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September 28, 2022

Video marketing is increasingly becoming a popular marketing trend for online businesses. 

Research by Wyzowl compiled by Oberlo shows that 87% of marketers use video as their marketing tool.

This is proof that video marketing can significantly grow your business sales.

Why use video for your marketing campaigns

There is power in video marketing. Here are some reasons why you should use video for marketing.

It generates high ROI

Video has a high return on investment for business brands online. Businesses that use videos say that they have generated high results and seen an increase in ROI. 

For instance, a report by Smart Insights shows videos have a 63% in social media ROI for businesses.

The report also shows that businesses get new clients through videos they post on their social sites. 

The fact that potential clients can see your actual products and learn how to use them to solve their challenges motivates them to purchase your products.

Encourages social shares

When potential clients interact with videos and find it attractive it makes it easy to share the video and this increases engagement with your brand. 

Through video engagement, potential customers know more about your products and services. This increases brand awareness to potential customers.

Engage lazy customers

Most potential customers find it hard to read through your website content to know more about your brand and the products or services your business offers. 

Video marketing helps engage these customers as it is easy to watch and consume video content. 

Video content is captivating and it triggers your lazy interest in your brand and increases conversions. They watch the video and take action since you include CTA’s in videos.

Increase search rankings

Include SEO titles to increase rankings. Since videos have more social shares and likes, it will help rank your brand high on the search engines. 

Short videos had high engagement and their increased shares across social sites help your business website rank high on search engines. 

Video is among the top types of content brands use for marketing. 

It makes it easy to increase rankings and increase clients’ reach for your brand.

Promote your products or services

Videos make it easy to promote new services or products to potential customers. 

Short explainer or demo videos help customers know more about your brand and how your business can help them solve their pains.

Increases conversions

Videos have the highest lead conversion for businesses. You can create videos and request your viewers to comment or ask any questions about your brand. 

This opens a conversation and through the engagement in the comment section, you can convert the viewers to customers and show them how you can help them with their challenges.

Build trust with customers

Clients like to do business with brands they trust. You can use video to help build trust with your customers by humanizing your brand. 

People like to emotionally connect and engage. Through videos, you can offer face-to-face engagements with your clients and this helps boost their trust in your brand.

Through live videos, you can learn more about your customers and how to offer better services. They impress viewers to take action. 

A report by LiveStream shows that 67% of live video viewers can buy a ticket to an event after watching a live video. This is influenced by the human personal touch when they watch the videos.

Generate leads

Videos have a high impact to generate leads for businesses. Through the video content, your potential buyers know more about your brand. 

They get the information they could not have gotten by reading your website content. They engage with your brand to learn more about your services to solve their pains. 

Types of video to produce for your business

There are different video types that you can use to attract, engage, build trust with your leads and convert them to clients. Here are some

Product description videos

Your customers need to learn more about your products. You create video content to describe your products or services to them. 

These demo videos show potential buyers how your products work at the same time engaging with them. 

They teach them how to use your business services to solve their pains. Ensure your demo video is attractive to capture viewers’ attention and engage them.

This type of video mostly target customers who are at the top of the funnel buyer stage. 

It aims to bring awareness to your products and show them how your business can be of importance to them as they solve their needs.

Explainer/ how-to videos

As the name suggests, through this video type you explain to your customers how your products or services work and how they can use them. This makes it easy for them to learn more about what you have to offer them. 

For example, Dan Lok is a high ticket closer so he creates videos to show potential buyers how to sell high-ticket products.

Testimonial videos

You can collect testimonies from your past clients and create videos that you can show them to potential clients. 

These testimonials are from clients who have successfully used your products or services to solve their pain points. 

Testimonials help to build trust with potential customers as they see the other people you have helped solve their needs.

Q&A videos

You can create a question and answer video for your business brand. This type of video has two approaches. You can interview an expert in your business niche and create the video.

You can also create the video by answering questions your potential buyers and clients ask about how your business can help them solve their pain points. 

Whichever approach you use for this video, ensure that you provide all the answers your potential clients about your products or services.

Onboarding videos

This video suits your new customers who have purchased your products or services. 

Your new clients need guidance on how to use your product or service as some of these products or services can be complicated.

Your onboarding videos help walk your clients through the whole process on how to use your product. 

This mostly applies to SaaS business where customers need guidance on how to integrate and use the software they have purchased.

Onboarding videos give your customers start off with your product or service usage. 

Best video editing software

There are different software that businesses use to edit their videos after they create them. This software includes both free and paid options.


This software has an easy to use design. It has different tools to help edit your videos and provide a personal touch. Here are some of its awesome features and its pricing.


You can also use filmoraPro which has these features below.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

The software allows you to work with multiple camera angles as you edit the video. It has an interface that is easy to use.

You can use the software to edit different videos from TV series to feature films. 

The software has automated tools through Abode sensei to automate some tasks so you can concentrate on the important editing tasks for your video. 

The software has amazing colors, graphics, and audio tools for your video. Its pricing starts at $20/month. It has different pricing models depending on what you need.

Final Cut Pro X

The software has great and advanced color tools for video editing. It has HDR support and Prores raw. 

You can edit your videos with different angles. Its price is $299.99 and it’s a one-time price. Here is some more information about the software.


It has great preview tools for your video when editing. It has a multi-track studio for mixing songs within your video. 

You can record audio as you edit your video. It supports different video formats. 

Here is a complete guide on how to use the software and this is its subscription model.

Adobe premiere rush

Its built-in camera helps you take quality videos on your mobile phone. It has great color features to help create attractive videos. 

The software works across all devices. You can change take a video with your phone then edit it with your software using a tablet or desktop.

It has a monthly subscription of $9.99. Visit its website and check its awesome pricing. 

Corel VideoStudio ultimate

It has amazing color tools to give your videos an attractive look with premium effects you can use when editing your video.

It has different formats, easy to use and you can take your videos from different angles. 

Its tools help you record webcam and create videos. You can export your videos, upload online or save on hard drives. 

The software has VR video support and other tools such as the music library for your video editing.

Pinnacle studio 

This software has unlimited edit for tracks in HD and 4K. It has a great color grade control with an all-round video editor. 

You can easily streamline your workflow with its amazing user interface as you edit your videos and unlock your creativity with its pro-caliber tools.

The software has a different pricing model each with its different features.

CyberLink PowerDirector  

The software has great format features for your video. These features include shape designer to shape and adjust your videos to your desired keyframe. Animated titles and use graphics to make your video appealing. 

Its awesome audio scrubbing tool helps you drag the playhead so you can adjust your video to the scene you want as you can hear the audio through the dragging process.

The tool gives accuracy tracking of movement for your video scrips. You can produce videos from different angles without shales or stutters. Here is the software pricing structure.

Nero Video

You can transfer and store videos and images from different storage devices and store them in the software media library as you edit your video.

The software creates movie titles and posters automatically as you progress with editing. It has different video templates you can edit and create videos the way you want.

Hitfilm Express

This is free software with awesome tools like VFX to help create stunning videos. 

The software has a full 2D and 3D compositing with different efforts to help in your video creating process. 

You can have the advanced hitfilm pro editor for $299 which has amazing and more advanced tools for editing your videos.

Adobe Premiere elements

You can edit unlimited videos with this software. Even though the software lack some major advanced features, beginners can use it to get a comprehensive guide on how to use its features.

Check out its pricing model below.


The software has amazing tools you can use to change your blog post content into videos. It has great automation tools to manage your workflow. 

The tool has great video clips to help you in the video creation process. You can select different music tracks that you can use within your video and you have a variety of images you can add to your video.

It has different price packages where you can choose the best package for your business.

Here is the software  detailed pricing where you can have a rough idea of all that you need to know about the services you can get and their cost.


Apple iMovie

The software is easy to use with extra-special effects like slow motion. Its high fidelity filters help add a cinematic touch to your videos. 

The software green-screen effects help transfer your characters to different locations with a single tap.

 Apple iMovie has great tools to create awesome video trailers. With this software, you can share your movies in different ways. It’s free to use.


Check out the above editing tools and use the one that suits your business. Make sure your video is captivating, attractive and engaging to your viewers. 

Don’t forget to include a call-to-action to help your viewers take action after watching the video. 

Share your videos across social media and also ask your viewers to do so. It increases engagement, brand awareness, and conversions. 

To ensure success with your video creating and marketing you need to have high-quality captivating videos. 

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