How to Generate Potential Customers from Facebook for Your E-Commerce Business


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September 13, 2022

Owing to the new technology, e-commerce has increased at an exponential rate and is still pacing forwards with giant leaps. People’s busy lives do not allow them to go and visit physical stores of the things they want. E-commerce comes to their rescue and enables them to browse through all the items they want through different e-commerce stores/platforms like Amazon and Shopify.

Since we have established that e-commerce is a growing industry, it is necessary to take measures that will bring customers to your brand. One of the ingenious ways to do that is generating potential customers from Facebook. Let’s take a look at that.

  1. Create a Page

Creating a Facebook page of your business is the first and most important step in setting up your Facebook customer base. You need to put up everything related to your products or services. Your consumers need all the information they need about your company from Facebook.

Add contacts and product reviews to establish credibility so your customers will have an impressive image of your company. Some other things you can add are:

  • Well-photographed pictures of your products in both the profile picture and cover
  • Your brand story
  • Links to your other social media networks (Instagram, twitter, etc.)
  • Detailed information of the products
  • Product numbers
  • Shipping details and policy
  • Customer service
  • Privacy policy
  • General information about your company/motto
  1. Bring Your Ads

Social media marketing has the same basics as ground marketing. If you want people to know about your brand, you need to market it well. Create ads on Facebook and arrange them to be featured on the pages that are most frequently visited by potential customers.

You need to keep this fact in mind that there are going to be a legion of other brands marketing themselves in the form of ads as well. Yours should be captivating enough to grab their attention and make them remember you. Use creative ad strategies by adding multiple product ads or using dynamics to make your campaign stand out. Moreover, you can target your ads to a specific audience depending on their location, age, frequently searched items, etc.

There are various ad options that are now available to the advertisers on Facebook. The Facebook Ads platform is designed to cater to different marketing objectives of an ad campaign. From the brand outreach to engagement and sales, Facebook ads provide a great way to tap into the behavioral patterns of the customers and create ads for them.

A great example of this is by who are running carousel ads to generate traffic for their website and product pages.  Carousel ads are one of the latest and advanced types of ads offered by Facebook in order to generate traffic for your website. They can be dynamic in nature as well and could be created to re-market to the customers who have already engaged with your brand and website.

In the ad shown above, Facebook displays a left to right scroll carousel with product images and description. If the user takes action on this ad, they are re-directed to the website or the product page via deep linking. The above ad is a great example of how an ad should be, simple yet contains all the information necessary.

  1. Contact Social Media Influencers

Social media blogging has become one of the most flourishing industries these days. People look up to their role models or influencers. They trust them and are inclined towards their opinion. This is a strategy that is being used profusely by a lot of brands and they are bearing the fruit of this opportunity.

All you need to do is contact an influencer(s) you believe will be the best to market your product or service. Have a professional conversation with them and bring the demands of both parties in the open so there is no problem later because a conflict of this sort can ruin the goodwill of your brand.

They will market your product and this will attract customers who loyally follow them. It will be a great step to bring potential customers to your organization.

  1. Post Unique Content

One of the best features that Facebook offers is the unlimited freedom of words. There is no limit on characters or pictures. You can use this to your advantage by adding different and one of a kind sort of posts so the content remains in the sight of your audience. Furthermore, you can use engaging colors and patterns to grasp the eyes of your reader.

This will make you stand out among other brands. Make sure that the things you post are not very monotonous or boring. You can share any product or service from your website or introduce deals or discounts to keep your page being visited.

An example of unique content posted by a brand can be taken of Sophie and Trey on their Facebook. They seem to follow a very interesting video content strategy where they come to live on their Facebook page and exhibit the dresses to their customers on the live feed.

This helps give the customer a real feel of the product that they are going to purchase. They take turns to go change into different outfits that have just recently arrived and are available for sale. As the atmosphere of the video is totally natural, it helps create a connection with the customers and they can ask questions or their queries live.

This is a great way to establish brand authenticity too and turn your would-be customers into definite customers.

  1. Up-to-date Content

One of the biggest mistakes companies make in Facebook marketing is that they only keep their page active through their own posts. If there are no new products to show, they keep on bringing up the old ones. This can be clever to an extent but can be detrimental to your brand image. One of the most effective ways to stay active and likeable is to post about current affairs.

Give your stance on the ongoing situation of the country or society. Address social issues. Bring awareness. Write interesting posts about these. Empathize with the people in calamities and initiate some steps for the betterment. Announce them on your Facebook. This will create a remarkably positive image of your brand in front of the audience and they will be inclined to buy from you.

A perfect example of this would be by who post regular updates for their customer and fans/followers on their Facebook page.  In the example shown below, you can see the necessary details about the product as well as providing their ‘Deal of the Day’ with discounts.

The product link to the website is mentioned in the post and the post also includes a good product photo. This is how a product post should be. Short, attractive and catchy!

However, posting up to date content isn’t enough. When it comes to e-commerce, the customers often inquire about the products in the comments. The brand/business has to be vigilant in order to respond to their queries in a timely manner.

On the same product post, replied to a query which caught our eye. It was smart and witty as well as giving out the solution to the inquiry made. Take a look:

Judy must’ve felt special to have received this kind of attention from the brand. Updating your fans/follower or potential customers in all ways and forms is absolutely necessary.

The aforementioned points cover the question of how to generate potential customers from Facebook for Ecommerce. We hope that these steps help your business and your e-commerce flourishes.

Author Bio:

Jenny Harrison is a passionate marketing and business blogger. She loves to engage with readers who are seeking B2B and B2C marketing related information on the internet. She is a featured blogger at various high authority blogs and magazines in which she shared her research and experience with the vast online community. Currently, she is associated with an Orlando based SEO Company ‘PNC Digital’. Follow her on twitter @MJennyHarrison for more updates.


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