Using videos effectively for each stage of the buyer’s journey

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One of the newest and most popular trends in marketing is using video to get and promote sales. This has become much easier thanks to the increase in internet speeds, and the steady rise of the online visual and video design industry. And this means, you guessed it, you’re gonna need to hop on the bandwagon.

The good news is that while a lot of people are doing it, very few are doing it correctly. And if done right, it will really give you the edge over other companies’, even though everybody has been doing it for some time now. And now, of course, this article isn’t just for people who just now decided to advertise themselves using videos. Even people who have been doing it for years could always use a refresher course.

Discovering who you are

The first thing you want to do is actually have buyers be aware of who you are, and what you stand for. In other words, first impressions go a long way. You need to find a way to let your target audience know that you (and your product and/or service) exist.

You can do this with ads on social media, videos on YouTube, and proper SEO implementation. And a video can really cement this. A good video will catch and grip their attention. One option at your disposal is putting out a “How-To-Video” relating to your product or service. It should be short and concise, and, most important of all, shareable. In this manner, hopefully, people will share it on social media, and will then stumble upon your company. The educational video can even be something a bit different. It can be an instructional or educational video regarding your line of work a bit broadly. Just to give you an example, let’s say you make espresso machines. You can then post quick instructional videos for different types of espresso. Maybe even some history about coffee, or espresso machines themselves.

Another option is to forego the education kind of video, and shoot for something more fun. This is much more creative and loose, and is completely up to your own ideas. Of course, you can also hire a good company, like 1-minute video, to create one for you. This is useful since you want this entertaining video to catch peoples attention. It should be short, fun, and unique. People will not watch any add, no matter how interesting, that lasts more than a minute or two.

Considering your brand

If they already found your company, you should focus on something else. Namely, you now need to fortify your position. First, you wanted them to notice you, now you want them to stay. A customer will at this point in his buyer’s journey compare your services and/or products with some other company. You need to convince them that you are the one they should choose. This previous step brought customers to your door. Now, you’re showing them around the house.

Here you want something much more informative. Set up a longer video that really presents your stuff in an interesting way. Your potential customers are considering your brand at the moment, and you need to help them make their choice. You can explain, in your video, what problem your product or services solve, and just how much better it is at solving it when compared to other products from different companies. It should not be longer than 5 minutes, but that’s about the only rule we can give you. It can be animated, an infographic, a live action video… Essentially, go crazy, but remember the basics.

Making a decision

The third and final stage is where the buyer is supposed to make a decision. Will he or she buy your product or not? You want to hammer the deal home, you want them to buy your product right now. One thing you can try is present video testimonials of people who already bought your products or utilized your services such as Facebook advertising. Getting a human face and voice out there will relax the potential customer, and will make them a bit more secure. Try to avoid making the whole video corny and overdone. Be lighthearted, relaxed, and if possible, funny.

Another option, that is in a way the opposite of the testimonial, is presenting your product or services in action. This is a bit different than the previous stage since you’re not really comparing it with anything else anymore. You can be as flashy as you want, present your video in an interesting light. The previous stage was about logic and numbers, but this one is about flash and emotion.

Extra step – sealing the deal, longterm

A part of the buyer’s journey that is rarely talked about is getting return customers. You want people to be pleased with your product, but you also want them to recommend you to their friends. And of course, keep them coming back. While the brunt of the work here will be carried by your actual product or service, there are ways to really seal the deal here.

One of the things you can do is add people that actually bought your stuff to your mailing list. That way, you can send them a video with answers to questions customers frequently ask. Maybe send them some advanced instructional videos. With them they can test your product in ways they wouldn’t really think off.

Sending an advanced tutorial guide will certainly be appreciated. Furthermore, send (somewhat) regular videos and material. Don’t spam them, don’t send an email every day. But maybe once or twice a month you can send some interesting content their way. Just so you can remind them that you do exist and that you do care.

And that’s pretty much it folks. If done correctly, you will see just how much your business will improve after video implementation. Follow the three stages, prepare content for each stage, and you will certainly see results.

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