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May 05, 2024

Information is valuable, especially when it comes to using Instagram. If you plan to take your account seriously, you’ll want to gather insight about it on a routine basis. However, Instagram does not always make this easy to do. If you have just a personal account, they do not provide all of the data you need. If you upgrade to a business profile, you will gain access to more information so you can see how your Instagram campaigns are doing at any given time.

Should You Make the Change?

If you are thinking of making the switch to a business profile, it can be worthwhile. There is a great deal of information provided through Instagram Insights. This can give you a lot of the performance data you need to ensure you can get an idea of how well you are doing. However, sometimes more information is even better.

There are a number of free Instagram analytic tools that can provide exceptional information. This is tangible insight you can use to create the type of strategy right for your business. These free tools for Instagram analytics can also help you save money on campaigns that may not be effective.

Which programs are the best Instagram analytics tools? These are the options you will want to choose from in most cases.

Instagram Insights

If you want the best free Instagram analytics tool, turn to the company itself. Instagram Insights is a very easy to use tool. If you have a business profile, it is available to you to use right away. It allows you to gather data about demographics and actions. You will also give you more insight into your follower trends – if you are adding them or losing them over a period of time. For business needs, the total impressions, profile views, and other data points are helpful.

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For those who are looking for a way to track influencer information, Analisa is a solid option. This Instagram tool has a free service. This will give you a lot of data. The problem with the free service, though, is that the data is raw – which means it can be hard to actually put into play right away. You can upgrade to the premium plan to get more in-depth details and more analyzation information. The data in all situation is solid. You will learn more about your profile and activity as well as hashtag reports. Engagement rates, total posts, tags and mentions, and posting maps are all tools available to you with Analisa.


If you want a free tool to provide you with insights on Instagram that’s rather compressed, check out Pixlee. It allows you to create a shareable weekly report. It breaks down metrics for you through the report. This can give you more opportunities to engage with your followers. It is also helpful information to use to gain new followers. You can use this tool to find social media influencers with good reliability (rather than fake accounts). You will also be able to keep an eye on conversations and check out the best content. There are a lot of data points to look at here including hashtag statistics and growth tracking. If you need to compare your posts to determine which is your most engaged post, this tool helps make that possible.


Here is another free tool for Instagram data analysis. You can use it for your business or personal profile. It will give you some key information including your most popular posts. You will get insight into what’s working for you and what may not be very easily. You can upgrade to the artificial intelligence social media marketing tool that the company offers if you like. This can give you more insight into how to complete. If you want to check out how the more advanced platform works, you can easily do that using a free trial. In all cases, the basic account at Socialbakers is worth using to get started with for most needs.


Squarelovin is an insights tool worth using if you want an easy way to track your progress. It allows you to see a history of your posts over a specific timeframe. It then lets you to see some of your followers’ interests. With this tool, you can learn how to engage with your followers more effectively. It also allows you to optimize your account.


A pretty nice tool to use – Iconosquare– has a lot of free tools available. This includes its popular full Instagram Audit feature. The company’s tool also includes other solutions such as allowing you to monitor what people are talking about in your industry as well as scheduling tools. A nice feature of the paid service here is the competitor tracking. This company has a free trial to use, or you can just tap into the free tools.


SocialBook is a powerhouse when it comes to finding data for Instagram users. The very best features come from a paid plan, but the basic free access can provide some good information to help you get started. This startup plan is easy to use, too. You will get information on a range of influencers using this tool (more is available with the paid plan). If you want to follow the big users in your industry, this tool can be a good option to start with – and often you will want to pick up the paid membership for the added insight like the Boost Score awarded to each user based on their influence reach.


Perhaps one of the most recognized options is HypeAuditor. As an artificial intelligence database with over 3 million Instagram profiles, HypeAuditor has a very large database. That information can be very valuable. Another nice benefit is that the tool does a good job of determining which are real influencers and which have fake followers. To be clear, this tool does not have a free long-term plan. However, it does have a free trail period and a pay-as-you-go solution. That means you do not have to worry about long-term contracts and you can use it, get the data you need, and never sign up if you don’t want to.

Whether you choose to use the free account or one of the membership plans, one thing is most important is the type of data available. The best way to learn how well any of these tools work is to give them a try. Even the paid versions have free trials that can help to see what the tool can offer to you. Using these, you can gain key insights into your Instagram campaigns.

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