Email Marketing: The Most Powerful Trends and Pitfalls


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

Recent studies show that customers who purchase items through emails tend to spend about 138 percent more than people who do not use email offers. This statistic alone should be all the motivation you need to start your own email marketing campaign.

An effective email marketing plan will need to include things like tracking software and professional guidance. While most business owners do copious amounts of research when trying to find the best option for unlimited hosting, they tend to rush through the tool selection process for their email marketing campaigns. Consulting with professionals in this industry is a great way to find out more about which tools are the most effective.

Are you curious about the email marketing trends of 2018 and how you can utilize them? If so, take the time to read the information below.

Utilizing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a buzzword many business owners hear thrown around but have very little information about how it works. Using the power of AI in your email marketing campaigns can give you better insights into what your audience responds to. Most business owners use AI tools to analyze the customer data they collect to make informative decisions about what direction to take their marketing efforts.

One of the most innovative AI solutions being used in the world of email marketing is provided by the company Phrasee. This company provides business owners with AI-generated subject lines for their marketing emails. According to this company, these AI-generated subject lines outperform human-written ones nearly 95 percent of the time.

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Grab More Attention with Interactive Emails

Including dynamic elements into your marketing emails can also be quite effective when trying to generate quality sales leads. Things like hover-over animations and even games and quizzes are used in emails to attract the attention of modern consumers.

The key to having success with these interactive elements is knowing when to use them. Simply filling your emails with copious amounts of animations and games can be overwhelming for the recipient. Using these interactive elements sparingly is essential when trying to have maximum impact with a state-of-the-art email.

You Need to Use Email Verification Tools

In the past, business owners would by third-party email lists and just hope they were legitimate. These days, business owners can test out these emails before buying them to ensure they are getting the best deal possible. Using email verification software will allow you to build detailed and strong email lists to use during your campaigns.

Are you curious about what type of email verification tools you need? If so, you can read more here.

Marketing Automation Can Be Beneficial

If you are tired of manually sending out emails to new and potential customers, then using marketing automation is a great idea. Nearly 65 percent of the marketers polled in a recent survey claimed to use these automation tools on a regular basis. Not only do these automated tools take a lot of work off of your plate, but they can also reduce the chance that important emails are not sent.

If you are using email automation tools, you need to allow your subscribers to manage their own preferences. Failing to do this can lead to them getting frustrated and unsubscribing altogether.

Your Emails Need to be Optimized For Mobile Devices

A large number of people will open the emails you send out on their mobile devices. Making sure the images and the text in the emails are optimized for these devices is essential. Neglecting to optimize your email will lead to you alienating a large part of your audience.

One of the best ways to optimize the text portion of your emails is by making it shorter. Rather than rambling on in an email, you need to get to the point. The shorter the text in your email is, the easier it will be for mobile users to read on the go.

While perfecting your email marketing strategy will take a great deal of time and effort, the results you achieve will make your hard work worth it.

Email Marketing vs. Other Digital Marketing Channels - Infographic by Campaign Monitor

Source: Email Marketing vs. Other Digital Marketing Channels by Campaign Monitor

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