your name is going to be among the top three search results?

The truth is – there is no guarantee, but having a robust SEO strategy will improve your chances of getting ahead of the rest of the competition. Search engine optimization will keep your business website friendly towards search engine spiders. They will be able to crawl your site, its nooks, and crannies, and index the content for visibility. Today, website SEO is all about user-friendliness rather than technicalities. How well you are going to perform on the SERPs will depend on how much your visitors like browsing your website. Visit a reliable Brooklyn SEO website to learn about the UX.

Optimize for Google SERPs

Is your website content informative, educational, new and entertaining? Content is one of the greatest assets of any site, and it boosts the SEO too. Good website content depends on lucid language, plagiarism-free material, easy-to-read and entertaining narrative, and, of course, keyword research. Keyword has been important for SEO at all times, but it has evolved holding hands of Hummingbird and RankBrain updates. Now, stuffing your content with irrelevant keywords is not sufficient to gain the attention of search engines. You need to use the keywords in the correct context, focus on synonyms and long-tailed keyword variants pertaining to your field of work. RankBrain has enabled Google to “understand” the tone, purpose, quality, and message in your content. Therefore, duping the search engine with substandard articles and blogs with indiscriminate repetition of keywords does not work anymore. Almost all SEO-friendly content pieces require dedicated keyword research tools, help from content creation teams and content marketing strategies.

Remain Visible on the local search results

Almost a year ago, Google launched the “Hawk” algorithm update for the local searches. It has changed how the local filters used to work during the Possum update. The update has brought back hope for new local businesses since it seems to level the ground for old and new small businesses. Earlier, the Possum simply filtered out the less SEO-friendly results that shared the same Brooklyn address with a famous company, so that only the distinguished name remained visible on the local search results page. Hawk is rapidly changing the organic traffic of these small, and lesser popular business pages. It is increasing the visibility of local businesses in Brooklyn in geo-specific search results. So, if you share your business address with other companies, it is finally time for you to shine.

Pay attention to technical SEO

Next, you need to think about the find-ability of your web page, blog, and articles. Are you doing anything extra to become noticeable? Your blogs should contain meta tags, meta descriptions, title tags, SEO titles, SEO slugs, image and video descriptions, SEO-friendly URLs and alt tags for the media. These are the technical bits necessary to optimize all types of content for the search engines. Your content may be user-friendly, but you must not forget that there might be thousands of other websites with similar content topics and quality. These tags help the search engine crawlers figure out the purpose of your site content. Additionally, when you find your place in the SERP, your potential visitors will get a clue about what the ranking page contains. The presence of title tags, meta descriptions and SEO titles define the purpose and content of any webpage, making the CTR (Click Through Rate) higher than those without meta descriptions and titles.

Here’s the thing about SEO – it co-evolves and adapts just like any intelligent being on earth. Over the years, Google has matured to understand the differences between black hat techniques and the white hat ones. SEO is the only way to get your site up-to-date with these quality control techniques of the Google algorithm updates. Search engine optimization is not a luxury or an option for most small businesses and enterprises. Your Brooklyn based business needs SEO to help break even in record time and remain profitable for the years to come.

5 Major Benefits of Hiring an SEO Agency

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Having a solid online presence is crucial irrespective of the type of business that you are running. This is because you will be guaranteed that the presence of your company will be felt by both customers and competitors. Furthermore, a web presence will put your business in the limelight given the dynamic market that exists today. This is why every business owner should invest in professional SEO services that will transform their business. Here are a few benefits of hiring an SEO agency.

Professionals are experienced

With SEO being a fulltime job, you will be guaranteed of working with industry experts. These professionals have specialized in digital marketing and search engine optimization and have in-depth knowledge of the field. With their past experience and skills, you will be assured of an excellent job and outstanding results.

Better results

The main reason why you should opt for professional SEO services rather than doing it on your own is the fact that these specialists know the best ideas and ways of achieving the desired outcome. They have handled business websites from a wide range of fields for many years and they know the strategies that work and those that do not work. Therefore, you can expect a better outcome for your website.

Saves time

Many business owners have a lot to handle and may not allocate adequate time to SEO. As a result, their campaigns may suffer over time and yield no results because of lack of attention. By hiring SEO experts, your SEO strategies will be handled 24/7 and your website monitored to ensure that you get the results you desire. This will give you adequate time to deal with other key aspects of your business without worrying about SEO. Get more information from the l.a SEO experts official website.

A fresh perspective

Sometimes, the lack of a new perspective is the reason behind ineffective online marketing. SEO professionals will bring new ways and ideas into your campaigns and this will produce better results than previous strategies. These professional have an in-depth technical knowledge and several years of practical experience in the SEO field. Therefore, your business will be harnessing all these and you will surely get the desired results.

SEO professionals will avoid costly mistakes

Most people always assume that SEO is just about the search engines. A good SEO company will work to ensure that your business content and website are optimized for both the search engines and the visitors who are your potential clients and customers. This is important because developing content that is good for the search engines will ultimately affect your ranking in the long run. They will also remedy any website mistakes that are costing you customers and better ranking.

Better return on investment

Search engine optimization entails more than just driving traffic to your website. You also need to attract the right traffic that can easily be converted into long-term, loyal clients. SEO experts will help your business to attract prospective clients who are looking for the services or products you offer. You will end up getting a higher ROI and you will be able to build a stronger brand over time. The results you get from SEO services are also permanent and this will benefit your company for years to come.


In the competitive online marketplace that exists today, every business should be conversant with the latest marketing strategies and tactics to attract and retain clients and keep growing. For your business to rank well on the search engine results pages of Yahoo, Google, or Bing, you need to hire the right SEO agency. Your business will benefit tremendously from their expertise and experience in the industry.




The 10 Commandments of Boosting Your Landing Page’s Conversion Rate

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Conversion is the goal of all online marketing efforts. No matter what you do and how best you do it, it will flop unless you get your target users to take favorable action. When dealing with landing pages, the same rule applies since your users land there before taking any action. But how can you boost your landing page’s conversion rate? How do you turn traffic into conversion without spending millions of money? In the remaining sections of this post, I will discuss the ten commandments of boosting your landing page’s conversion rate. So, I invite you to join me in learning how these proven and foolproof strategies can enable you to improve your landing page’s conversion rate.

  1. Mind How You Write Your Copies

We start our journey where it matters the most—content—because content rules the online world. If you want to boost your conversion rate, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the content your users interact with. Ensure that your content is clear and resonates well with the needs of your target users. Also, make your content easy to understand before users take the desired action. Don’t forget to optimize it for convenient navigation to allow your readers to glide through it easily by using short paragraphs and sentences. Also, use bullet points to divide your sections and facilitate easy skimming by busy visitors.

  1. Say and Tell Only the Necessary

Even though content is necessary for conversion, it is prudent to maintain balance in your approach. Some website owners assume that storming their users with much information will enhance their conversion chances. However, you need to give your readers only enough and qualitative information. Otherwise, excess information will defeat your goal of achieving more conversion for your landing page. Remember, we live in an age where people are busy, flooded with excess and similar competing information, and consequently, they suffer from short attention spans. So, don’t let the quantity of your content overshadow its quality.


  1. Take the Testing Test

Paying attention to testing will assist you in increasing your landing page’s conversion prospects. You should remember the cardinal rule that requires you not to trust anything you have not tested. After finding a direction you feel will help you to achieve your conversion goals, test it first. You could start with an A/B testing before trying larger variations of the same design and copy.

  1. Draft Killer Captions

We have seen that content is king. If that statement is true, then what is its crown? Definitely, your content’s caption crowns it since your users will interact with first. Captions lie on top of your content the same way a royal crown lies on a king’s head—making it conspicuously visible. You should also remember that only 20 percent of your readers will read beyond your content’s headline. Therefore, it is necessary to make it compelling since it is your content’s entry point. Below are tips that will assist you in drafting killer titles for your landing page:

  • Make it clear and short to avoid distractions.
  • Don’t over promise since doing so will attract your readers to mediocre content. Consequently, you will lose the trust you had won from the headline. So, make sure that your title is a true reflection of what the reader will find in your content should they continue reading.
  • Let your headlines promise your readers a solution you offer using your products or services.
  • Optimize questions to capitalize on human curiosity. Remember, people will seek answers to questions if you offer them in your content’s body.
  • Make sure that your headline matches what your adverts are saying.
  • Don’t forget to incorporate selling words such as “free, secret, hidden, fast, proven, foolproof, and guarantee.”
  • Remember, humor works if you use it discreetly and decently.







  1. Make Irresistible Offers

People love free offers, and hence, you only need to know how to make them irresistible to capitalize on human love for free things. Therefore, incorporate freebies like ebooks, guides, reports, and any other thing your target users will find helpful. For instance, if you are targeting industry leaders, you could entice them with the latest industry reports relating to their industries.

  1. Optimize Videos

Videos are a great way of optimizing your landing page for higher conversion. Therefore, embed explainer videos in your landing pages to tell your readers what your business does. If you do your videos right, you will increase your landing page’s conversion rates. The reason is that they aid your reader’s attention span so that they can keep on interacting with your landing page. Moreover, these videos are a great way of arousing your target users’ emotional dimension. Remember, emotions are critical in influencing buyer decisions, and hence, anything that optimizes them deserves a place on your landing page. So, here are tips to enable you to maximize their conversion power:

  • Make sure they are impactful and resonate well with your target audience
  • Plan your explainer videos carefully since they can be costly to prepare (but worthwhile) especially when you need to conduct an A/B split test
  • Give your videos a powerful script because the video is not an end in itself. Therefore, let your script guide your readers into what you want them to do and learn
  • Be explicit with your desired results. Therefore, include clear calls-to-action at the end of your videos
  • Include the hottest selling points and features of your products and services in the video to enable your audience to make informed decisions. This way, it will be easy for them to see “what is in there for them” before they decide


  1. Install EV SSL Certificate

Do you want your landing pages to make a positive impact that inspires conversions? If you do, then you should install EV SSL. The reason is that an EV SSL certificate will inspire confidence in your visitors since they will be sure that they are interacting with a secure website. After all, nobody likes sharing their private details on insecure sites. For instance, a case study VeriSign conducted shows that these badges can boost conversion rates by up to 30 percent. When it studied an online hotel booking site Central Reservation Service, it noticed a 30% increase in conversion rates after featuring an SSL badge on its website. A similar study that Symantec conducted also reveals the same trend where clients experienced an increase of between 10% and 87%.

  1. Spice Up Your Calls-to-Action

True landing page conversion depends on one thing—your users doing what you want them to do. However, it is difficult to get them to take a favorable action unless you tell them to do so clearly and passionately. It is prudent to remember that your calls-to-action are some of the most important components of your landing page. To get the most out of them, here are three tips to spice them up:

  • Mind your colors: Give your call-to-action buttons a different color from that of your page’s background.
  • Pay attention to size: Make the button just large enough to be visible by your visitors because small size will render it hard to recognize while an overly big button will be distractive.
  • Include a passionate message: Your call-to-action’s message is its essence. Therefore, it should instill a sense of urgency and need in your visitor’s mind to inspire prompt action from them.
  1. Make it Mobile-friendly

You should also remember that more than 65 percent of all Internet users access it using mobile devices. Therefore, your landing page has to be mobile-friendly if you expect it to have an increased conversion rate. Make sure all your text and video/photo contents display easily in mobile devices. Otherwise, you will miss the greater section of your potential customers.

  1. Mind Your Loading Time

On physical highways, we see road signs warning people that speed kills. However, the online world works just the opposite with warning signs indicating that the lack of speed will kill your business. Do you still want your landing page to enjoy an increased conversion rate? If you do, then pay attention to how fast your landing page and its contents load. Otherwise, nobody has the time to keep hanging around your landing page if it takes ages to open. Make sure the videos, photos, and other contents load fast to avoid losing traffic. Remember, in the physical world we say that delays are not denials. However, in the online world, delays will indeed deny you potential customers!

Parting Shot

Increasing your landing page’s conversion rate is not rocket science that only a few chosen geeks can understand. If you know the principles and apply them well, you will enjoy the goal of all your online marketing efforts—conversion. That is why I shared the ten commandments of boosting your landing page’s conversion rate. The ball is now in your court to take action and install  SSL certificate, among other measures, to enjoy the benefits of this post.

How To Find A Job After College Graduation

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It might seem challenging to find a perfect job right after graduation. And of course, it can be not so perfect because you’ve only started your carrier. But there are several things you might do to increase your chances of employment. Here are several tips on finding your job after college:

  1. Prepare a resume and cover letter

First of all, get it done perfectly so that you will get the invitation to the interview. Target your resume to the position or a specific field of knowledge you are interested in. There should be no grammar mistakes or imperfections.

While preparing a cover letter, dwell on your experience and skills to shape what makes you a good candidate for a job. Don’t lie in the resume, and write only about the things you’ve done and know.

  1. Apply for advice to college employment center

Here you can get guidance on the specifics of the field and the jobs you can apply. You may also ask for consultation regarding your resume. Professionals might even redirect your job search. The professional help will make your search more efficient and targeted.

  • Use the existing resources

Explore the job bank of Canada, which is a governmental resource that helps with the employment. There you can also upgrade your resume and search for the positions to students and recent graduates. Use the geographical and other filters to narrow down the search and find what is beneficial for you.

It is not the only reliable resource, check the Jobcentre too. Try to spare time for searching for positions on the most trusted services.

  1. Networking

It is always good to know people of the specific field. You can use the alumni network of your college if there is one. Or try to find alumni that work in the sphere you want to work in as well. Try to reach out and ask for advice and their experience in the field. Find out if there are any advantages or something special you should know, etc.

You can also reach out to your parents, older friends, and acquaintances for a personal recommendation or just for information. There is no shame in asking for advice, and it might play on your hand.

  1. Know the industry

Explore the top industry representatives; learn their values, goals and recent achievements. It might help you to find a specific company you want to work in. Plus, сheck who is hiring and what they are looking for in their candidates – this will help you understand if you have the necessary qualifications.

It is also a good thing to learn about industry specifics, trends, and news.

  1. Try internships

Internships are an amazing way to gain experience and new practical knowledge. Many employers hire their internees after the summer period is over. Lots of graduates start their carrier paths this way. You get to actually know the industry you are working in and apply the theoretical knowledge. Even if you don’t get a permanent job after an internship in this particular company, you can at least add a line about it to your resume.


If you are still a student, use this advantage and start your preparation while there is still time before graduation. It is a great opportunity since you don’t have to rush and can take your time to improve your writing skills, create a profile on LinkedIn, and learn something new. Plus, you can always turn to one of the write my paper services to both enhance your academic performance and spare some time for non-academic activities.