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“Before working with Voy Media and working with a more expensive agency for over eight months, we have almost tripled conversions and a 4x RoAS in less than a month span. The whole team’s effort and designs have been outstanding.
Their approach to conducting business is about transparency and what is most important is their loyalty and dedication to results. The transition to them was very smooth and profitable. If you have an online business and you want to promote it, then email them for some insights.”

  • Allie A., E-commerce

“I am currently working with Voy Media to run my Facebook and Instagram ads. Before working with Voy, I was running the campaigns myself and getting decent results. After the initial call with Kevin, I felt very comfortable with them and knew they had the experience and time to work with me.

It took only a week or two to get everything set up and start working with them. We had another call to go over my current campaigns and which ad types I was running. They were quickly able to see some good wins that I initially thought were failing campaigns. They were also able to pull out current campaigns and scale them up.

They did a whole creative refresh, and now my ads are performing a lot better than mine ever did. We are still testing new ad types, campaigns, and creatives. The whole process has been straightforward and comfortable.”

  • Kay B., Lead generation

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