The Bottom Line in the B2B Content Marketing Funnel


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May 05, 2024

Meta description: The end game for a B2B content marketing funnel is a purchase. Here are some tips for creating and optimizing content for the bottom of the funnel or BoFu.

The sole purpose of any commercial endeavor is a purchase. It might be of goods, services, property, or anything of value to someone. This applies especially to B2B, where the purchase is usually a significant investment. 

B2B clients take a longer amount of time and make more of an effort to gather information before deciding to make a purchase, and it involves a complex process. When creating a strategy for a B2B content marketing funnel, the bottom of the funnel or BoFu represents the Purchase Stage.

Difference Between B2C and B2B

A B2B purchase decision is much more complicated than in a B2C situation. In most cases, people might buy on impulse, with little outside consultation, or with very little research about the company or the product or service they are selling. Of course, this would not apply if the purchase were for big-ticket items such as a car, house, or jewelry.

When B2B customers decide to make a purchase, they have to justify the purchase to other stakeholders in rational terms. They do considerable research on the credibility of the company and the soundness of a product or service before taking that final step.

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However, the one thing they do have in common is that it eventually it boils down to the purchase. How do you get there with content?

Content Formats

The bottom of the funnel or BoFu is where you create content to convince a prospect that making a decision to buy is the best one. 

The content should prove that you can provide smart solutions to their problems, and that what you are offering is the exact thing they need. You need to create content that will convince them of the benefits of completing the transaction.

The following are the most effective types of content for the BoFu stage:

  • Trials and demos
  • Case studies
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Events and trade shows
  • Professional consultations

Final Tips

As you can imagine, creating content using these formats require considerable time and effort. Assuming that you have the materials and data you need to create them, you also need to optimize them. 

How? You need to keep three things in mind.

One is you have to focus on customizing your content to answer the needs of your prospects rather than to promote your business. You do not want to put off consumers by prioritizing your sales message over the information they need.

Two, create content specific to a specific persona in your target audience. Chances are you have two or more types of qualified leads for your business. Each one will have different pain points, so you want to make sure you are creating content for each type. Generic content can cost you some valuable leads.

Finally, track the results of your content to identify which content drives the most leads through to the BoFu. Establish metrics appropriate to your industry, and find out if you are meeting them. Make the most of the time and effort you spend on creating content by making sure that it is actually delivering desired results.

Check out this infographic from to learn more on how to create and optimize the B2B content marketing funnel.

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