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May 05, 2024

Whether working from home will continue to be a viable option in the post-Coronavirus world is something that may not be known for years. What is certain is that, for the time being, working from home is a way to survive and thrive during a time of social distancing. The world of business as it was once conducted has changed dramatically. It was changing even before the pandemic, but the Coronavirus and mandated social distancing became a catalyst for renewed interest in work-from-home careers. Increasing numbers of employees and freelancers have found that the mystique of working remotely — on either a part- or full-time basis — is not really so bad, after all.

The logical next step is to embrace the kinds of jobs that are easily adaptable to at-home work, on a time schedule that is infinitely adjustable to individual preferences. Marketing is a field that lends itself naturally to that kind of employment. In today’s digital world, it is perfectly doable, and it is being done on a global scale. Indeed, home may become the preferred workplace of the future.

There are many advantages, but there are some drawbacks. In the digital world, however, and with the availability of instant messaging, video conferencing and quick transmission of documents, photos and ideas, there is no reason why remote workers must be any less connected that employees who share a physical office. Even those whose creativity is fueled by interaction with others may find that working from home prevents unwanted interruptions. Pay scale, as for traditional jobs, will depend on experience and whether you work for yourself or for a large firm.

Here are 10 marketing jobs that are perfectly suited for working from home. All will transition well into a business future that anticipates the partial reopening of a more traditional business environment, but the perks of work-at-home options may not be easy to give up.

Digital and Email Marketer

If you excel at online relationships and have some experience with marketing directed at targeted audiences, this can be a satisfying niche. It is a speciality field that relies on blending various skillsets to create interest, attract attention, and prompt click-throughs that lead to sales. Digital marketers have an eye for detail and know how to read and interpret the analytics.

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

It requires dedication, a command of language, a feeling for words and the ability to create visual excitement. Design sense and an ability to use formatting tools are necessities, along with copywriting competence and the appropriate use of techniques that generate interest without being viewed as being “too pushy.”

SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization refers to the ability to assure competitive placement in online search rankings. Because search engines like google, bing and yahoo rely on algorithms, SEO utilizes key works and phrases to trigger favorable responses. SEO specialists must study the trends, analyze findings and develop workable strategies in order to boost the search results for clients.

Social Media Manager

The duties of a social media manager can easily be accomplished outside of an company’s office setting, and the position is ideal for work-at-home freelancers who are attuned to the specific requirements of the various social media platforms. While it may sound like “a piece of cake,” it actually should be approached as serious business if you hope to make a living doing it.

Doing it well involves scheduling, creating or arranging for posts, tracking results, and adjusting content to individual client needs. Social media managers often field questions or comments from clients, and must demonstrate an ability to queries or complaints in a timely, congenial manner.

Pertinent skills include basic familiarity with existing and emerging social media platforms, effective writing skills, design expertise, analytical skills,  creativity and adaptability.

Product Marketing Manager

The role of product marketing manager is a traditional one. The intent is to communicate the value of a specific product to the public in every way possible. Even though that role has undergone changes in the digital age, the focus is still the same.

Working as a product marketer from home is entirely possible, although some in-house sales training or occasional fieldwork may be required on occasion. It is typically a fast-paced endeavor, requiring precision, scheduling, fast turnaround times and full understanding of sales goals.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a specialized field that is predicated on the ability to sell products on behalf of another company or entity. It can be effective in many ways, for both individual bloggers and for large firms. However, successful affiliate marketers don’t just happen without some preliminary research and a marketing plan. It can be difficult for a beginner, because it is the size of the online audience that make affiliate marketing viable. Without a large and varied audience, your efforts will fall on deaf ears, so to speak.

The premise of affiliate marketing is that the online audience will be prompted to follow a link to another site, which will then lead to the purchase of a product or service from another company. Each sale generates a commision payable to the originating site. Affiliate marketing takes time to generate income, although it is certainly a part of the plan for many successful online marketers. After initial setup, it requires little effort.

Marketing Analyst

Do you love comparative research? Can you identify trends and formulate plans to capitalize on customer preferences? Do you have the ability to weigh options and suggest the most effective strategies?

If so, the field of marketing reseach may be your entry into a fulfilling career field that you can excel at from the comfort of your home office. It requires commitment to client needs, the ability to set priorities, study market conditions and demographics, compare data regarding competitors and consumer behavior, and recommend responses that are best-suited to meet client goals.

Market research is statistics oriented, and requires an ability to see “the big picture” and recommend varied approaches to respond to changing market conditions. It is another work-at-home position that can be extremely fulfilling, but it also may require frequent consultation with a client in order to develop plans and strategies for an effective marketing program.

Marketing Copywriter

If you have a way with words, and enjoy writing — sales letters, annual reports, press releases, blog posts, creative product descriptions, thought pieces, web pages, white papers — becoming a copywriter is an effective way to earn income from home. Like most work-at-home positions, it requires the ability to manage your time, meet deadlines, respond to client needs and juggle priorities.

Working from home offers great advantages for the freelancer. Work on your own time schedule, develop a personal expertise, consider a niche that corresponds to a personal passion, and earn a substantial income. Whether you write copy as a primary job, or combine it with other marketing efforts, the digital age has made it possible.

Content Marketer

A content marketer needs skills related to copywriting and digital marketing, as well as the ability to coordinate and manage a comprehensive marketing program. Content marketing employs a variety of media, crafting varied content ideas in different forms for use with email blast, social media, direct mail, blog posts, and other marketing materials. Content marketers consider the broader effects of content across a wider spectrum, but rarely have direct sales as an immediate goal. Rather, they produce “ghostwritten” or bylined content to inform, interest, and influence the public in a positive way.

Content marketing is a growing field, and the possibilities are almost endless, but success as a content marketer requires knowledge of general marketing principles, SEO, various media, and an affinity for adopting a client’s point of view and “voice.”

Public Relations Coordinator

Image building is another term for public relations. It is a role ideally suited to someone who can multi-task effectively, juggle a variety of duties, meet deadlines, analyze results, respond quickly to varied needs, and maintain composure at all times.

Promotional and public relations duties require keeping a watchful eye on a variety of media, including print, broadcast and online sources, monitoring mentions and attempting to shape public perception of a company, product or individual in a favorable light.

Acting as a public relations coordinator may involve working closely with top level management, or coordinating with others to act as a company spokesperson in certain circumstances.

Influencer Marketer

Becoming an effective influencer may be the most difficult goal to achieve. Influencers generally have huge and loyal following on one or more social media platforms. No matter what the subject of their advice or interest. their followers will, ideally, generate more interest and contribute to the influencer’s success.

Once you become an influencer, you can pretty much write your own ticket, and you will be “on stage” in your own little corner of the digital world as long as you continue to play to your audience. It is not a position that most online marketers aspire to, but it can be very rewarding if you attract that kind of audience.

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