Why designers must pay more attention to functionalities over aesthetics when creating business websites

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The aspect of functionality is more important for business related websites even though aesthetics matter a lot to attract visitors. Since lead generation and conversions are the cornerstones of business websites, it is natural that you must give more emphasis to it. If you want to capitalize on the monetizing aspects of websites, you cannot help but pay more attention to the functionalities over aesthetics. WordPress websites are SEO friendly, but when choosing a theme, you must look at the default functionalities and evaluate the prospects of enhancing it by using WordPress plugins. User friendliness, page load speed, the responsiveness of web design and ease of navigation have a deep impact on SEO, and there are many other functionalities less impacting but not less important that you must incorporate in the design.  The experts at Alex Furfaro Columbus Ohio create websites that are attractive to search engines and provide the best user experience.

Web design impacts SEO

Web design is important for marketers because it influences search rankings which in turn affects SEO performance. Search rankings depend on how well search spiders can crawl and index websites. To ensure good ranks in search results, it is important to ensure that the web design supports the crawling activity very well because if not done satisfactorily it will affect rankings negatively. The website design must facilitate crawling by search engine spiders so that indexing is proper, and the content visibility increases that facilitates better ranking.

Web designers must create designs that are oriented towards business by considering the design aspects that impact business.

Smooth and easy navigation across the website

Search engine friendly design should be the guiding force behind all websites whether it is for business or any other purpose because search rankings are equally important as it impacts website visibility. To ensure that the design facilitates easy and smooth crawling by search spiders across the website it is essential to arrange for smooth navigation so that the search crawlers can access all content. Failing to crawl every part of the website would result in some content being left out from indexing that would affect ranking and SEO prospects.

Smooth navigation is important for users too because if navigation is jerky and users have to wander aimlessly around the website to look for information, it results in poor user experience that increases bounce rate and affects ranking. Easy to navigate websites are attractive and keep viewers engaged for long hours that increases the chances of lead generation and conversion.  Use suitable navigation techniques that satisfy both users and search engines.

Graphics intensive design is not good for SEO

Remember that you must place the functional aspects of design above aesthetics which means that you must not rely on a design that uses too much graphics. Excessive use of graphics is bad for SEO because it hinders website optimization. Moreover, text inserted within graphics does not help the SEO cause because when search spiders crawl the page, it does not read the text within the animation or graphics barring the text present in the ALT tag.   As a result, the web page ranks low in search results and weakens the SEO prospects. In case you are bent upon using graphics heavy design, it is better to create an HTML website together with graphics intensive website or Flash website. It would work well and help to improve search rankings thereby giving more power to online marketing as well as more options to users because they can choose between Flash and HTML according to the resource available with them.

Website size

Do not be surprised to know that the size of the website or the number of pages has a bearing on how it ranks in search results because it is an indirect way of judging the quality of the website. Good quality quantity can be quite lengthy, and the website should have enough pages to accommodate such content although it does not mean that a website that runs into several pages is of good quality. However, websites with just a few pages appear shallow and flimsy that discourages search engines from ranking it, and this can be detrimental for SEO.

Mobile friendly web design

Creating mobile-friendly websites is no more a choice but a necessity because Google wants it and even has plans of implementing mobile first indexing. The web design must be versatile so that it displays with the same degree of perfection on all sizes of screens including smartphones, tablets as well as computers and laptops. Having a responsive web design make websites mobile friendly and expands the reach many more times that drive more traffic and enhances the business prospects.

In addition to the above, ensure that you use efficiently written codes that are clean too because it enhances the ranking prospects. Optimizing the HTML codes is another way of improving rankings.


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