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Kevin Urrutia




January 23, 2022

The live streaming service, Twitch has grown as the popular in gaming continues to rise. The But ap is easily accessible on multiple devices and allows the option of streaming gaming experiences or becoming a viewer. But the service is more than just a form of entertainment; it is also a platform for those interested in gaming and its promotion to make money. For those interested in drawing an income from Twitch, it is essential to know which methods of revenue you can obtain through the service.

Different Types of Twitch Users

There are different types of users on the Twitch platform. The first is the everyday Twitch user. This type of user is likely someone who likes to keep up-to-date in the gaming world. With the high expense that comes with gaming, these viewers want more than a review to determine if a new game us right for them. Through the app, viewers can see the game in not only action but also the user to see how well the game performs in real life.

Another type of user you will see on Twitch are affiliates. Twitch affiliates will receive ae streamers who can make additional revenue during their streaming sessions. To become an affiliate for Twitch, a streamer will need to:

  • Have at least five followers within 30 days
  • Have had at least seven unique broadcast days
  • Have broadcast for at least 500 minutes or more
  • Average three or more concurrent viewers

Twitch users can also be partners. A partner will obtain multiple perks such as broadcast storage, additional emotes, financial compensation, and the ability to have fan subscriptions to their channels.

Income Sources Available to All Twitch Users

All Twitch users could make some money off of the app if they were to gain a big enough following. While many people either engage with the platform to watch their favorites games and Agamers, learn new skills or show off their gaming talent, those who wish to make money through the utilization of the platform should set their sites on achieving the criteria to become an affiliate. To become an affiliate, you will need to put in the time and obtain the audience necessary to take the next steps. For those looking to make more severe income off the site, should set their sites on achieving the level of Partner.

Yet, for those who wish to remain an everyday user and make a few dollars, there are a few options, though most of these are off-method platforms associated with your following on your Twitch account.

Affiliate Links

One of the most popular ways to earn money on Twitch is through joining an affiliate program aside from the Twitch Affiliate Program. This process involves marketing other people’s products by including a customized link to their site. If the viewer follows the link and makes the purchase, you will receive a percentage of the portion that they spend. The best way to be successful with this type of revenue is to promote products that would be of interest to those in the gaming community. For those looking for an easy affiliate program to work with, Amazon, which owns Twitch, will allow users the use of their widget, which can be placed directly on their page.

Selling Merchandise

Selling customized merchandise is another revenue stream available to all Twitch users. To be successful with this process will require a large following, enough some that viewers will wish to own merchandise customized with your name, face, or logo. The best way to do this is to create your online store and provide a link to it on your Twitch page. You can then regularly promote your items during your streams and find a short-run manufacturer to produce the items.


Requests for direct donations can also be placed on your page. You will simply need to set up a link to the payment processing software of your choice and make requests for funds during your live streams. To help keep viewers engaged and promote donations you can set donation goals that fans can track. If you use this method, proceed with caution as there are scammers who will use these donation platforms and eventually file for a chargeback, resulting in loss of the funds.


Since the site is a popular choice for gamers and enthusiasts that tend to spend a significant amount of time on the platform, it can be a great place for companies in the gaming industry to market to these captive audiences. Therefore some companies will choose to sponsor gamers to promote their brand to a targeted audience. Companies who may provide sponsorship don’t have to be specific to the gaming world, but can be in any industry where the traditional gamer demographic fits their target audience. To attract and keep sponsorship you will need a strong following.

Winnings From Tournaments

Another way to earn money is by participating in tournaments where individuals and teams are allowed to compete for cash prizes. While these tournaments are typically reserved for professional gamers, there are some tournaments available on ESL and GameBattles that will allow smaller level players to compete. You can also draw more viewership by streaming your tournaments to your Twitch fans.

Ways to Make Money on Twitch as an Affiliate or Partner

If you qualify for the Twitch Affiliate program or can achieve the status of Partner, you will have streams of revenue available that are not available to the everyday participant. Below are ways that both Affiliates and Partners can choose to make money when participating on the Twitch platform.

Twitch Bits

Affiliates and partners can receive their only mini-donations from viewers through the use of Twitch Bits. Twitch Bits are a virtual currency that can be used by gamers to spend on their favorite sites. For each bit that is used on a gamers channel, they will receive a penny. Twitch Bits can also be used for viewers to cheer, which means they will have the ability to participate in their favorite gamer’s chat channels. They can also be used for the purchase of emotes during the chat conversation. The gamer has the right to set the minimum of Bits used to participate in the chat.

Twitch Subscriptions

For affiliates looking for a recurring stream of revenue, they can encourage their loyal viewers to subscribe to the channel for one of three costs per month. Streamers will receive half of the amount spent on subscription by their followers each month. You don’t have to do anything to be able to obtain subscriptions at the Affiliate and Partner level, as the link will automatically appear on the page.

Sources of Income for Twitch Partners Only

Becoming a Twitch Partner comes with the ability to make revenue in ways that others can’t. The Partner program is invite-only, so achieving this level is exclusive and will come with many perks, including additional revenue streams.

The Sale of In-Game Items, T-Shirts, and Games

Twitch Partners can receive 5% of revenue from selling games and in-game items on their page. The PArtner has to do nothing to enjoy this revenue stream. If they are playing a game that offers in-game purchases, the box to purchase will automatically appear on the screen. Partners are also allowed to sell the official Twitch T-Shirts available in the Twitch store.

Video Advertisement

Partners are also allowed to run ads on their stream as long as there is a minimum of eight minutes between each as with the announcements ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. The partners will receive a percentage of the revenue generated from the ads, based on the amount earned by Twitch from the advertisers. You will be paid a flat rate CPM. This will give you a higher amount of revenue for higher viewership.

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