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Are you looking for incredible Instagram ad examples?

Instead of browsing your Instagram feed in search of sponsored posts to gain industry insights, here you’ll find some of the best Instagram ads used by top brands.

Take note on some of the strategies and styles used in their Instagram ad design.


As you read through this article, ask yourself:

  1. Why is this ad so good?
  2. What makes the copy stand out?
  3. Why did they use this design style?
  4. How can I apply this to my next Instagram Ad campaign?

Now, let’s start analyzing some of the best Instagram ad examples.


1. Bevel

Why is this ad so good?

Bevel has created an ad design that forces your eyes to look at the left-hand side. The image of a man shaving his face and the simple message below makes this a powerful example for grabbing attention and directing it to the main point: shave your face with the Bevel system.

Key takeaways:

  • Simple, to-the-point copy – This ad makes its points using just 9 words.
  • Identify a customer’s pain points – Giving your audience something to relate to and connecting with the pain points can catch their curiosity and decide you are the solution.
  • Create clever hashtags – Take advantage of using hashtags that can tap into new audiences. Here, we see Bevel making a play on their brand with #BevelWorks.


2. Chatbooks

Why is this ad so good?

Chatbooks offers an enticing introduction to their product by offering a free book to first-time buyers. They’re quite clear of the pricing in the text below then follow up with a coupon to get the free book they boldly claim in the image. Brilliant!

Key takeaways:

  • Offer a free introductory product or service – A great way to encourage new customers to your business is by offering something free.
  • Make your offer clear – You have only a few moments to capture someone’s attention and having a clear headline can do the trick.
  • Use coupons – You can see that this ad uses a unique coupon code for their ad, this is great for tracking performance.




Why is this ad so good?

Headspace’s Instagram ad uses a single word to connect with their audience: anxiety. It’s a sure scroll-stopper to make anyone stop and wonder what it’s all about. The accompanying ad design is complementary to the message indicating that peace of mind can be achieved with your phone.

Key takeaways:

  • Use the right call to action – Headspace is using this ad to promote their and you should use the right CTA for your campaign (i.e. the “Buy Now” feature to achieve direct sales).
  • Keep the design simple – Sometimes a cartoony design can be the right choice. Test different design styles and try to keep it simple while connected to your main message.


4. Indiegogo

Why is this ad so good?

Indiegogo’s Instagram ad is extremely bold and eye-catching. The intense red serves as a stop sign while the white text tells you what’s important on the screen.

Key takeaways:

  • Use bold colors – Don’t be afraid to let a single color dominate the screen if you can contrast it with thick text in an easy-to-read color.
  • Make bold statements – Try telling a story with your product, service or brand to connect with people on a deeper level.




5. Instabiz Marketing

Why is this ad so good?

Instabiz Marketing is focused on grabbing your attention by using, well, you can see it. Depending on your brand or the types of people you are trying to connect with, this could work. In this case, travel bloggers and aspiring social media influencers may be the target audience here.

Key takeaways:

  • Focus on your target audience – If you understand your audience, let your images and your message show it.
  • Use caps-lock carefully – Sometimes using too many consecutive caps can come across as spammy and unprofessional.


6. QuickBooks

Why is this ad so good?

QuickBooks is known for their tax services and this ad makes a clear statement to self-employed individuals and businesses. In this case, Quickbooks is using their Instagram ads to provide a free trial of their software while indicating the savings it would have come tax time.

Key takeaways: 

  • Include relevant facts – In addition to mentioning the benefits of your product or service, don’t forget to add some key facts based on your customer insights.
  • Use consistent colors – An important part of creating a pleasing image is by aligning similar color throughout the ad image.


7. Spotify

Why is this ad so good?

Here’s a great example of using Instagram ads to promote brand awareness. Instead of focusing on subscriptions, sales, or signups, Shopify uses rolling messages to explain what they’re all about. Give this a try.

Key takeaways: 

  • Promote your brand or business – Instagram’s ad costs are reasonable to set up strategic campaigns to increase your exposure.
  • Use motion in your ads – Not seen in the screenshot is the scrolling text that passes by. Using videos and GIFs can enhance the number of interactions with your ad.


8.  MyPhotify

Why is this ad so good?

This ad delivers an exceptional before-and-after comparison for the product they have featured. This is a great way for prospective customers to see exactly what they could be purchasing and get them a step closer into your sales funnel.

Key takeaways:

  • Include emojis – emojis are a great way to highlight key elements in your copy while making it fun and interactive.
  • Include comparisons – If you can highlight the key features that will change your customer’s lives, do it!


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