4 Best WordPress SEO Tips & Techniques to Boost Rankings

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Nowadays, many webmasters use WordPress (WP) as their hosting platform. Aside from providing hosting services for websites, WordPress is also one of the best CMS (Content Management System) on the market today. As a matter of fact, WP dominates the market with 60% of market share. Not only that but 33% of all websites today are hosted by WP.

Having a WP-powered website is quite beneficial. However, that alone won’t make your website stand out from the others. That’s why you’ll need to implement the right SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy to boost your website’s visibility, credibility and exposure online, among other things.

Fortunately, WP provides you with many options regarding SEO. You can tweak and optimize almost everything you need. That includes activities, such as technical, on-site and off-site SEO. In other words, you can implement various techniques to improve your rankings. That being said, here are a few best SEO tips and techniques to boost rankings for your WP website.

Structuring your permalinks

Permalinks on your WP website are addresses or links to every page, individual blog posts, content pieces and so on. In other words, these are the URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) that are permanent, hence the name permalinks. However, permalinks in the WP are SEO unfriendly by default. That’s why you need to restructure them, in order to make them both user and search engine friendly. As an example:

  • An unfriendly URL is: As you can see, you cannot determine where this link will lead you.
  • A friendly URL looks like this: name. This link describes where it goes and it’s friendly towards users and search engines alike.

The important thing is that you won’t need to bother too much with restructuring your permalinks. WP allows you to do this easily by accessing Settings > Permalinks and moving on from there. You’ll need to restructure every permalink for every page though, so that website crawlers can properly index your pages.

Add new content regularly

Content is king in the marketing world. Moreover, content is one of the most important ranking factors for search engines, such as Google. With that in mind, adding new and relevant content to your website or blog is of the utmost importance. WP allows you to add or remove content seamlessly. However, if you have a proper hosting solution, the entire process becomes even more seamless.

For instance, cPanel hosting in Australia is reliable and efficient. Your control panel alongside WP integrated options, allows you to take full control over the content on your website. Still, the content you add must be optimized properly so that it can boost your rankings effectively.

That includes activities, such as optimizing images, adding title tags to post, writing proper meta descriptions for pages and so on. Relevant content is vital for user experience but proper optimization is crucial for search engines to recognize the content and the context of your pages so that they can match it with the user intent.

Enable automatic indexing

Every time you add new content to your website you have to notify the website crawlers to index your pages. This manual task can be daunting as it’s quite mundane, as well as time-consuming. What’s more, you may easily forget to do it and you won’t get any SEO benefits from new content.

Luckily, WP has a feature that allows you to automatically inform crawlers about new things so they can properly index everything. This feature is called automatic ping and it notifies web crawlers every time there’s a new post or fresh content on your website.

That way you can ensure that your pages are always properly indexed and visible on search results. However, it’s advised that you create an .xml sitemap for your website and allow search engines to properly examine every page on your website. You can achieve this manually or by using a WP plug-in for sitemaps.

Leverage internal linking

When rankings are considered, search engines oftentimes evaluate each page on your website. This evaluation is also called page authority. The main factor in this evaluation is the quality of links on your pages. That’s why internal linking is quite beneficial for your rankings. In other words, you must link to your other, relevant content in your posts or pages.

This will help improve other ranking factors, such as time spent on page and page views. However, not every link needs to be a dofollow link. Links to irrelevant pages or advertisements do not need to be followed by web crawlers.

Also, when linking externally, you have to make sure you’re not getting more page score than you’re giving away. The main reason is that you’re basically giving a piece of your SEO score to the website you’re linking to and vice versa. That’s why you need both dofollow and nofollow internal and external links on your website. As an example:

  • A dofollow link looks like this: <a href=””>Random Website</a>
  • A nofollow link looks like this: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Random Website</a>

As you can see, by adding a nofollow attribute to external links you’re telling website crawlers not to follow a specific link, which means it won’t contribute towards your overall ranking score. The same rules apply for internal links.


WP has a lot of features and options that allow you to optimize your website and gain a significant boost to your rankings. However, WP alone won’t make your website SEO friendly enough. That’s why you must do your part to improve your SEO and optimize your website properly.

What to Check in a Website Before Building Links?

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Many people commit the mistake of delving into link building even before knowing or checking if the website they are working for is okay and rightly built with technical details or not. People start link building with great zeal and lots of investment on various tools and software, analytical software and what not. But then they wonder why so much of investment on time, effort, labor, thinking, money, etc., is not yielding the result they are looking for. The reason is simple.

In most of the cases. Links are built, and the website also starts to rank in some cases, and even gets traffic, but things inside the site are not great, and hence every effort gets nullified to bring great traffic and business to the site. The way out of it is to look at the site before you start off-page and link building. You have to analyze the site well, and see if the on-page SEO is done properly for the site and if the site has all the pages with page elements and content perfectly okay to get started on the off-page SEO part.

Technical SEO

Handling a site, checking its internal errors and rectifying them all before starting with link building, is called technical SEO. And experienced SEO experts like Philadelphia SEO Keyword Fyrebird would do this technical SEO first before going into any other thing. This is the best way to ensure that the effort done on link building gets fruitful. Hence you should learn how a technical SEO audit is done. Some of the things that are analyzed for the audit are:

  • Broken links
  • Pages with poor content
  • Canonical and duplicate pages
  • Internal link placements
  • Top pages for link placement
  • Best landing pages

Find out the top pages where traffic stays

There are many pages where the traffic stays for some time. Traffic reaches these pages through Google search. A check of the Google analytics report would tell you which pages these are top performing pages in terms of bounce rate, low click-through rate, and average time. And you should record the data.

Get a report of the 404 pages

Every website may have some 404 pages which are broken pages. And you must find them out so that you can see that if there were any important links placed on these pages, or any important content, etc. If you get any, you must scrape them out, and use the resources elsewhere can rather wasting them. And then you may kill those inactive broken pages.

Check through the content

One of the most important things to check is the content. Do the pages have relevant content? Contextual content which fills the volume of a page in a reasonable amount, and has data or matter to quench the queries or matter related to the page makes for good content. Your pages must have content that fulfills user queries, has proper legit data, engages the readers, and also has the right keywords at the place placement in them.

Internal linking of pages

Pages must have internal linking, so that one-page drivesan interested user to another, and can help visitors explore through the site by useful and meaningful links. If the visitors go through the landing page and shuts off the site, then the landing page has no useful value. If the landing page has good links to drive the visitor to other pages of the site, and also the other pages are similarly internally linked to each other in a meaningful pattern, then visitors can get great navigation and user experience.


The metadata of a site must be appropriately designed and entered. The meta description with pages, etc. also are crucial in telling the search engine what the page content and elements are all about. Hence, the website must be designed and engineered from the backend such that every page, content, and elements on the pages have good meta tagging and description involving related keywords.

Finally get a backlink audit done

When you are satisfied with all of the above, then you may think of getting a backlink auditing. A backlink audit tells you of how many live backlinks the website has, and the backlinks are from which sources. This will give you the current scenario and will help you decide that from where you can start the work of link building.

Backlink building is a strategic work, which must be continued with daily and calculated inputs. Making too many links in one day will go against the site, and making too few links also will no work. As per organic SEO practices, a calculated amount of backlinks must be built every day at quality pages which will increase the value of the website more and more with time.

Get professional help

Being an entrepreneur or the site owner, you would possibly have not much time to go into such technical detailing with all the know-how. It would take you some time to understand things and much more time to gain expertise. Hence, instead of waiting for that much and experimenting, you should contact experts who can take care of the technical SEO. Anyone can become a link builder with time and effort and learning new things. But for the technical SEO audit part, you would need expert assistance. You would need professional help from a locally based SEO and digital marketing company, who can head the project with conviction.


Backlinks are the food for SEO, and that’s true. But this effort of building backlinks must be given only when you are sure about the technical correctness of the website. If the website is not good enough to retain the traffic, it gets for one or more reasons, and if the pages are not well connected, and do not have good content, then the effort given on the link building would surely go to waste. Hence before you start any project on link building and marketing, verify the website’s pages for their content, metadata, appeal and user operability, and average time and click-through rates.

2019’s Top SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes That Will Improve Your Site Rankings

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If you are someone who builds a website for any reasons, you don’t want just to create one and that’s it. Primarily, you built a website for business use and for users and people to use it. You wanted your site to find out in the web and this is where a friendly SEO takes place to reach a wider audience, gain high site traffic, at the same time earn a good site reputation.

So, what makes a friendly SEO website? Bear in mind that before you topped in any search engine rankings, get a high number of visitors, you have work in building an attractive at the same time informative website. This is where choosing an excellent WordPress theme comes in.

Hence, in this article, we will tackle different types of SEO-friendly WordPress themes that can go all year round. Here are they to get you started.

MH Magazine

It is a WordPress theme designed for websites that normally produces a large number of contents on a daily basis. It has 12 available demos which if flexible and versatile. It means that whatever niche you are blogging about you are able to produce a well-organized and professional layout.

Moreover, your visitors won’t have a hard time navigating your website because of multi-functional navigational aids that make up the whole theme. It has also a great theme optimization.

SEO  Crawler

It is a highly customizable SEO-friendly WordPress theme with an excellent design. Once you have successfully installed this theme, you can easily select full-featured demos composed of three designs which can be imported in a few clicks.

Additionally, there are also pre-themed templates that you can just drag and then drop which adds a unique appearance to your site. This also comes with various header designs you can choose with detailed theme options and settings.


The Pofo WordPress theme that comes with a stunning and incredible design. It is said the Pofo is the most versatile type of WordPress theme because of its ability to fit into any type of website because of its pre-built demos.

Besides, this type of WordPress theme is the topmost choice of most website owners because it has a wide array of design options. It can cover e-commerce, portfolios, blogs, and even agencies that’s why it’s a multi-purpose theme.

The Gem

The Gem is a WordPress theme that focuses on the page loading times, secure codes, and at the same time the mobility usage. It is also considered to be one of the most SEO-friendly WordPress themes.

Furthermore, this WordPress theme comes with over a hundred site demos which can be imported and integrated right away. This is effective when used in e-commerce websites like hotel bookings and shopping stores.


Bear in mind that one factor that every visitor would look at for them to stay and move forward in navigating your website is to speed of the page load. In this case, Schema is the best WordPress theme that works directly in doubling the speed of your sites load.

At the same time, it has also multiple options of snippets wherein it gives out a clear understanding to all search engines what type of topic are the visitors searching and for your site to be quickly ranked.


Genesis is also one of the most popular SEO-friendly WordPress. This theme focuses more on having a child-friendly design which also paved a way of making it a top choice. It has also worked directly with the speed of the load page, most responsive codes, simple and elegant site layouts.

Also, some website owners who are using this theme normally get positive feedback because it’s easy to use. Remember that the more positive feedback you’ll get, the higher the reputation you will get which will result in higher ranking.

The X or  “X”

This WordPress theme was recently launched last year. Since its launching date, this WordPress theme has generated popular and positive reviews to all users. Although it was just recently launched, this website WordPress theme is doing its best to consistently improve and update to provide excellent services.

Moreover, unlike other WordPress themes available, you can be certain that X doesn’t have any codes that will slow down the speed of the page load. Lastly, it also uses the latest  HTML5 semantic markup which comes with various elements and features which will improve search rankings.


It is one of the WordPress themes that comes with a full pack of features of designs for multi-purpose use. It has even an increased SEO-friendly feature compared to other themes and also works best when it comes to speeding up your site’s loading time.

Further, it has two main flexible and impressive design modes that you can choose from. Both of these choices come with in-depth customized options and both are in high-quality condition.


From the word itself, SociallyViral is one of the most flexible WordPress themes which works directly in attracting as many social shares as possible. Some SEO professionals like the ones found in Louisville SEO believes that social network shares can help increase your website’s traffic every day.

This is true due to the fact that most websites are risking in finding a way to attached social media networks to expand their reach. SociallyViral definitely does this job for you without a hitch.



Getting the right WordPress theme is an essential factor when it comes to making a user-friendly search engine optimization. This WordPress themes will help you create and build a website that can is responsive to all users and visitors. This can only help your site being noticed. But most importantly maintaining a high ranking authority.

Furthermore, it is always best that you choose the right WordPress theme for your website with the relevance and type of your business. At the same time, you also have the consider the content and target audience you would like to reach.

Therefore, the SEO-friendly WordPress themes discussed above will help you give an in-depth understanding of choosing the right theme for your website whether you are building a new one or redesigning an existing site.

SEO Guide 2019 – Your Business Strategy for This Year

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Marketers are always looking for opportunities that would enhance their SEO and there is no denying that SEO keeps on changing every year. So for 2019, you must keep up with the changing requirements of SEO. Many methods from your previous strategy may work this year as well however there are some new ones to look forward to. Check out our short guide for SEO in 2019 –

  1. Optimize for Local SEO

Local SEO can do wonders for your business, especially if you are providing services to a locality. Most of the smartphone users today perform local searches to access the services near them. Hence, if you can optimize your site for local SEO you can turn your local visitors into your customers.

Tips for a successful local SEO –

Use keywords that suit your location – Include the name of the city or localities that you want to target in your keywords for example, ‘best Thai restaurant in Chicago’, mobile phones, assignment help etc.. You can also include phrases like ‘near me’ with your main keyword so that Google can use the same to show it to nearby users.

Find backlinks – Look for local sites that can provide you with some useful backlinks and see a hike in your traffic.

Customer Feedback – Good customer reviews? Add them up on to your website and make a first good impression on your potential customers or visitors.

  1. Understand your Customers

If you can give what your customer really needs. Nothing can stop you from becoming successful. So start with understanding what your customer expects from you and then begin translating the same into your products and services.

Know the popular search terms in your niche and start incorporating them into your website copy. You can also use keyword tools such as Moz or Yoast SEO to find better keywords based on the search traffic. There is no denying that you are creating things for your customer so if you understand how to answer their questions and fulfill their requirements the best, it is indeed your first step to success.

  1. Create Readable Posts

If you are looking for increasing your organic rankings it is important that you optimize your content to make it more readable. To begin with, divide your content into shorter paragraphs that talk about individualized ideas. Do not try to mix two different scenarios in one paragraph to make it easier for your readers to understand your point.

Use headings and sub-headings that would catch your reader’s attention as soon as they land on your site. This would benefit the skim readers as they take a quick scan of your site and they will be able to get an idea of what you want to convey.

  1. Backlink Opportunities

If you can find high-quality backlinks for your site, you can definitely increase your search engine ranking. A quick way to understand who is referring to your site is by using tools such as SEMrush Backlink Checker. Here a few more tips to improve your backlink SEO –

Make sure that your backlinks are from reliable sources. Otherwise, it can put a negative effect on your site’s SEO.

Make sure the backlinks are added to relevant pages of your website that actually relate with its niche. Otherwise, it is just spam.

Use a strong keyword for your backlink as it would be easier for the crawlers to understand what the link is all about.


  1. Optimize for Voice

Voice is the new text! By 2020, it is expected that almost 50% of the searches would be voice searches. So it is time that you start optimizing your site for voice search and begin experimenting with it. Include keywords that would be ideal for voice search. For instance, you can include words ‘how, why, what, when etc.’ Voice search does not include formal long-tail keywords. Instead, it includes more questions such as ‘where can I find desert now’.

It has been found that most of the voice searches are done for local content. Hence, it is advisable to include phrases like ‘near me’. Look for common phrases used in your locality or add names of landmarks, local institutions and famous places nearby your locality to optimize your voice search.

  1. Optimize for Mobile

Smartphones have made it possible to access the internet from anywhere. Almost every other person today has a smartphone. So if you want to find the right audience you must optimize your site for mobile. Begin with making your website design compatible with mobile devices. No matter a person accesses your site from a mobile phone, a laptop or a tablet, it should fit into their display properly.

Make sure that your site loads faster! A smartphone user would not like to wait longer to let your site load. There are a number of competitors already waiting to take over your potential customers. But, there are different tricks to optimize your load time for mobile. For instance, minimize the code on your pages such as JavaScript, CSS or HTML. Do not include irrelevant redirects on your pages and cache the static elements of your site.

Last, but not least, do not include popups as it would distract your visitors. Keep a check on how interactive your site appears on mobile, how the elements are placed and are the distances between the images, graphics, and pictures on your site enough to make it readable.

  1. Track Progress

It is not all about experimenting with different SEO techniques. You must keep a check on how things are resulting for your business. So it is better that you start tracking the progress of your SEO strategies and perform iterations accordingly. Simply start with Google Analytics and begin tracking your organic traffic. Check which blog posts got the most hits, to which the audience responds the most and shift your focus on such posts for a while.

Content engagement is also a crucial factor that can enhance your site’s performance. So keep a track of how much time visitors spend on your pages. Know how much time your website actually takes to load, how many backlinks you are generating and how many shares you are getting on social media. Track keyword rankings after every two or three month time to keep up with SEO.

Success is not overnight! It takes time to improve your rankings and carry on with the existing competition in your niche. So why wait for long? Make your plan and execute it as fast as you can. Keep looking for new updates in search engines algorithms and do not forget to review your strategies and iterate through them. Start optimizing today!



Author’s Bio: James is a writer, blogger and an education freak who keeps on exploring the education industry. He is currently working with GoAssignmentHelp from past few years and has been indulged into delivering quality assignment and work projects for students.

The Six Crucial Elements in an SEO Audit

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The online world is expanding at a fast pace with new websites emerging with every passing day! Online entrepreneurs and business owners with a site today need to customize strategies to steer clear of this online competition. For that, it’s essential to check the way the website has been performing in search results. The best solution is an SEO audit.


What is an SEO audit?

Simply put, a search engine optimization (SEO) audit is meant to provide value and enhance the data, based on which business owners and entrepreneurs arrive at final marketing decisions. When you evaluate your brand’s crucial SEO elements, you can generate a well-developed action plan to enhance the organic search outcome.

Have you been planning for an SEO audit lately? If yes, you can always reach out to a professional service provider to suggest you the course of action. You can browse through Grant McArthur Media to know more on the topic. Also, you can consider the following six factors that have an essential role to play in your SEO audit.


  1. An extensive computer research

It’s always a smart call to kick-start the SEO audit by understanding the market competition that exists! Have you identified the market players who you need to outshine in your organic search results, for your set of keywords? Do you know other market players and your competitors are getting in their organic search web traffic for a selected set of keywords?

These are a few critical questions that you need to ask during an SEO audit. Your analysis should touch upon aspects such as:

  • Keywords used by your competitors
  • The expected value for traffic search
  • Expected search traffic per month
  • Linking of root domains
  • Domain authority
  • Inbound links

Today, you have access to SEMrush and Aherfs and other tools to assess and analyze it all. It’s useful when you compare these details using a chart to highlight the gap visually that is present between your brand and other market players. Such a graph or visual presentation helps to showcase the highest loophole. When you know the areas, you need to improve you can manage your strategies and concentrate all your efforts.


  1. Indexing and crawling

Crawling suggests the way Google is reading your website. It also shows the way Google further indexes your site thereby adding all the web pages to the search results. These elements form the basis for a correct SEO approach.

You can go ahead and depend on Google Search Console for determining if a website is getting adequately indexed and crawled or not. Just have a look at the robots.txt file to check the resources that get blocked from the crawlers and have a look at your sitemap, to check whether it caters to all the apt protocols. It’s always bad news to know that Google blocked a website. Hence, you need to evaluate the indexing and crawling of your site to make sure it has the best set up.


  1. Consider website accessibility

Website accessibility is an essential aspect that you need to look into! And there can be a few things that can add a hindrance on website availability. Some the common reasons are the 404 errors very slow page load speeds, excess server response times and others. The good news is you can detect it all in an SEO audit. You need to opt-in for Google’s PageSpeed Insights to check if there are any problems related to website accessibility. Simultaneously, check the Google Search Console to look for 404 errors and the like and address the issues instantly. For that, you can opt-in for Google’s resources. An SEO expert would also advise you to do so.


  1. Opt-in for link analysis

Important and relevant links are essential ranking factors in Google’s algorithm.  Do you know the way your website gets linked, both externally and internally on secured, third party websites? Using Google Search Console and its tools, you can evaluate both external and internal links for finding out the way your data gets linked and the pages that are crucial. One of the favorite tools you could resort to is OpenSiteExplorer. It helps you to evaluate external links and also recognize the essential link scopes.


  1. Consider keyword analysis

Are you using those keywords that will get you increased web traffic? Are you aware of these keywords and know where your company stands regarding these keywords? Also, do you know the trending keywords and the way it is converting an online viewer to a loyal customer?

It is what keyword analysis is all about. Both Google Analytics and Google Search Console offer a perspective as to the way keyword search affects performance. When you make use of tools like Aherfs, you can show the way in which keyword analysis can be a game changer for your company.


  1. A through convent analysis

Every business depends on content to progress ahead successfully! So, is your website content can generate increased business? Do you know the landing pages and blogs that get continuously created for targeting keywords and welcoming inbound traffic?

You might want to opt-in for a current content audit, both from the user and the search engine perspective! Is your content correctly optimized for the given set of keywords? Also, are the online site visitors spending quality time browsing through the website, its content, checking the image gallery and many more? Are you aware of any duplicate content problems that might occur in Meta descriptions, target keywords, and the page titles? If yes, then you should solve the same immediately.

Finally, all you have to do is collect all your findings to develop an SEO strategy! And this SEO content strategy is created to offer a stable route guiding the way your content team with work things out. Furthermore, it also makes sure that you will be generating content both for the search engines as well as Google. You can refer to Google resources if you require help on this. And when you are developing an SEO strategy, keep these above-discussed points in mind to reap the best results.

8 SEO and Marketing Trends to Watch Out For In 2019

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SEO will never disappear when it comes to ways on improving your website and gaining traffic. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that you follow the right methods for improving your rank on search engine pages. But it’s easier said than done!

With the constant updates and trends that come and go yearly, it can be quite confusing on what you should follow and what to avoid. That’s why I did the research with the help of SEO websites and other trusted sources. So read on for the top seven SEO and marketing trends to watch out for in 2019!

So, what should you watch out for when it comes to digital marketing and SEO? These are the top seven ones to look into:

  1. The Rise of AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMPs are actually open-sourced protocols which allow webmasters to create pages that are capable of loading instantly on mobile devices. It will be able to load your website even faster than usual without spending too much data.

Google and other search engines are now favoring websites that use AMPs, as mobile-friendliness and site performances are what makes users happy and satisfied, thus being favorable by search engine crawlers.

In fact, websites that have AMPs already have a carousel and small icon to indicate their status. Because of this, I believe that there will be more favoritism for AMPs in search engines, so it’s time to make that change!

  1. Dense Content Is Now More Popular

I’m pretty sure that even you get sick of reading the similar content over and over again, all just in different words and layouts! Before, content marketing focused more on producing short content with the appropriate amount of keywords. However, there has been a surge in popularity with epic contents, which are long pieces covering specific topics with as much information as possible.

But, it isn’t just about the length but what’s inside the content written. While length may be a short trend, search engines will focus more on blogs that provide as much relevant information as possible without it being too long, making it great for readers.

  1. Machine Learning Changes Algorithm

With Google RankBrain now being released, there is a possibility of algorithmic machine learning. The search engine will now learn about the way users phrase their conversational queries, updating the algorithm automatically the more it learns.

There hasn’t been an update for it yet, but since it’s been so long, we may expect more machine learning updates in next coming years. Expect search queries to be more personalized and with long-tail keywords used for searching.

Other updates may include machine learning in other aspects, from marketing automation to data interpretation!

  1. Personal Branding Is Important For SEO

Personal branding has existed for many years now, but I believe it will become even more important in the next coming months! This is because personal branding gives you an easier time when securing a guest post while building user trust for better website traffic.

Because social media platforms are already refining algorithms to favor the individual over branded posts, it’s best to start creating your personal brand. This can also help create more consistency and layouts for your posts!

  1. Apps Are Now Becoming More Loved

Lately, there has been a high increase with SEO options available on mobile apps. From app indexing and deep linking content within an app, there has been a ton of development with app streaming and the like! Many users are now relying on apps for their source of entertainment and information, and Google has taken notice of that.

The famous search engine has even catered to app users without having to alienate their core functions. BUT, come next few years, there may be app favoritism, with apps replacing websites altogether! Don’t fret; this is still a long way in the making.

  1. Personal Digital Assistants Become Even More Sophisticated

Personal digital assistants have been a part of all our lives for a long time. Since they’ve been so commonplace, many of us consider it as a part of our lives at this point! With tools like Cortana, Alexa, and Siri, it’s helped make our lives much simpler and easier.

Because of the rise of verbal conversational queries, we now see diverse and increased sophistication of such features. It will open the door to new ways on how people search, as well as more advanced ways of asking questions, may it be to their voice assistant or personal digital assistant.

  1. Influencer Marketing Is On the Rise

Influencer marketing is the classic strategy for boosting your social media shares and traffic. But what makes it different today is WHO these influencers are! Before, companies relied on celebrities or “important” people to convince their target audience to purchase their products and services.

However, consumers are now leaning towards their peers and fellow bloggers. Many companies are now turning to micro-influencers, or “real” people, as customers start to trust them more than the more famous.

So if you want to switch up your game and start creating better marketing strategies, it’s time to look into micro-influencers like bloggers to help spread the word of your business!

Wrapping It Up

With the ever-changing trends coming this 2019, it’s important for you to follow the right methods and marketing strategies for more success. With the right methods that will work for you based on the trends coming next year, you’ll be able to go up the ranks and gain more traffic needed. All it takes is proper research and constantly staying updated with the different trends and changes brought by from search engines and what people start to want.

Hopefully, these seven SEO and marketing trends to watch out for in 2019 helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and begin strategizing now or contact Brisbane Joel House SEO if needed!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips on improving your SEO and marketing plans, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

Growth Hacking Books

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If you’re doing any kind of online marketing, Growth Hacking is a quick and effective way to acquire as many customers as possible while spending as little as possible. And, the best way to learn these tricks is by reading the “been there, done that” stories from popular Growth Hacking books.

There’s a lot of knowledge on the internet and sometimes it can feel overwhelming to choose which content or what books you should be reading. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular and trending Growth Hacking books so you can give your business a new edge online.


What is Growth Hacking?

Before suggesting some books you should read, let’s dive a little deeper into the concept of Growth Hacking.

Growth Hacking is a marketing approach that involves a lot of experimentation. Its a method of growing your business ridiculous fast by acquiring an exponential amount of users, subscribers, or traffic which convert into real dollars.

The key to successful Growth Hacking is to identify which areas of your business you can improve upon and scale right away to get the highest returns possible. However, all marketing techniques must be able to measure your experimentations and creativity in order to actually accomplish your goals.

Now, as you read through this list of Growth Hacking books, remember to think critically as to how you can implement the skills and ideas into your business. You may read case studies which worked for some authors (which may be the reason why the published their book in the first place) but not for you.

Never assume that because one method worked for them that its gotta work for you. Test. Re-test. Then, test again!


Recommended Growth Hacking Books



#1. Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday has a track record in digital marketing that’s led to his current success and online fame. He was the marketing director for American Apparel, founder of his creative agency Brass Check, and his worked with top-level clients, such as Google, Tony Robbins, The Huffington Post, and more.

Growth Hacker Marketing takes you on a journey through concepts that have built billion dollar companies like Hotmail, Airbnb, Facebook, and Dropbox. Get this book for a look at the bigger picture of viral marketing and creating a trending business from scratch.




#2. Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal (with Ryan Hoover)

If you’re looking for a method to get your prospective customers “hooked” on your products, give this book a read.

Nir Eyal and Ryan Hoover reveal how successful companies create products people can’t resist. You’ll also learn a 4-step process to create a “hook-cycle” to bring your customers back to your products again and again:

4-Step Hook Cycle:

  • Trigger: What internal trigger is the product addressing or what external trigger gets the user to the product?
  • Action: What is the simplest behavior in anticipation of reward?
  • Reward: Is the reward fulfilling, yet leaves the user wanting more?
  • Investment: What ‘bit of work’ is done to increase the likelihood of returning?




#3. Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger

This Growth Hacking book was quickly claimed the New York Times bestseller and dubbed Best Marketing Book of 2014 by the American Marketing Association. It’s a must read if you want to understand what makes some brands, business, and content get shared, liked, and forwarded more frequently than others.

Throughout the book, you’ll learn specific skills and actionable techniques to help you design better messages, advertisements, and content that people will want to share.




#4. Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares

Here’s a Growth Hacking book dedicated to startups and new businesses looking for that competitive edge from the get-go.

Focusing solely on how to consistently grow and acquire new customers, this Growth Hacking book teaches you the fundamentals of building your customer base fast.

Once you gain traction, you’ll soon see your business traveling down the right path.




#5. Disruptive Marketing: What Growth Hackers, Data Punks, and Other Hybrid Thinkers Can Teach Us About Navigating the New Normal by Geoffery Colon

Let’s be honest, there’s an incredible amount of competition in every niche, every field, and every industry. The only way to get your business to stand out and succeed is by disrupting the markets and rising to the top.

Disruptive marketing zooms in on social media and how it affects behavior. It reexamines marketing to help you push boundaries, escape traditional marketing traps, and think beyond the box to make your business take the world by storm.




#6. Explosive Growth: A Few Things I Learned While Growing My Startup To 100 Million Users & Losing $78 Million by Cliff Lerner

Cliff Lerner is an entrepreneur with a heart-breaking business story. He started an online dating platform called Snap Interactive and discovered how Facebook could boost his business to 100,000 new users each day, for free.

Here is a real-world story revealing the success and failure of an entrepreneur who enjoyed explosive growth and how to handle the loss of $78 million dollars.



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What Are The Differences Between SEO (Organic Search) and Pay Per Click?

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What is SEO?

SEO basically refers to a set of rules or methods that should be followed by website and blog owners to ensure that their website becomes visible to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These approaches can differ depending on the industry and content of the website. One of the most essential parts of SEO is the fact that it helps websites get higher ranking on search engines. It helps to increase the visibility and also improves the user-friendliness of a website.



What Is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

PPC is simply a way of using search engine advertising to create clicks on your website. Instead of having to get clicks organically, website owners make use of search engine advertising. An example of PPC’s are those adverts that are placed at the top of Google’s SERP’s (Search Engine Result Page) that are marked in yellow labels. Website owners do not get clicks organically, they have to pay a small fee to the search engine each time any user clicks on their web page. It is another effective marketing too.



Differences Between SEO And Pay Per Click

Some of the differences between these two tested and proven marketing strategies include;

  1. Search result position; PPC ads are placed either at the top or bottom of a search engine result. Although certain factors like; keywords would determine if you get the top or bottom of a search result. For SEO, they appear normally in the middle of the search results. For PPC, you have to pay a higher fee for your website to be placed at the top while for SEO, your website would have to be optimized to get the top spot.
  2. The cost; while SEO’s are free, you have to put in enough work to ensure that your page gets a higher ranking. Also for SEO, the competition is high meaning that website owners would have to devise a plan that would make their sites rank higher ahead of their competitors in the same niche. For PPC, the cost would depend on certain factors like; the popularity level of the keyword, the number of people making use of that website, and the number of websites that have had advert positions for that particular keyword. In simpler terms, you may not pay the search engine for SEO, you may pay for certain optimization services. For PPC, you get to pay only when a user clicks on your website.
  3. The effectiveness; SEO could generate more traffic as it is consistent but it depends on your ability to optimize your website to ensure that it is ranked among the top 5. While most studies have shown that PPC gets more traffic, the cost should be taken into consideration. As long as you are able to optimize your website, SEO generates more traffic than PPC.
  4. Click conversion; although SEO traffic is better than PPC when it comes to the conversion of clicks into sales, PPC stays ahead.



Author Bio: Jose Cruz is the founder of Pro Chrome Media, LLC.  He helps small businesses generate more traffic through Search Engine Optimization and Facebook Advertising.


Which Things To Be Focused In SEO In 2019?

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In thіѕ article, wе’ll talk аbоut whу SEO wіll continue tо bе a critical consideration nеxt уеаr. Wе wіll аlѕо dіѕсuѕѕ ѕоmе оf thе trеndѕ thаt саn dоmіnаtе уоur SEO ѕtrаtеgу іn 2019.

Sеаrсh Engіnе Oрtіmіzаtіоn (SEO) іѕ a vіtаl раrt оf аnу wеbѕіtе оwnеr оr dіgіtаl mаrkеtіng job. Thіѕ іѕ unlіkеlу tо сhаngе іn thе nеw уеаr, but thаt dоеѕ nоt mеаn уоu саn rеlу оn оld ѕtrаtеgіеѕ. In fact, аѕ brоwѕіng habits сhаngе, уоu nееd tо kеер уоur SEO tесhnіquеѕ uр tо date.

Thе wау реорlе uѕе ѕеаrсh еngіnеѕ, lіkе Google, сhаngеѕ соnѕtаntlу. Fоr еxаmрlе, іn rесеnt уеаrѕ, “mоbіlе-fіrѕt” hаѕ bесоmе аn important mаntrа fоr improving ассеѕѕіbіlіtу аnd page ranking. Whіlе nо оnе саn ѕау wіth certainty whаt thе futurе hоldѕ, іt іѕ роѕѕіblе tо hаvе a gооd іdеа оf whаt уоu ѕhоuld fосuѕ оn nеxt year.

Tо hеlр уоu gеt ѕtаrtеd optimizing уоur соntеnt іn thе nеw уеаr, lеt’ѕ tаkе a lооk аt ѕоmе оf thе SEO trеndѕ thаt аrе wоrth paying аttеntіоn іn 2019. Wе’ll аlѕо gіvе уоu ѕоmе tірѕ оn hоw tо tаіlоr уоur соntеnt аnd ѕtrаtеgу tо tаkе advantage оf thеѕе trеndѕ. Lеt’ѕ jumр rіght!


  1. Prераrе уоur ѕіtе fоr vоісе search

Voice ѕеаrсh іѕ аlrеаdу соmfоrtаblу іn mаnу people’s lіvеѕ. Mауbе уоu uѕе Aррlе Sіrі, Amazon Eсhо, оr thе Gооglе Assistant, juѕt tо nаmе thrее examples. Aѕ thіѕ tесhnоlоgу bесоmеѕ mоrе рrеvаlеnt, thе willingness tо соnѕіdеr hоw vоісе ѕеаrсh wіll affect уоur SEO еffоrtѕ.

Thе mаіn dіffеrеnсе bеtwееn typical SEO ѕtrаtеgіеѕ аnd орtіmіzаtіоn fоr vоісе ѕеаrсh іnvоlvеѕ thе uѕе оf mоrе “nаturаl” phrases. Aftеr аll, text searches оftеn іnvоlvе compressed аnd blistering phrases lіkе “best blog hosting 2018”. Hоwеvеr, іf уоu uѕеd уоur vоісе tо ѕеаrсh fоr thе ѕаmе information, уоu wоuld рrоbаblу ѕау ѕоmеthіng lіkе, “What іѕ thе bеѕt blog hоѕtіng thіѕ уеаr?

Dо уоu ѕее hоw thе ѕесоnd sentence іѕ mоrе nаturаl аnd соnѕіdеrаblу lоngеr? Thіѕ mеаnѕ thаt уоu ѕhоuld аlѕо соnѕіdеr орtіmіzіng уоur соntеnt fоr lоng tаіl keywords tо a grеаtеr dеgrее. Sіnсе thе ultіmаtе gоаl іѕ tо uѕе keywords thаt реорlе аrе lіkеlу tо search fоr, thіѕ саn mаkе уоur jоb еаѕіеr bесаuѕе уоu wіll nоt hаvе tо enter hеаvу kеуwоrd рhrаѕеѕ іntо уоur соntеnt.

  1. Oрtіmіzе уоur website fоr ѕрееd

Oрtіmіzіng уоur website fоr реrfоrmаnсе іѕ ѕоmеthіng wе’vе dіѕсuѕѕеd іn ѕеvеrаl рrеvіоuѕ posts. Hоwеvеr, thе importance оf thіѕ ѕtер іѕ repeated. Chаrgіng tіmеѕ wіll undоubtеdlу bе a big consideration іn 2019, еѕресіаllу whеn іt соmеѕ tо improving thе rаnkіngѕ оf уоur wеbѕіtе.

Thіѕ іѕѕuе bесаmе, еvеn mоrе, рrеѕѕіng іn 2018 whеn Gооglе announced thаt іt wоuld bеgіn tо соnѕіdеr thе ѕрееd оf mоbіlе раgеѕ. Thіѕ іѕ duе tо thе increasing popularity оf mobile brоwѕіng аnd mеаnѕ thаt kееріng thе loading tіmеѕ ѕhоrt іѕ nоw a рrіmе соnсеrn fоr аll wеbѕіtе оwnеrѕ.

Fоrtunаtеlу, wе аlѕо рrеvіоuѕlу explored hоw tо ассеlеrаtе уоur website іn gеnеrаl. Kеу ѕtrаtеgіеѕ include іmрlеmеntіng a сасhіng ѕоlutіоn аѕ wеll аѕ орtіmіzіng уоur mеdіа fіlеѕ. Fоr mоrе іnfоrmаtіоn, уоu саn tаkе a lооk аt оur full ѕuіtе оf реrfоrmаnсе орtіmіzаtіоn tutоrіаlѕ.

  1. Mаkе uѕе оf аrtіfісіаl іntеllіgеnсе (AI)

Thе term Artіfісіаl Intеllіgеnсе (AI) hаѕ a distinctly futurіѕtіс fееl. Sо іt іѕ nо ѕurрrіѕе thаt іt plays a major rоlе іn hоw SEO сhаngеѕ іn thе nеаr futurе. Wе’rе nоt (unfоrtunаtеlу) talking аbоut hіrіng a robot tо hаndlе уоur SEO ѕtrаtеgу, but thіѕ іѕ nоt аѕ fаr frоm rеаlіtу аѕ уоu mіght еxресt.

Google аlrеаdу uѕеѕ AI еxtеnѕіvеlу, thаnkѕ tо іtѕ RankBrain ѕуѕtеm. Thіѕ іѕ a bоt thаt uѕеѕ mасhіnе lеаrnіng tо соntіnuоuѕlу іmрrоvе Gооglе ѕеаrсh results. It fіndѕ раttеrnѕ аnd context іn mіllіоnѕ оf раgеѕ, whісh thе ѕеаrсh еngіnе, саn uѕе tо rеturn mоrе rеlеvаnt rеѕultѕ fоr specific quеrіеѕ.

Hоwеvеr, Google іѕ nоt thе оnlу party thаt саn аlѕо uѕе thе AI tо thеіr bеnеfіt. In fасt, thе tооlѕ thаt uѕе mасhіnе lеаrnіng tо іmрrоvе уоur SEO аrе bесоmіng mоrе рорulаr. Onе ѕuсh еxаmрlе іѕ Autоmаtеd Inѕіghtѕ.

  1. Improve уоur mоbіlе pages

Google’s fіrѕt mоbіlе device іndеx means thаt thе search engine nоw rаtеѕ раgеѕ based оn thеіr mоbіlе vеrѕіоnѕ. Sо еvеn іf уоur ѕіtе реrfоrmѕ flаwlеѕѕlу оn a computer but іѕ dіffісult tо uѕе аnd ѕlоw whеn viewed оn a smartphone, уоur SEO rankings аrе lіkеlу tо bе hаmреrеd.

Fоr thіѕ rеаѕоn, орtіmіzіng уоur mоbіlе ѕіtе іѕ nо lоngеr optional. In fact, уоu’ll nееd tо ѕреnd еvеn mоrе tіmе tо mаkе ѕurе уоur mоbіlе ѕіtе іѕ fаѕt аnd uѕаblе. Thіѕ іѕ аlѕо саllеd mаkіng thе ѕіtе rеѕроnѕіvе bесаuѕе thе gоаl іѕ fоr іt tо funсtіоn wеll rеgаrdlеѕѕ оf thе screen size оr thе type оf device uѕеd tо vіеw іt.

Yоu аlѕо nееd tо соnѕіdеr hоw уоur ѕіtе wіll wоrk оn dіffеrеnt screens. Fоr еxаmрlе, іf уоu, dеѕіgnеd уоur navigation fоr dеѕktор nаvіgаtіоn, іѕ іt ѕtіll ѕо intuitive аnd ѕіmрlе tо uѕе оn mоbіlе devices? If уоur ѕіtе соntаіnѕ additional elements ѕuсh аѕ рорuрѕ, уоu аlѕо nееd tо ensure thаt thеу dо nоt interfere wіth thе mоbіlе uѕеr еxреrіеnсе.

  1. Undеrѕtаnd hоw blосkсhаіn аffесtѕ SEO

If уоu’vе nеvеr hеаrd оf “blосkсhаіn” bеfоrе, уоu’rе nоt аlоnе. Althоugh thе соnсерt іѕ tоо соmрlеx tо dо соmрlеtе juѕtісе hеrе, wе саn dіvіdе іt іntо simplified tеrmѕ. In еѕѕеnсе, a blосkсhаіn іѕ a list оf records thаt саn nоt bе modified аftеr thе fасt. Eасh item – оr blосk – іn thе chain іѕ еngrаvеd аnd preserved аѕ іt іѕ fоrеvеr.

Thіѕ tесhnоlоgу саn аffесt SEO bесаuѕе thе uѕе оf blосkсhаіn сhаngеѕ thе relationship bеtwееn аdvеrtіѕеrѕ аnd ѕіtе owners. Wіth blockchains, уоu саn еnѕurе thаt еvеrу сlісk іѕ vаlіd, whісh mеаnѕ thаt thе dауѕ оf bоt vіѕіtоrѕ аrе оvеr. Thіѕ wіll lеаd tо improved vеrіfіеd data, whісh means thаt wеbѕіtеѕ wіll nоt bе аblе tо artificially іmрrоvе thеіr rankings bу uѕіng аutоmаtеd сlісkѕ.

At thіѕ point, уоur bеѕt mоvе іѕ simply tо lеаrn mоrе аbоut blockchain аnd hоw thіѕ саn affect уоur wеbѕіtе аnd уоur buѕіnеѕѕ. Thіѕ іѕ a соmрlеx tоріс wіth nuances, ѕо bеіng рrераrеd іѕ fundаmеntаl. Yоu саn еvеn hire a ѕресіаlіѕt tо hеlр уоu іf уоu аrе іntеrеѕtеd іn іmрlеmеntіng thе blосkсhаіn уоurѕеlf.

  1. Uѕе SEO tо optimize уоur vіdеоѕ

Fоr оur fіnаl tір, wе muѕt rесоgnіzе thаt SEO іѕ nоt juѕt аbоut text. It іѕ аlѕо vіtаl tо analyze SEO wіth rеgаrd tо video соntеnt. Thіѕ іѕ іnсrеаѕіnglу іmроrtаnt аѕ vіdео іѕ bесоmіng mоrе common еасh dау.

Tо gіvе аn еxаmрlе, іn 2018 nеаrlу hаlf оf аll Internet users wаtсhеd аt lеаѕt аn hоur оf оnlіnе video еvеrу wееk. Wеbѕіtе оwnеrѕ hаvе ѕtаrtеd tо tаkе nоtісе оf thіѕ trеnd аnd уоu саn dо thе ѕаmе. An еаѕу wау tо ѕtаrt? Include vіdеоѕ оn уоur ѕіtе. Sеаrсh еngіnеѕ соnѕіdеr thе quаlіtу оf thеіr content аnd thе tіmе thаt users rеmаіn аѕ ranking fасtоrѕ. Bу uѕіng vіdео, уоu саn improve both mеtrісѕ.

In аddіtіоn, уоu саn аlѕо improve SEO іn thе vіdеоѕ thеmѕеlvеѕ. Thіѕ іnvоlvеѕ uѕіng сlеаr аnd dеѕсrірtіvе tіtlеѕ, choosing thе rіght video hоѕtіng platform, аnd ѕоlvіng users’ issues аnd іѕѕuеѕ. Thіѕ wіll mаkе уоur visitors rесеіvе thе іnfоrmаtіоn thеу nееd whіlе іmрrоvіng thеіr rаnkіngѕ.


Mоvіng оn

Sеаrсh Engine Oрtіmіzаtіоn (SEO) іѕ nоt a ѕtаtіс search. Aѕ thе Internet сhаngеѕ, thе parameters thаt dеtеrmіnе thе rаnkіng level оf уоur ѕіtе оn ѕеаrсh еngіnеѕ аrе аlѕо сhаngеd. Thіѕ means thаt уоu nееd tо kеер uр tо dаtе wіth thе lаtеѕt SEO trends tо еnѕurе continued ѕuссеѕѕ іn thе соmіng уеаrѕ.



Author’s BioHenry Jones is a Digital Marketer who loves to write content and working in GoDissertationhelp, an educational company which provides the best dissertation help services in UK.

Why is DuckDuckGo not grabbing SEO attention?

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As Google is considered the best search engine for users and businesses, DuckDuckGo is considered as the safest platform for users in term of privacy. If you consider DuckDuckGo reputation in the SEO section, you won’t even find a single reason to target this search engine. There are a number of reasons which are making DuckDuckGo better from others but why it is lagging in term of optimization?

Well, it is offering the organic search to users and does not manipulate results at any cost. Even, the algorithm works better from Google that’s why targeting this search engine is not an easy thing. The popularity is increasing, but there are very few numbers of users which are kept on using it. The interface is not easy, and many other issues are making it a bad choice.

In this post, you will learn about a range of factors that can make you learn why Google is better and why should you target this particular engine. Let’s start with few facts about both the search engine and then focus on others.

Few Facts about Search Engines

  1. Google is the most popular and highly used search engine preferred by more than a billion, and it is way higher than DDG (DuckDuckGo) that’s why you can say that it is highly reliable and better to prefer from others.
  2. DuckDuckGo has huge popularity in the last couple of months due to the better advertisement on Quora and many other platforms. It can increase the exposure, but still, it is not that much used by the users.
  3. People shift to DuckDuckGo for better safety but after a couple of days they shift back to Google, and the primary reason is hard to use interface. Even, it is not capable of providing proper results that’s why you can’t completely rely on it.
  4. The worst thing about Google is its Filter Bubble where Google creates the data profile of every user from the past searches. They will be showing some relevant results on the basis of previous searches that’s why you can prefer it without a single issue, but it can be an issue to privacy.
  5. The best thing DDG is showing organic results. When you start to use this particular search engine, it will keep every detail hidden and do not let any website keep higher data related to you. These things are making DDG better, and it was the reason that DDG obtained all the revenue by this tactic till 2014.

SEO isn’t about DuckDuckGo

There is a clear fact that SEO is not targeting DDG and there are various reasons behind it. SEO is not capable of making your website rank because there are totally new tactics and if you prefer them then you will be losing traffic from Google. Trying to target both the search engines can’t help at any condition that’s why no one is moving to DuckDuckGo from the past many years.

But DuckDuckGo isn’t that bad at all. You can still find reasons to prefer it, and many people posted some remarkable tips by popular SEO agency Adelaide – SeoMarketer experts to target DDG. According to all the popular sources, DDG helped many businesses by bouncing their traffic rate and increasing it by many times that’s why you can say that this search engine is quite effective and highly reliable as compared to the other ones.

The 2016 analysis shows that DuckDuckGo is comparatively getting a better amount of traffic than MSN, but the percentage is very low. Even, Yahoo is going well, and you can’t compare both the search engine in term of traffic. Even if you are targeting DDG, then you have to spend a good amount of money, and you won’t be getting that much traffic that’s why you should avoid it and try to prefer other sources.

Should you prefer it?

For local businesses, you can easily find that SEO is effective and it can let you gain better traffic, but you should check out the stats for search engine use in your country. There are many platforms which can help in it and you can rely on them without a single issue. No doubt in the fact that getting a higher amount of traffic is easier by this method that’s why you can rely on them with ease.

You are able to gain traffic, you can increase the visibility, and it will help to boost the sales. That’s why it is a better choice, and you can rely on it without a single issue. Keep in its mind that you should opt for the best platform because it is all about your business growth. Choosing the wrong search engine can be a big issue for your business growth, and it is like wasting a big amount of money for your business.

Make sure that you consider the best platform otherwise you will be wasting the big amount, and it can help for sure.

Unique Search Tools

Well, there are many unique research tools of DuckDuckGo, and it will explore the organic search that’s why it is easy to find that DDG is better for new businesses and they should give it a try to go well in the direction of future. If you don’t want to end up getting into an issue in the future, then you should start to use it now, and everything will be done after that.

No one likes to use DuckDuckGo for a long time, but if you look at searches and stats, then you can find this tool great for sure. DDG is reliable, but it is not the perfect choice that’s why you can’t consider it over others. If you want to focus on it, then you will be doing experiments. But, make sure that you do not forget Google because the potential is way higher with the other search engines and they are better to prefer for sure.