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Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts in B2B Digital Marketing

If you want to be successful in the B2B digital marketing environment, you’ll need to meet two important requirements: knowledge and skills.

The knowledge is required for knowing what marketing strategies work and which don’t. The skills are required for effectively implementing the strategies, respectively the knowledge that you possess.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss the top 10 marketing approaches that you should and shouldn’t take to be successful. Pay attention and apply!

What You Should DO in B2B Digital Marketing

Here are the things you should do to improve your digital marketing results in the B2B environment:


Develop Relevant Content on a Consistent Basis

Content is extremely important because it influences your marketing results in various ways. The more SEO optimized content you post the more organic traffic you’ll get. When your content is also relevant and valuable, and it’s delivered on a consistent basis, the social engagement grows. More people will like, share, and follow your business page, which will eventually result in more conversions.

Leverage More Traffic Channels

You should perform your marketing strategies on more than one channel. For example, if you’ve chosen to develop a YouTube channel to promote your products through how-to-instructional videos, you should also go for other video distribution platforms and post the same content. This way you’re reaching a broader audience.

Or, if you choose to do paid Google ads, you can also try YouTube ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads. They’re both great if you know how to apply different twists to each.

Network Consistently

You should consistently reach new clients in order to build new relationships or generate new conversions. You should definitely leverage LinkedIn to find new connections, as this social channel is specifically designed mostly for B2B professionals.

Clearly State Your Unique Value Proposition

Throughout your marketing campaigns, you should clearly state your unique value proposition. This is an exact statement of your unique value as a B2B client. What can you or your company offer to your prospects? Why is your value proposition better than your competitors’? Emphasize the distinct benefits that you (and no others) can provide, said Brian from HR Tech.

Differentiate Yourself

Be different by developing out-of-the-box content that’s not written just for the purpose of its development. To differentiate yourself from the rest, you must post different content, be a little controversial in nature, and be truly genuine with everything you state.


What You Should NOT DO in B2B Digital Marketing

Here are the things you shouldn’t do to improve your digital marketing results in the B2B environment:

Don’t Ignore Negative Feedback and Reviews

If people are dissatisfied with your work and share their opinions online, you should never ignore them because they will never go away. The best thing you can do is to reply to all of them in the most professional manner.

Don’t Neglect Your Existent Clients

Do yourself a favor and never neglect your existent customers and clients. These are the people that you should keep very close to you, no matter what. If these clients are working for you, you can minimize any risks of misunderstandings by tracking their performance through smart software.

Don’t Cheat, Lie, or Steal

Don’t sell yourself as something you’re not. Don’t say you can bring a client’s website to the 1st page of Google if you’ve never done something like that before. Don’t lie about your achievements and don’t try to “steal” people’s money by asking for too much. Ask only as much as you genuinely believe that you can offer.

Don’t Neglect Your Online Presence

Consistency and persistence are keys to a successful online presence. Your B2B marketing success is heavily dependent on your strategies, actions, and profiles that you leverage. In the B2B environment, showing a lack of consistency will severely influence your brand’s reputation. No professional will ever contact you if your latest Facebook post was 1 year ago.


B2B marketing is surely not a difficult activity if you really know what you’re doing. If you consistently practice and take action on what you know, you’ll come across multiple results. The two most typical results would be failure or success. It’s important to note that both are actually the same thing – feedback. Use it to guide your next actions and never repeat the same mistakes again. Good luck!

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