Voy Media’s young talent, deep technical expertise, and grit has helped
Transform business around the globe.

Using big data and a little hustle, we help your business build a conversion
Focused journey for your customer. With proprietary technology and our Value
Funnel, we craft unique plans for your business.


We treat your money like it’s our money.
When you make money, we make money

We’re obsessed with winning. If there’s treasure out there, we will find it.

We’re your partner in crime.
We’re not here just to do ads, we’re here to see you succeed.

Kevin Urrutia

Kevin drives Voy Media with a forward-looking vision that aligns clients’ business goals with frequent changes in the marketing industry. Kevin is an avid outdoorsman and nature lover; when not in the concrete jungle of New York, he can be found trying to explore a real one.

Wilson Lin

Formerly working at tech firms Google and Salesforce, Wilson brings cross-industry expertise to digital advertising. With almost a decade in the digital and user experience space, Wilson understands the inner psychology on how and why a user clicks that buy button.

Sebastian Kim

With a background in financial underwriting, video editing, creative writing, and running a bakery, Sebastian knows the intricate recipe on making you bread via Facebook.

Eric Philippou

Eric brings three years of social media advertising consulting and one year of data analytics at an Inc. 5,000 digital agency.

Michelle Lim

Previously working in the legal marketing industry, Michelle brings a high level of professionalism and knowledge to the team. In addition, Michelle has experience as a beauty blogger which gives her first-hand experience with strategies needed to launch and advertise products effectively.

Stephanie Rico

Stephanie brings her customer success experience to Voy Media. Stephanie is here to help our brands get the most out of Voy Media.

Dennis Murphy

Previously working in the high-octane world of hospitality marketing, Dennis brings a high level of professionalism and a diverse array of knowledge to the Voy Media team. A member of our Copywriting team, Dennis has produced engaging digital content across multiple platforms within several different industries.

Mariella Gonzalez

Mariella’s intimate knowledge of social media trends is the heartbeat of Voy Media. Mariella keeps the team up to date on the latest technical and social news across the platform. Her insights help guide our most viral campaigns.

Anze Markovic

Anze has six years of experience in sales and two years of social media advertising. His primary focus is how to present a brand positively through branding, video creatives and how these brands give value to costumers. He brings good ideas on how to make great video content that drives sales from day one.


Kelvin Thornton

20 yrs Industry Experience

Kelvin brings his insight from growing Fortune 500 companies to Voy Media. He uses his experience to guide the agency towards the future of advertising.


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