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It’s High Time: 6 Ideal AI Tools to Optimize Your Email Marketing Performance

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Artificial intelligence had long been one of the most popular topics in science fiction movies. Although robots are still far from taking over the world in real life, AI is already a very common technology used for numerous purposes. Machine learning allows us to solve various difficult tasks that otherwise would take a lot of time and effort. Machines can analyze massive amounts of data and deal with repetitive and boring tasks much better than humans, learning from their experience and improving their methods.

AI offers countless opportunities for email marketers. Despite the extending variety of marketing channels available, email marketing remains one of the most effective tools. The number of email users grows every year and is expected to reach 4.1 billion by 2021. Email marketing also brings you an amazing return on investment: $38 for every dollar spent. It’s a perfect solution if you want to increase sales: according to statistics, 44% of people who receive email promotions make at least one purchase based on emails. Is it possible to make email campaigns even more effective? Yes, in fact, artificial intelligence can increase your email performance dramatically.

How AI Optimizes Email Marketing Performance

  • Personalization
    The first and biggest advantage of AI for email marketing is personalization. The modern sophisticated audience loves a personal approach, and it may be not a problem when you have just a few subscribers. However, as your list grows, it becomes impossible to manage data manually. AI can analyze your subscribers’ behavior, customizing your emails. For example, if a subscriber usually checks their emails in the morning, AI will detect this behavioral pattern and send emails at the right time. AI can also tailor your offers to the interests of a particular subscriber.
  • Subject line optimization
    Good subject lines are crucial for the success of your email campaign. They should immediately grab attention and persuade recipients to open your emails. Therefore, you have to choose effective calls to action. AI can use data analysis to select CTAs that will engage your audience based on the history of your campaign. According to statistics, AI provides 95% more effective subject lines than those written by humans.
  • Segmentation
    AI also allows for much more precise segmentation. “It can easily analyze demographics of your audience, as well as its interests and behavior. It can also take into account their history of purchases and products they’ve searched for. Obviously, properly segmented email lists have higher conversion and opening rates,” explains Jane Smith, a digital marketing expert at College Writer.
  • Better A/B testing
    Traditional A/B testing involved two variants of an email and marketers changing one detail at a time, trying to create an email that will resonate with the audience. Today, AI allows you to test dozens of variables, including layouts, subject lines, CTAs and their position, preheader text, etc. AI solutions allow marketers to quickly detect trends and make predictions based on many details that would be unnoticed by a human.

The Best AI Tools to Optimize Your Email Marketing Performance

  1. Phrasee is a great tool for subject lines. It analyzes your content and predicts possible responses, choosing the right writing style based on the specifics of your industry. It increases your conversion rates and clicks by suggesting the most effective subject lines. Another advantage is that the more you use it, the better it understands what your business needs. This tool is already used by such companies as Virgin Holiday and Domino’s. The former managed to increase open rates by 2%, which resulted in millions of dollars in profit.
  2. Atomic Reach is aimed to create high-quality content that increases conversions. This is a very difficult task that becomes even more complicated given that your content should be consistent across various channels. Atomic Reach analyzes your content and checks it for readability, emotional intensity, sentiment, structure, etc. As a result, your team can easily find a recipe for content that brings conversions.
  3. Boomtrain works with different types of content, personalizing it for a specific user and increasing clicks and engagement. This tool analyzes the preferences of your audience and selects the most relevant content. It also builds a profile for each customer, analyzing their behavior on websites, as well as in emails and mobile applications.
  4. Seventh Sense is very popular among HubSpot and Marketo users. This tool calculates the right delivery time based on your recipients’ activity and personalizes the frequency of emails, as well as their number. Such an approach prevents your emails from being marked as spam.
  5. Lead Gnome is a tool that automatically replies to emails, categorizes them, and immediately delivers actual customer responses while getting rid of auto-responses. This tool seamlessly integrates with common CRMs and other automated solutions, including HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, and Oracle.
  6. Optimail is an AI-based solution that adjusts the timing and the content of your emails. It’s more effective than traditional A/B testing, as it takes into account your long-term goals, analyzes the online activity of your recipients, and monitors purchases and shares on social media.

The best examples of the effectiveness of AI solutions are such companies as Netflix and Amazon. Netflix sends perfectly personalized emails based on the watching list of a recipient. AI algorithms analyze large amounts of data, providing recipients with relevant recommendations based on their real interests. Amazon also uses an AI-driven platform to create a personalized user experience for each customer. Amazon’s emails are always highly personalized and relevant, increasing engagement and brand loyalty.



Email marketing used to be very complicated and time consuming because marketers had to analyze data and adjust their emails manually. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, many difficult marketing tasks has become much simpler. Machines deal with targeting, scheduling, verification, and statistics more effectively and faster than humans, giving marketers a considerable advantage. AI can provide you with insights into your customers’ behavior and preferences, increasing your email marketing performance in no time and expanding your capabilities.


Author’s Bio: Ester Brierley is a talented QA Engineer in a software outsourcing company, a competent virtual assistant and content creator for College Writer, but thinking about her own entrepreneurial journey. Being passionate about her career, Ester takes online courses to improve her digital marketing skills. Follow her on Twitter.

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