Case Study of Turning a disastrous course launch into massive win


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January 23, 2022


My client is a parenting coach and she specialises in solving stress-related parenting issues.

I was tasked to create a full scale awareness and conversion campaign for her course that she was going to launch in february 2019 and course was priced for 4500.

Campaign Goals

We had a goal of 1,000 webinar registrations.

Campaign Targeting

Client didn’t have any data, no pixels, no emails, nothing new course launch everything was needed to start from scratch so instead of sending traffic to webinar I tried to make some audience using videos.

Our top of funnel strategy involved running a video view to a video of the client explaining about parenting stress so that we could build and retarget on the video engagement.

I retargeted the people with the second video that video also didn’t have any links into it with second video explaining about strategies that support your child’s physical, emotional, and social development.Third ads that brought massive results were ads to webinar registration.


Course Price ( Parenting Coach )- 4500

Total amount spent- 52,155

Impressions- 3,099,449

Webinar Registration- 6,329

Survey Form Submission-372

People Enrolled in Course- 132

Total Revenue-5,94,000

ROAS- 11.38x

Let’s dive deep and I will show you how we did it and what are the lessons I learned from it

  1. Facebook is not a marketplace.

Nobody goes to buy any consultation, course or product on facebook. It is

the offer that strikes people, So never try to sell or spend money sending traffic to your course page instead take them to a funnel and nurture them.

Many of coaches try to sell stuff using only webinar but in modern marketing it is not working, everyone have a webinar so instead that we made a survey form for the people who attended our webinar and ask them to answer it and as a complimentary we will send them a free cheatsheet of parenting guide.

This created curiosity and people watched our webinar till end, filled the survey form to grab that cheatsheet.

Facebook ad –> Landing page –> Opt-in –>Webinar –> Survey Form –>Email follow-up sequence

It helped us in understanding our customer pain point more better, people have to schedule calls after filling the survey form and that helped us in talking to our customer more better as we already know their pain 


  1. Keep your targeting narrow than being broad.

I created 10 campaigns each campaigns had three adsets and each adsets had 3 ads.

I tested different angles, different copies and different audiences for first week.

I never made any broad audience, maximum audience size was not higher than 50k. Because Narrower audiences not only is easier to reach on a limited budget but are highly likely to convert.

After few weeks of small tweakings, I started optimising, I combined the winning audiences and images, set them up using bid cap and put them all

into CBO campaigns and scaled them.

  1. Keep on following up

We never know when our prospect will convert, I setup 10 email followup funnels to the people who have registered for webinar. Everyone knows no one is going to buy this high ticket course so easily BECAUSE

  • They need time to Understand the Value of your Product
  • They Don’t Have Enough Time
  • They are driving (please don’t shop and drive)
  • They Don’t Feel Secure
  • They exit to check out more info and testimonials

So keep on following up, we never knows when conversion can happen,

Always retarget the people in their journey where they left off, if we retarget webinar registration people with our course ads it will never work, always make sure whom you are targeting at what stage. If people have filled your survey form we can retarget them with course ads and this is how it works(for me).

What were my learnings that made this campaign successful?

  • Don’t go over the size of your audience. Do your research first and see what you discover.
  • We don’t need fancy images if you don’t have it. Always use real images or images that craft your customer pain points. Images having emotional touch works best.
  • You don’t need high budgets to start, start with small, test different audiences, images and scale from there.
  • You don’t have to do everything as everyone says, Do what works for you.
  • Always create reports after 15 days, check your data and discover what is working and what is not.
  • Always offer something on the thank-you page. We made a facebook group and included its link to join.
  • Use long form ad copy when running ads to a cold audience.
  • Always research about your audience pain points.
  • Always focus on CTR, use images and pain points that will increase your CTR.
  • A good retargeting email+ads funnels is a must. 
  • People say their audience is not on facebook, Millions of people are on facebook. We need to show the right thing to right people in order to succeed on facebook ads.


Author’s Bio: Ajay Rai is a Facebook Marketer. He helps coaches & course creators fiercely scale their business using fb ads and funnels. Website-

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