Technology Skills That Are Becoming Predominant in Marketing Field


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February 09, 2024

Marketing today has become a safe industry for many technologists and IT specialists. Technology has predominantly changed the landscape of marketing because of its various techniques and tactics that gives success to many marketing strategies. Businesses in this era require fresh ways to engage with the audience, generate sales, increase awareness to customers, and bring overall success to the business.

In this article, we will look at the top five best skills that will automatically bring a positive impact to your business. You need to be familiarized with this to produce creative and effective marketing strategies.

1. Analytics

One of the most prominent skill gaps in marketing is analytics. Analytics are already being made a part of routinely marketing campaigns because they have serious potential to boost revenue growth significantly. Its vitality in a company’s success is what makes it a vital skill gap to address. However, most marketers opt to measure everything which is a waste of time. You only need to measure factors that impact revenue growth; all of which you can determine through a lot of research.

There’s not much to learn about analytics as you only need enough to manage to tools you use. You do not need to look at the different technicalities of different concepts, what’s more important is that you interpret the data you have to transform it into practical strategies.

2. Mobile

Recently, a study by ComScore claimed that 60% of “digital time” comes from using smartphones and tablets and that measure gets higher and higher every day. The reason it continues to grow in popularity is that it’s easily accessible by the customers. However, optimization for mobile may worth it for everyone. For example, creating a mobile app may bring benefit to a brand, but not to another because of the different capacities of different mobile devices.

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You should be knowledgeable enough to be able to communicate with your team within the company and to your outsourced vendors about the goals and objectives of mobile for your organization. The trick is to work with mobile ad vendors and channel in iterations and increments. If you combine this with analytics, it will be easy to figure out what works best for your brand.

3. Social Media

Social media is essential for all companies in this digital age. Social media has also established itself as a platform where businesses can reach more people about their business with the potential of growing more while creating an engaging and interactive relationship with their customers. You can start your journey on social media by observing the moves that the pages you like are doing. You may also make a list of recommendations coming from compelling content that will fit on your page. Make your audience interact with you, make various content to engage them in conversations and discussions, and make your page community-centric that focuses on relationships with customers. Another idea for content is giving your visitors a VIP feeling where they can have a first look on your new products, on how your products are made, and on different events whether you are sponsoring and invited.

Social media is very simple to learn and to experience. All marketers should be aware of different platforms where they can play in. Strategies and plans should be crafted in the best way on various social media channels to maximize each platforms’ positive impacts on your business.

4. Automation

Marketing automation is the use of different software platforms and techniques to market your campaigns in different platforms and easily automate the tasks for you. It also lets your brand to interact your audiences with campaigns that are tailored for them. Most brands are challenged by sending segmented messages to the desired audience, and they will become fragmented. Automation should be perfect in helping the company to generate and strategize more income and sales.

Automation strategies are the key to a successful campaign. Campaigns by companies today are going on larger scales which show the need to execute and implement it effectively.  Much like analytics, automation lets you focus more on the tools and equipment given, not on the technicalities. This means that you do not need to have an expert knowledge on this to make it work.

5. Content Marketing

After knowing analytics, your audience, your segmentation, and the efficiency of your campaigns, the last problem would be the content you are creating for your different segments made. The data from your analytics will become the primary source of what content you will provide to your audiences. You need to look at it more in-depth and know what content is appropriate based on the data about the audience, brand, and others. Most of the time, customers expect a more personalized and engaging approach from the company. Content should also be seen across all platform and should reach its standards per platform. For example, a content posted on Facebook should differ from the content displayed on Instagram since Instagram requires a more visual content than Facebook.

Specialized and tailored content is essential to your marketing strategy to ensure that the content is made in the best possible way according to your audience’s characteristics, data, information, etc. Many agencies offer content marketing to different websites, but most marketers should at least have a basic knowledge of ideas behind content marketing.

Work in marketing is never stagnant; you should always find fresh and new ways to sell to your customers. Now that you have these 5 skills to consider, it will be easy for you to rise above your competitors and make your way to success.

About the Author

Kenneth Sytian is the CEO of Sytian Productions, one of the leading web design outsourcing company in the Philippines. He has been designing websites and developing web apps for more than a decade. He is considered as one of the top influencers in web design and development.

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