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Kevin Urrutia


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November 15, 2023

There have been some growing debates over the years about the connection between SEO and social media, which has raised the question of how these two strategies work together to achieve results. We all know that SEO helps our website get found online through organic keyword strategies and other onsite optimization, but social media takes our website to the next level.

Although social media isn’t a direct Google ranking factor, it has a host of other benefits that your website can leverage. In this post, we’ll take a look at how social media can bring more visitors to your site and improve your overall SEO.

1.     Social media help increases visibility

Social media can help your SEO indirectly through content and further increase your visibility. Social media pages give your website another place to live. It allows you to take all your quality content and promote it on different channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to push SEO.

Social media gives your content a new stage to encourage discussions. It allows people to share your content on social media and the incoming links from your shared content may not only improve your engagement rate and bounce rate but also impact high-quality backlinks.

Google has started to index content from social media platforms. By posting content on social media platforms, your content can reach a lot of new people who may share thereby open the way for further visibility.

2.     Social media helps build brand awareness

Another way that social media help SEO is through increasing brand awareness. While it may look like more of a branding advantage than SEO at first glance but the truth is that social media has amazing benefits for branding, and indirectly do a lot for your SEO too.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow you to build your audience, as well as your brand. The more branded searches your brand receives on social media platforms, the more inclined they’ll be to click-through, and this will increase your brand awareness resulting in more organic search traffic for your pages.

However, you need to collaborate with influencers to come up with informative and useful content. Not only will the content help customers make that final purchase decision, but will also contribute to your brand awareness and outreach.

3.     Social media lead to quality backlinks

Quality backlinks is still an important ranking factor for search engines. The number of quality backlinks you have to your website can make or break your search rankings. This type of backlinks can be impossible to land at a high rate without social media.

Social media is useful for SEO because it encourages more backlink to your content. The more backlinks you have to your website, the more authority your site will gain in a search engine.

The logic here is straightforward; social media is all about sharing your best content, the more social shares you get across platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn the more opportunities people will have to find and link back to your content.

4.     Social media help build your audience

We all know that SEO can impact search engine rankings, but social media can helps you build your online presence and audience, which increases the possibility of people clicking on your brand’s content in Google’s search results.

By building your audience on social media, you’re improving your relationship with your visitors, which in turn can increase conversions. To build your audience on social media, focus on a few platforms and conduct audience research to know where your ideal visitors are most active on social media. This will help you get in front of people who wouldn’t have otherwise found you.

5.     Social media encourage more engagement

Another way social media help improve your site’s SEO is through increased engagement. Social media can help attract visitors to your site and send positive signals to search engines, but engagement with visitors helps improve your online reputation as well as generate leads for your business. However, it’s essential you know what your visitors want and how to give it to them.

Some potential ways to engage with your visitors include sharing important updates, guest post as well as hosting live discussions on the social media platform. If you have a blog, start creating content to attract local visitors. You can also include Question and Answer styled content that targets voice search queries.


Wrapping Up

Solely concentrating on SEO may not cut it any longer these days if you want to stay ahead of your competition. A solid social media strategy with good SEO practices will increase your website organic traffic and conversions via the search engine. However, you can contact ADEL SEO if you need help incorporating your social media efforts with your SEO efforts.

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