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May 05, 2024

The online business world is one of the rapidly growing and evolving digital platforms. To increase your company’s profits and to expand your business venture, development of a digital platform has become mandatory in today’s technologically advanced world. In order to create brand awareness and to gain recognition, it is necessary to associate your business with one of the growing and successful digital business platforms. Latest technology has made huge advancements in the business world to improve and ease up the business processes. IoT, AI, Cloud Computing and analytics are some of the recent advancements that have improved the digital business world in many ways. This amalgamation of technology and business has indeed benefited millions of business owners and companies.

Hundreds and thousands of international companies and business organizations are associating their businesses with these platforms to gain numerous benefits that never existed in the conventional business world. By utilizing the services and features offered by these platforms, many companies and corporations have successfully increased their operational efficiency and have modernized their business strategies and business prospects. One of the biggest advantage offered by these platforms is that they provide business organizations and customer acquisition cost with the ease to connect with various international companies and organizations which ultimately helps you in expanding your business venture in the global business sector and market. These digital platforms are advantageous in getting innovative business solutions and some of the best marketing strategies. Several digital platforms are known to provide their users and associates with a guaranteed higher level of customer satisfaction and high quality services to solve their business issues in a very cost-effective way.

Categories of business platforms:

Ever since the technological take-over of the conventional business world, the digital business world has been introduced with various types and kinds of digital platforms. Each type of digital platform offers a unique set of features and services depending upon nature of business it deals with. Some of the main types of business platforms are:

  • Online platform:

Such business portals facilitate the business organizations and companies in connecting with their potential customer’s i.e. sellers and buyers. The internet is filled with thousands of such platforms. Few good examples of this category are eBay, Amazon, Craigslist etc.

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  • Mobile platform:

Mobile platforms are the most user friendly platforms as the business world is slowly shifting to the mobile marketing and mobile commerce. Such platforms provide an easily accessible business environment for mobile devices and other portable devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. Several digital marketplaces have created mobile platforms for their portals to ease up business processes and to enhance their growth rate.

  • Social platforms:

Social media has brought some drastic changes in the business world. These platforms are one of the easiest, simplest and cost-free way for business promotion and brand awareness. By simply creating your business profile on these platforms and uploading regular content you can expand your customer’s base. The probability of converting regular readers into potential customers has doubled in the recent years. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Quora are popular and widely used platforms for lead generation.

Digital business platforms can be divided into two broader categories, namely:

  • Business-to-Business (B2B) platforms which connect various international business organizations and companies with other business corporations. These portals facilitate and simplify business transactions and exchanges between different businesses.
  • Business-to-Consumers (B2C) platforms provide services to ease up transactions between the buyers and the sellers. These platforms connect the seller directly to its potential buyer and consumer.

Tips to create a successful digital business platform:

One of the key element to keep in mind in the creation of a business platform is to build some a business environment where you can promote your business values and your customers and users can benefit from these values. Strive to build a business network of people and business organizations which share and promote your business values. As these digital business platforms is the road to success for any business organization looking for opportunities to achieve its business goals and objectives and that too at a very low cost.

Business corporations which operate through digital platforms offer a lot different services to their users from the conventional business organizations. As such digitized organizations believe and promote completely different business values, they capitalize through different means, their way of conducting business activities is distinctive and they are run and led by creative leaders and individuals. These factors are challenging for any person who is creating his/her digital business platform. It is difficult to achieve excellence in the starting but it’s not like anything that you can’t handle. There are several successful digital platforms which started small but has now become a pioneer in the digital business world. This subject will be conferred later in this article. For now, here are some of the beneficial tips to help you in achieving your goals:

  • Use advanced and latest tools to make your portal innovative and modern.
  • Utilize the features and services offered by various social media platforms to promote your platform.
  • Find a potential and competent investor. It is one of the safest way to start a digital platform for most of the companies and corporations and it gives promising outcomes and profitable business opportunities.

Lastly, you can create a business platform on your own. This needs immense amount of operational and structural variations. The constantly evolving technology is one of the biggest challenge that many established and developing business platforms. As keeping up with new advancements require clear understanding of the business objectives and thorough research and study of latest developments before the integration of those advancements into any business platforms.

Examples of successful business portal:

To avoid the hassle and troubles of creating their own digital portal, many companies and organizations take the easy road and join the existing and successfully growing business portals. Every business platform is based on a different business model, some follow the business-to-business concepts while others practice business-to-consumer concepts and methods. Enlisted below are some the well-known and widely-used business portals of both the B2B and B2C categories:

  • Alibaba: is a Chinese e-commerce portal, which offers both B2B and B2C services. It has branched out into various categories of sub-portals and has association with various companies. Currently, the company is being operated through three main websites: Taobao, Tmall and com. This portal offers its users with a wide variety of services and features like online payment methods, cloud data storage, services for wholesale and retail businesses. Presently, Alibaba has successfully gained dominion in the digital business world.
  • eWorldTrade: is the latest addition in the digital business world. eWorldtrade the fastest growing business portal having association with hundreds and thousands of international and competent sellers, buyers, traders and suppliers of different markets and business sectors. This business portal has become one of the leading business portal in a very short time period. Its headquarters are situated in Dallas, America.
  • Amazon: is popularly known as the tech giant in the internet retailing world. It started as online bookstore but soon evolved into one of the largest retail and electronic commerce company. Today, amazon is one of the largest online company with numerous diverse subsidiaries. Amazon has also developed its own products and applications.
  • eBay: is multinational electronic commerce organizations that offers B2C and C2C services. This shopping site allows its users to sell and purchase a large variety of goods and items by connecting them directly to their potential customers and consumers. Like amazon, eBay has also branched into several subsidiaries.


The above mentioned business portals are some of the renowned portals which have made a huge impact in the digital business world. To improve your digital platform you can study and gather information about the features and services offered by these platforms and can integrate similar features in your digital business portal. The success and recognition that these portals have gained now, was not achieved overnight, their founders put in their ceaseless efforts and hard work to make these portals successful.

Author Bio:

Gerry Wilson is a technology freak and a passionate blog writer who loves to write about technology/Apps/Business related articles. Follow @GerryyWilson on twitter for further details.

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