How To Plan and Recover from A Penalized Website?

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How to recover your website from a penalized state in the eyes of Google is something which many people do not know, want to know, and often look for. There are so many practices in SEO and so many ways. All have their inputs and yields. Some are good, some are great, some are to stay there, some are okay, and then some are bad, ugly, non-fruitful, and often damaging. This means the various kinds of things practiced to do SEO and marketing for a website are a mix up of the good and bad practices.

Good things will help the site stay and rank better in the longer run. Bad things will pull the leg of the site to bring it down the ranks, and also penalize it, reduce visitors, interfere with the reputation and such. Then why bad things are practiced? The reason is to get faster results.

Why do malpractices creep in healthy SEO at times?

As you may have heard that SEO yields truly and promisingly, but with time. You cannot hurry in SEO. You cannot be impatient with proper natural or organic SEO which is entirely ethical. And that is the reason people parallelly try other marketing tactics on the website to accelerate ranking. But if some client or SEO professional gets impatient for quick ranking and quick visibility and more traffic urges in a short time, then the malpractices creeps in. Problems start when unethical things are done for and on the website to make it visible fast. And that is the ugly part which damages the website’s rank, traffic, reputation, etc. in the long run.

Many websites suffer the effects of SEO malpractices

It happens to many website owners. Either because of their inability to anticipate the journey they put this pressure of performance on their SEO team. Or to impress the client, the SEO expert does it all and targets making quick cash. Both ways the website suffers its rank and reputation, and then traffic and business, etc. However, when you have discovered that the damage is done already, you still can recover. Sometimes when recovery is impossible, then a new website is built and decorated from scratch, and then the whole process is done on it again. But then that is a total waste of time, labor, money, planning and all. Hence recovery is the best way at first place. And you can recover the website from the damage with some plan, as you get supported by a good SEO San Francisco Company.

The role of Google updates in recovery planning

Google updates have a significant role in planning the recovery of a website. The reputation of a site and its rank gets damaged only when the promotions for the site are done by adhering to or complying with the Google updates and norms. That is when things go wrong. And to make them right again, a careful study of the updates of the Google algorithm in the last 2 years and also recent times is necessary. Google tells website owners and marketing experts on how to deal with promotion and link building, content marketing and all through saying about major or minor changes in its algorithms.

The Google search algorithms based on which the search engine functions get updated recurrently. An update may come anytime- in a few months or 1 week or 2 days. It’s not possible to say when the next update will come. Again every update has some small internal updates too. In this way several changes and update in Google search algorithm take place, and the common man is made aware of that through the release of the details by Google. These update news have to be studied carefully to know what exactly the search engine is encouraging and where it’s discouraging things. Then only an SEO planner and strategist will be able to make out ways, figure out mistakes, and then work on those.

How to plan the recovery?

Recovering the website can involve the following steps based on where how much faulty promotion is done, or poor content is posted.

  • Find out if the website pages contain content which is good in quality or not. If not, then remove old content, and refill with high quality, helpful, interactive, engaging, entertaining, factual, useful, and informative content. The content may not have all the qualities together, but still the more qualities you try to put in the better.
  • If the page has good content already, but the content is over promotional with too many keywords and repetition of keywords, then remove them to make it look natural and only keep the keyword density within Google norms.
  • If your website internal pages are not linked properly, then try liking them all very well. Navigation within the website must be smooth, fast, and fluid.
  • Check the website loading time, and find out use experiences by taking feedback, and work on improving things.
  • If you had created too many poor quality links in the past, the stop making more links, and start removing all old bad links which are harmful for site reputation.
  • If you already have the organic amount of backlinks on the web for the website which can be improved with quality content, then try to enrich them wherever possible.
  • Stop using any automation or software for backlink building for the website. And use only original content and not things generated by software.

When you start following the above steps, you may then have to wait a few months to get the site back on the search engine listings. It may take 3 months or perhaps 6. But with time, care, dedicated effort, and organic link building approach, the site will again appear on search engine result pages, and once it appears back on SERP, you may then start working on improving the rank.


It’s all on the shoulders of the SEO expert who does this kind of recovery. It’s crucially, carefully done work, which needs enough research planning, time, and patience. Hence carefully choosing a website rank and traffic recovery expert is essential.

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