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Revealbot: Leaning on Technology To Scale Our Facebook and Instagram Campaigns

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Imagine a software where we could manage all of our ads on Google, Facebook, and Snapchat ads in one interface? Better yet, a software that assists us with automating campaigns so we could spend more time brewing new creatives, and also focusing on tasks that lead to business growth.

Our picture of a perfect world was originally a myth until we started using Revealbot. Revealbot is a software tool created for just about anyone handling paid media. 

In simple terms, Revealbot helps media buyers and ad agencies alike by scaling campaigns that prove to be sufficient and stopping ones that show signs of negative profitability. Revealbot allows us to scale productively by putting to a halt inefficient budget spend when signs of a bad campaign are triggered. 

This is how Revealbot changed our lives.

Technology For good

After months of hard work, we had tremendous success on a health food info product account and were ready to scale their campaigns and business. Without the software, our days consisted of gathering data more often than necessary so that we could either go forward with scaling a campaign or stopping it short. This everyday task is common among all media buyers and consumes time and resources. Revealbot’s ease of use of its automated rules product truly separated the tool from its competitors. We learned that automated rules are helpful because they eliminate any human error. You set clear parameters for success and failure. 

Studies show that people who implement a consistent decision-making schema have the best long-term success in business, and Revealbot’s automated rules ensure you are using a consistent decision-making schema. 

Our priority

Risk management was our top priority, and Revealbot had the tools to do this best. When spending tens of thousands of dollars per day, if a bad campaign is left on for even an hour or two, it could result in a huge loss. We were able to set clear parameters for when Revealbot should turn off a campaign – after what amount of ad spend, with results worse than a certain ROAS/CPA. Also, if a delayed attribution purchase makes the campaign actually good later in the day, we have rules in place to turn that campaign back on to get the most out of our campaigns. 

Scaling aggressively to get the most revenue is also our goal, and there are automated rules for that. We set clear parameters in Revealbot for what we consider to be a successful campaign, and for any campaigns that meet these parameters, Revealbot increases the budget on these campaigns. This way if our campaign is having a good day, getting a lot of purchases, we can help us get a lot more volume on this success.

The Result

The risk management rules alone improved results drastically over time because they paused underperforming campaigns before they spent a lot more money on bad days. It was common to see a 10-20% improvement in results just from this. We even ran side-by-side tests of identical campaigns, with rules versus without rules, and the campaigns with rules always did way better. This was a trend across millions of dollars in ad spend across dozens of ad accounts and brands, so we know we can take this strategy to the bank.

The scaling rules made our accounts so much money. We regularly days, where we have high performing campaigns and the Reveal rules, helped us profitably spend over 1,160% more on ads, with 987% more revenue than we would’ve gotten without the rules on. It’s common to see monthly spend increases of 23-29% in months where our Revealbot budget increase rules activate a lot. 

Investing in Software

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. Investing in software to automate certain tasks is something every business owner or chief marketing officer needs to understand. By doing this, we as decision-makers, have more time to focus on surpassing our quarterly, and yearly objectives. 

Want to know more about how exactly Revealbot maximized our last quarter sales to reach profitable numbers? Tune into our presentation.

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