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Sometimes, you have seen so many people dealing with WordPress Instagram based themes. It can actually prove the importance of this social channel right now. Among all the social media channels like FB, Twitter and more, Instagram is gaining quite some popularity among the masses. So, this channel can be well used for some other influencer marketing, which will help in the growth of your business well. Have you ever considered going for the Instagram Influence marketing for the business? If not, then the time has come to start it now.

More about the influencer marketing:

Adding up the IG influencer marketing into overall strategy for the IG can help in increasing band awareness. It can also be used for growing follower base and even drive some of the major sales. Are you all set and ready to get started with the IG influencer marketing for business? With the help of an ultimate guide, you can cover everything on ways to find right influencer for businesses. It can also be used for properly disclosing some of the sponsored posts and also determining if the influencer marketing strategies will actually work or not. You can get some more ideas in this field of influencer marketing straight from Gramblast now.

Reason your business needs IG influencer marketing strategy:

Whenever it is about influencer marketing, IG is one best platform for brands to partner up with the influencers on ways to reach some new audiences in a quick manner. It is also considered as one best performing channel for any social action with an average of around 3.21% engagement rate, when compared to the 1.5% across multiple social networks.

  • A major reason for the IG influencer marketing being so effective is because it helps in removing barriers of the traditional advertising and also introduces brand to new audience through trustworthy source, which is your influencer partner.
  • Whenever an influencer recommends service or product on channels, it can easily come across an authentic recommendation from any friend.
  • Having a proficient influencer marketing strategy in place can help raise awareness about new campaign or product line, which will be delivered in the most relatable manner.
  • As the IG’s algorithm is limiting reach of some businesses, the influencer marketing is the main strategy for promoting brands and products on IG.
  • Around 67% of marketers have already tried their hands in using IG marketing for promotion and we are always expected to see that number to grow and increase organic reach declines.

The cost revolving around the field of IG influencer marketing:

There is no question that social media influencers have now become indispensable for the brand campaigns, mainly on IG. But, the main question is how you can come up with fair price when there are so many factors to consider. According to the latest influencer marketing report, it was stated that rates will vary widely among IG influencers, terming it as “wild west.”

  • The report further states that guiding principle for the influencer brand collaborations will be rather simple. The brands and influencers are in proper position to benefit one another mutually. There is more than just a single way in which brands can offer value as cash is king.
  • In case you are planning to work with influencers within the 100k range, you might hav to prepare yourself for a hefty price tag that come along with it.
  • As per the 2018 state IG marketing report, some influencers might be charging you somewhat around $5000 to $10000 for each sponsored post. But, it is way more common for them to charge a basic amount of $250 to $1k.
  • Unfortunately, it is hard to come across one size fits all package when it is about the cost of the influencer marketing. There are multiple factors which are involved and that might go well beyond IG’s influencer’s number of followers.

The small businesses can also leverage IG influencer marketing with some micro-influencers:

As the current IG engagement rates seem to decline, more businesses are currently seeing value in partnering with IG influencers with small but highly engaged platform. In general sense, micro-influencer is one who have significant but not massive form of social media following. This might range somewhere between the 1k to 10k followers mark.

  • One of the major benefits to join hand with the micro influencers is that they can retain higher engagement levels when compared to top-tier influencers. It has been confirmed by two different studies from Markerly and Hello Society, which have already found negative correlation between audience size and engagement rates.
  • So, when the accounts of multiple sizes are procuring fewer comments, likes and even followers in general than what they used to get in past, bigger accounts will be the one with bigger hits.
  • It means that any IG post from micro-influencer will be likely to seen by larger group of people in the following. So, that means you can potential reach more crowd at the same time.

Perfect partners for the IG influencer marketing are the main point:

Finding those right influencers for marketing campaign can be bit of a challenge. Therefore, it is always important to set some clear goals and even some expectations ahead of the time. In case, the goal is for racking up engagement, it might always make sense to partner with some of the micro-influencers with less audience but with the higher engagement rates.

  • Then, in case you are trying to increase brand awareness, then some other metrics might prove to be useful. Those metric are traffic and even the influencer’s reach. There are some points to consider and keep in mind while determining whether or not to establish a partnership with an influencer.
  • You need to check their IG engagement and the quality of followers they have. After that, don’t forget to check the followers’ numbers and finally the budget requirements.

Going through some simple points can help you live up to your dreams and grow your business. You don’t have to worry as IG influencer marketing will be there to offer some help.

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