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November 08, 2021

In the seemingly endless world of the internet, it can be nearly impossible to stand out. New ideas and unique website features can be hard to come by. And despite hours of brainstorming, you might be stumped trying to find ways to make your website stellar and one of a kind. 

Your website is a representation of your brand and often the first impression that your potential customers get. Having a lackluster web presence can send users right to the browser bar looking for something more engaging. So, use these tips, find an innovative web design agency, and think outside the box to create an unparalleled website that draws traffic and keeps them coming back for more.

Less is Often More

Many times, when planning your website, less is more. Internet users spend nearly 200 minutes a day surfing the web. Give their eyes a break with a refreshing break from the chaos and busyness of the internet. 

A minimalist approach to designing and planning your website can give it a sleek and sophisticated feel. Plus, without distracting components, it will be easier to navigate. Users will be able to quickly find the information they need without feeling overwhelmed.

Monochromatic color schemes can simplify your graphics while allowing for a modern look. This is also a good way to make important information stand out by adding it in a contrasting color. Sleek lines and simple arrows draw users’ eyes to certain areas of the page and create a seamless flow. 

Appeal to More of the Senses

People use different senses to interpret information, especially online. So, look for ways to go beyond sight and engage other senses as well. This will give users a more immersive experience when they visit your site and make information easier to remember. 

Background music can give your site more personality. Smooth jazz is great for things like financial sites while upbeat pop can get users excited about your youthful brand. Or, think about adding sound effects that are relevant to your site’s content. Your coffee shop can become more authentic with ambient sounds. Or, add cartoon sound effects to make your educational site appeal even more to kiddos.

Scent it’s exactly something you can include on your website. However, with smell triggering such strong memories, you can use the scent memories of users to help them create connections with your brand. Use videos or images of relevant and familiar smells like clean laundry or freshly baked cookies to trigger those scent memories and create a more immersive feel.

Create an Experience

When you’re creating your website, think about the information you want to share as well as creating an interactive experience for your user. The best websites balance the two so customers are engaged while still meeting your goals as a brand. Get creative, have fun, and do a little trial and error to see what works for your target audience. 

Gamify your website to allow users to interact and have fun with your content. Add a simple game where users go on a virtual journey to learn about the features of your product. Or, create a fun quiz to learn about your users behaviors to help you tailor your services and offerings more effectively. 

Customers also like a cohesive experience. So make sure all of the pages of your website seamlessly transition from one to another. Keep your design components, color schemes, and general vibe consistent to make interacting with your site a holistic experience. Make sure your website and other marketing materials are cohesive to create an overall brand voice and personality.

Provide Valuable Information and Content

Your users want to see information that’s valuable to them and makes sense for your brand. Offer plenty of relevant content on your website. And add it to your site consistently and regularly to keep visitors returning again and again. 

Add a blog to your site to give you a forum to share content. Then, create posts that make sense for your brand that users will actually want to read. Maybe you post weekly recipes on your bakeware site. Or, your blog features a weekly parenting post for your child care site. Make sure there is functionality for users to sign up for notifications when a new post is published.

It’s not enough to actually sell a product online. Users want to see your product in action and how it will benefit them. Tutorial and demonstration videos can go a long way in getting rid of the hesitancy that many feel when shopping online. 

Keep It Current and Competitive

The beauty of creating a website is how easy it is to make changes. Keep your website current by regularly updating it to keep it fresh. You can choose to switch up the entire theme from time to time or just make small tweaks to keep it feeling new to repeat users. 

Seasonal changes are a great way to make your website appeal more to users. Cozy color themes for fall, cheerful holiday graphics, and bright summer promotions all make your site feel current. Also, using color themes to honor occasions like Pride and Black History Months show that you are a socially conscious and inclusive brand.

Look to competitors to see what’s working for them. If you see that they are ranking higher in search results, they are likely getting more traffic than your site. Remain competitive by checking out what elements they have that you don’t. Make sure to regularly evaluate and update your site to be as complete and competitive as possible.

Standing Out On the Internet

Creating a site that stands out on the web is no small feat. There are plenty of fish in the sea and oodles of talented marketers all vying for the same attention. Get creative and make your site speak for your brand and stand out on the internet. 

Make a stunning website that draws in fickle online surfers. Think about how to create an immersive experience on your website that will capture repeat visitors. And you’ll be on your way to seeing impressive traffic and outstanding results in no time.


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