10 Useful Grammar and Proofreading Checkers for Content Makers


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July 10, 2024

As a content maker, you may not think you need grammar and proofreading checkers for your content, but you have to realize that anyone can miss a few errors here and there in their content regardless of the number of times they edited it.

Let me give you a case scenario from your audience’s perspective; imagine reading an article filled with grammatical errors or distracting syntax that makes it hard to understand what you’re reading. In this situation, coupled with our digital age, most people will immediately look for another informative article about the same topic without so many errors in less than 20 seconds.

As a content maker or someone whose business revolves around making content either for social media or a blog or website, you can’t afford to release content with too many errors: grammatical, syntax, spelling errors, etc.; not only do these errors hurt your credibility, but it also makes it seem as though you don’t care so much about your audience enough to spend the time to correct these errors.

And this is why you need the following grammar and proofreading checkers to proofread your work and point out errors you would have usually missed.

  1. Grammarly

If you’re looking for a tool that points out grammatical and spelling errors, Grammarly is the perfect proofreading tool for you. Grammarly also has a lot of credibility because it has been and is still being used by millions worldwide. Not only does Grammarly offer users a free online text editor, but you can also get free extensions for browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox and the extension that works with your Microsoft Word software.

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What most people love about Grammarly is that it not only points out grammatical errors but also tells you why it is a grammatical error and what you can do to correct it. There is also the fact that it offers pretty powerful free grammar checker tools and a paid and much more powerful premium grammar checker tool that checks for over 250 types of spelling, syntax, and grammatical errors and can check for plagiarism.

  1. EduGeeksClub

Edu Geeks Club offers academic proofreading services. Lecturers have been known to reduce grading or even outrightly deduct points for typographical errors in essays, papers, dissertations, and theses. Academic work is no joke and cannot be edited with any grammar checker because of technical terms, which isis why EduGeeksClub offers proofreading services for your academic work with the enlisted help of experienced proofreaders and editors advanced degrees of their own. The best part is that if there are still further problems with your work, you can request free revisions to get your grammar errors ironed out.

  1. EssayWritingLab

When you’ve finished researching and writing your academic papers: essays, MA thesis, Ph.D. dissertation, etc., editing and proofreading are not only much more complex, it takes a lot of time, and you could still miss some errors, which could contribute to you getting lower grades. Therefore, your best option is to find a proofreading service for your academic work like EssayWritingLab. EssayWritingLab is yet another place where you can get your professional academic writing corrected and proofread with the help of an experienced writing assistant.

  1. LanguageTool

Language tool does not just fix your grammatical errors; it also fixes grammatical errors in 25 different languages. Its best feature by far is its ability to proofread different English variants. Therefore, you can check for grammar or spelling errors based on the rules of different kinds of English: American English, British English, or Australian English. It is a great tool to use to proofread your Australian Writings further. Unfortunately, LanguageTool has no online tool; you must download and install the software on your computer.

  1. Hemmingway App

Hemmingway may not be the best grammar checker, but it is one of the best copyediting tools you can find out there. The Hemmingway app analyzes your writing, provides a readability score and identifies the passive voice construction in your report. It also provides suggestions on how you can improve your writing style. There is a free online version and a paid desktop tool, which costs $10.

  1. Grammar Check

Grammar Check is one of those traditional grammar checkers that most people are comfortable with; this is probably because this tool is a pretty reliable proofreading checker solution that checks your written document in a matter of seconds on your computer. The device also allows you to import written records of any format: epub, pdf, Mobi, etc., to be proofread.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is a great proofreading tool that can make life easier (for people whose second language is English) with its numerous features. It also supports British and American English and can determine errors in both English variants. Another advantage of Ginger is that you can edit your written content in your word document software.

  1. WhiteSmoke

Besides checking your grammar, WhiteSmoke also generates a report that reviews your writing, rating the sentence structure, words, expression, voice (passive or active), and length. It is a great software solution for syntax and grammatical error checking.

  1. SpellCheckPlus

This online grammar checker is beneficial to non-native English speakers. It has a free and pro version. The free version is pretty limited as it does not offer suggestions you can use to correct the errors it points out and cannot tell you why something is incorrect. The pro version, with a $15 individual license, does all that and more, including a more profound analysis check.

  1. ProWritingAid

This tool helps to correct punctuation, spelling, grammar, and writing style mistakes. If you have a tool like this, you may not need to edit your content independently. All you need is to follow the highlighted parts of your writing and fix any errors you find there.


As you already know, we are not perfect as humans, and these tools will also work based on what you provide. Therefore, a balanced combination of your discretion and the checker tools mentioned above is what you need for an excellent result. This will help you to ensure your writings are free of errors that confuse your readers or reduce the credibility of your content.

Author Bio: Peter Hill is the best proofreading service editor at Brill Assignment Help. He is socially active and likes traveling and photo/video editing. He finds himself in writing. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook.

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