How To Find A Job After College Graduation


Kevin Urrutia




October 20, 2022

It might seem challenging to find a perfect job right after graduation. And of course, it can be not so perfect because you’ve only started your carrier. But there are several things you might do to increase your chances of employment. Here are several tips on finding your job after college:

  1. Prepare a resume and cover letter

First of all, get it done perfectly so that you will get the invitation to the interview. Target your resume to the position or a specific field of knowledge you are interested in. There should be no grammar mistakes or imperfections.

While preparing a cover letter, dwell on your experience and skills to shape what makes you a good candidate for a job. Don’t lie in the resume, and write only about the things you’ve done and know.

  1. Apply for advice to college employment center

Here you can get guidance on the specifics of the field and the jobs you can apply. You may also ask for consultation regarding your resume. Professionals might even redirect your job search. The professional help will make your search more efficient and targeted.

  • Use the existing resources

Explore the job bank of Canada, which is a governmental resource that helps with the employment. There you can also upgrade your resume and search for the positions to students and recent graduates. Use the geographical and other filters to narrow down the search and find what is beneficial for you.

It is not the only reliable resource, check the Jobcentre too. Try to spare time for searching for positions on the most trusted services.

  1. Networking

It is always good to know people of the specific field. You can use the alumni network of your college if there is one. Or try to find alumni that work in the sphere you want to work in as well. Try to reach out and ask for advice and their experience in the field. Find out if there are any advantages or something special you should know, etc.

You can also reach out to your parents, older friends, and acquaintances for a personal recommendation or just for information. There is no shame in asking for advice, and it might play on your hand.

  1. Know the industry

Explore the top industry representatives; learn their values, goals and recent achievements. It might help you to find a specific company you want to work in. Plus, сheck who is hiring and what they are looking for in their candidates – this will help you understand if you have the necessary qualifications.

It is also a good thing to learn about industry specifics, trends, and news.

  1. Try internships

Internships are an amazing way to gain experience and new practical knowledge. Many employers hire their internees after the summer period is over. Lots of graduates start their carrier paths this way. You get to actually know the industry you are working in and apply the theoretical knowledge. Even if you don’t get a permanent job after an internship in this particular company, you can at least add a line about it to your resume.


If you are still a student, use this advantage and start your preparation while there is still time before graduation. It is a great opportunity since you don’t have to rush and can take your time to improve your writing skills, create a profile on LinkedIn, and learn something new. Plus, you can always turn to one of the write my paper services to both enhance your academic performance and spare some time for non-academic activities.

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