5 Social Media Tools to Plan Your Content


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

Social media play an essential role in brand marketing. For this reason, businesses always have to ensure that their social media marketing strategies are on point. To help with that, marketers have adopted content planning.

Why does content planning matter? Firstly, it helps marketers to schedule posts weeks or even a few months ahead. This way, marketing teams can avoid wasting precious time each day as they scour the internet for appropriate content to share. Secondly, the planning of content allows brands to deliver customized content to their customers. See, since there are many networks, lack of forethought can send a brand post the same message across all platforms. However, by planning, marketers can craft unique messages for every social network.

The third reason why content planning matters is it assists in monitoring the performance of posts. It facilitates this by enabling marketers to track the performance of their content over time, thus, helping the specialists to tweak their messages appropriately. Last but not least, content planning allows marketers to plan for special dates, for example, holidays, customer`s birthdays, etc. Consequently, it enables them to create engaging content that resonates with their target demographic. 

Now that you understand why content planning is necessary, let us introduce to you some useful tools you can use. It is essential to leverage them – it will help you when it comes to researching posts, publishing content, monitoring the progress of marketing teams, planning dates for editing posts, and managing projects. 

 5 Useful Tools for Content Planning for Social Media

Nowadays, there are many tools on the market. Here are some important ones to assist in streamlining your social media content.

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It is an excellent tool for organizing your messages that is invaluable for teams. As a marketing executive, you can use features like “cards,” “boards,” and so forth to create to-do lists, form marketing campaigns, and store ideas arrived at after team discussions. You can customize the boards to suit your needs if there are any. A case in point, together with your marketing department, you can make a board to plan social media posts for a single month on a particular network. Or, you can organize the way you will post content around a particular issue on a specific day. 

With the “cards” feature, you are able to impressively personalize your content. For instance, you can create an editorial calendar card with Facebook copy options on a specific blog post. Moreover, you can monitor the progress of a multi-faceted campaign. Best of all, the cards can be allotted to a specific member of your department, marked with a date, and can be commented on. 


Loomly is an excellent tool for planning your content marketing campaigns. It provides you with a single platform from where you can manage your content (posts and advertisements). Apart from that, you will get notifications each time a member of your marketing department updates or comments on a post. These notifications include Slack, email, and web-push. 

If you have no ideas on what to post, this tool will also provide you with tons of suggestions. You can draw much inspiration for the type of content to create from trending issues, RSS feeds, events, holidays, and so forth. In addition, Loomly has a library that allows you to store and manage all of your content. And if you need a tutorial on how to craft engaging posts, you will get the access to a step-by-step walkthrough on everything from a subject and labels to optimize your posts. 


If you fancy taking notes, then this tool is right for you. With it, you can effectively monitor all aspects of your social media campaign. There are logs for every hour, week, month, and year, allowing you to keep tabs on when you publish content on your social media app. Moreover, this feature enables you to know when you have to create new content for your blog and what you need to prioritize as a marketing department on a specific date. 

With the Web Clipper extension, Google Chrome users can use this tool for saving links to their notebooks. Then, if there is a need, they can share the ones later. 


With this tool, marketers can take note of various things that happen to their websites as well as social media content. After each adjustment, this tool will provide you with the information on your website’s movement on Google’s ranking. Apart from that, you can use Rankedy for analyzing your content. To do this, you have to:

  • Note all the changes and updates on your website and content.
  • Track the position of your website on Google. 

By allowing for color-coding, this tool will enable you to identify the differences in the content styles you implement. As such, with time, this feature will enable you to pick up on tricks that work, allowing you to leverage them to your advantage. 

Google Drive

Google Drive presents a host of useful features that enable social media marketers to identify effective content plans. Firstly, it allows marketing executives to use the Google Calendar for monitoring their editorial as well as social media calendars, ensuring that they align their posts with blog messages. Better yet, these calendars can be shared with other team members, thus preventing the clashing of schedules.

With another feature, Google Sheets, marketing teams can share their schedules for posting on various platforms. Also, they can monitor the status of multiple messages and delegate activities to individuals. 

Last but not least, users can make comments in a single place and cooperate on several projects without the need for sending emails or holding meetings. It is especially useful since it saves time when there is a need to approve content fast.

Final Words

For success in social media marketing, you need to refine your strategy. As you have already noted, one sure way to do it is to adopt content planning practices. This way, you can manage your content effectively while also keeping tabs on your marketing team. With the above-listed tools, you are enabled to manage your content well enough, thus ensuring that nothing will go the wrong way. 

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