Artificial Intelligence and SMS Marketing


Kevin Urrutia


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May 05, 2024

In business, you have to have the ability to adapt to changing times. It means you ought to implement new tools as they become available to further your progress. The latest technological development—one that was a long time coming—is artificial intelligence (AI).

Artificial intelligence brings forward many advantages that businesses can benefit from. From cutting down human errors to simplifying complicated tasks, it offers about anything. One of the more exciting developments is AI voice cloning, which paves the way for more personalized and engaging customer interactions. It is considered the 21st century’s most impactful technology and is in a constant state of development. Whether creating a campaign for SMS marketing, creating videos with a user-friendly video editor like Wondershare Filmora, or leveraging AI for customer interactions, embracing new technologies is crucial.

Even though people fear that AI will eventually replace humans in the workforce, it is, nevertheless, the way forward because its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Artificial intelligence helps improve how the world is run by simplifying many processes and hastening work functions that people otherwise slow down.

Of course, given its relatively new nature, the technology is by no means perfect. It has its shortcomings that humans can correct. However, that should not stop any business from ever wanting to implement artificial intelligence in their business operations.

In the beginning, businesses used artificial intelligence to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. In a way, that would benefit them in the short term since they were, in the eyes of the public, using cutting-edge technology that their competitors were missing. Nevertheless, businesses now realize the real benefits of artificial intelligence instead of pursuing it for the wrong reasons.

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If your business considers utilizing AI, it might fundamentally change how it operates. Albeit all the unforeseen challenges (AI is an emerging technology constantly evolving), it presents new opportunities for your company to grow. So embrace the process and reap the benefits of it as best as you can.

Let’s focus on what benefits using AI can have on your business. If you are in the retail industry, you can implement artificial intelligence to improve the personalized shopping experience on your online store. AI analyzes customer behavior using the data in the cloud to identify purchasing patterns and habits, which it then uses to provide customers with accurate offers. Offering your clients personalized marketing helps increase customer engagement, which builds customer loyalty—resulting in better sales rates.

Artificial intelligence can also be used to automate customer support, taking out human involvement from the equation. Big businesses have a tough time handling the volume of customer inquiries (emails, phone calls, online help chats, and social media interactions). Sometimes, the process can get overwhelming for customer service specialists to handle.

AI enables the automation of these communications. Using data from previous communications, you can build a program that adequately responds to customer inquiries, saving you time and money. If artificial intelligence is combined with machine learning, then the results will be all the better in service delivery and improvement.

Businesses can also use artificial intelligence to automate a lot of their operations. Factories can use AIs to automate machines that human employees would otherwise handle. For instance, AIs control robots or maintain ideal temperatures in many high-end factories. In Japan, hotels use AI robots as receptionists instead of real people. The transport industry uses AI to communicate travel information to its customers (location, wait time, and so on).

The uses vary. However, the result largely remains the same. AI is quickly becoming an essential tool in business operations thanks to its reliability and efficiency in performance and costs. If you are still not utilizing it, you are missing out on the enormous benefits it brings to the table.

What is SMS Marketing?

One of the more widely used marketing forms is SMS marketing. It has been in use for a very long time now and has stood the test of time. To put it in layperson’s terms, SMS marketing sends customized messages in bulk to the masses using automated platforms.

It is one of the cheapest marketing methods—putting it in the affordable range—but one with the highest effectiveness. It provides unparalleled reach due to the enormous number of mobile users and real-time access to those people. SMS marketing also has a 98% open rate, making it an ideal channel for marketers.

Artificial Intelligence Opportunities for SMS Marketing

So how does artificial intelligence tie into SMS marketing? Even though the SMS marketing campaign works perfectly in its current state, it still has not reached its full potential and has room for more improvement. Artificial intelligence has a way of evolving even the most complete crafts, and SMS marketing is no different. Here are some ways AI can improve SMS Marketing:

Fortunately, AIs exist for this very reason. Chatbots are AI creatures programmed to respond to multiple text messages simultaneously. They can serve several customers simultaneously, which eases the interaction process. Chatbots are constantly being upgraded to consider factors such as context and perception interpretation, response time, and data upload. So, while they are not perfect now, they will be soon.

  • Cost Optimization – AI chatbots can significantly reduce your operational costs. Less workforce equals fewer expenditures. Not only do AI chatbots enhance Communication, but they also increase revenues while being available for duty 24/7 without a single break.
  • Notification Updates – you can build an AI that analyzes consumer data available to you. Using this data, the AI can identify patterns and habits. You can then have the AI send notifications to subscribed customers about new offerings or what potential products they might be interested in. Have seasonal sales or promotions, or want to send shipping information to your customer? Your AI can handle all that for you.

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