How to Combine Facebook Ads with Email Marketing Strategy


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May 05, 2024

Description: We are going to show you how to gain more leads and nature them into buyers using Facebook ads and email marketing. With Facebook and email, it is so easy to drive traffic to your business, maintain brand awareness, and plan your advertising process.

Success in email marketing advertisement is determined by the number of leads that have subscribed to your list. To form leads, you just require driving more traffic to your landing page; this is something that platforms like Facebook can perform so well.

Combining Facebook adverts and Email marketing ways

1. Prepare Facebook Adverts to drive traffic to your landing page

To advertise properly on Facebook, one must know the best audience-targeting methods and email marketing ideas. Facebook has pre-configured tools which make the process of setting up very simple.

Be keen on the audience which you design for your ad with a tagline for the best promotion strategy such as slots online win real money. All other steps for designing landing pages to nurturing experiences will be created as per your objectives and liking.

Another thing that you must configure before launching a Facebook advert is your budget. There are online articles where you can read about the best ad budgeting and email marketing system. 

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

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2. Create a landing page to convert leads to subscribers

A perfectly-funded company that has its own website developers will not have any challenges doing that. When you are a startup, we recommend using a good landing page creator, for example, Instapage and other free email marketing tools from this website

Instapage has templates that are ready for use. The structure of each template varies a bit but all templates have similar on-page features that are needed for the conversion. Besides the header and the small value proposition, the templates prioritize the visibility of the important form leads and CTA.

Most landing page creators are able to produce the same outcome. So, you do not have to be choosy. The only important thing is following the principles of designing and writing a marketing email which will offer your audience a great experience.

Feature visual content

Visual content is very beneficial compared to text when it comes to capturing people’s attention. Whether it is a picture of a product, a video or a background picture, they are all effective.

Bear in mind that the visual content does not have to be that perfect. Provided you adhere to all rules of email marketing and it is able to get you the attention for other elements of conversion on the landing page, it is fine.

Remove interruptions

Interruptions at landing pages include things might break the interaction or things which might divert the attention of the people away from the road of conversion. This includes things like sidebar ads, pop-ups, animations, and bug menus. 

We additionally recommend avoiding unwanted processes during creation because they can prevent you from getting customers during the best time for email marketing. For instance, avoid putting an address or responding to a survey. With this, you can expect more email marketing leads and a stress-free conversion action.

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3. Use Facebook to expand your email list

You can use potential customer ads to collect email addresses from Facebook ad units. For instance, you may send ads to people who have sent you a message on Facebook within the previous 30 to 365 days.

There are companies which use Facebook insights to define the audiences to use in creating targeted social ads. The people who have liked your Facebook page are the perfect audience to advertise your services and products to, and they are likely to become your customers.

Your Facebook fans might not be online for long enough to collect all the information that they want. So, we recommend using the email marketing solution by collecting their email addresses and sending them any information that you feel they would like to read.

4. Target your email audience on Facebook website

This can be achieved by uploading your email marketing list on Facebook. Some of the reasons why you require to target email subscribers with Facebook ads include:

  • Reinforce content that they may have missed an email
  • Re-interact with clients who are no longer using email
  • Encourage current customers to become repeat customers
  • Perform promotions for certain kinds of people. For instance, the people who are currently on trial or those that are likely to buy your product

Conclusion: That is how you will merge Facebook adverts and email marketing to gain more customers. Did you find this information useful? Are you running a business and you know other ways of converting more customers that we have not discussed here? If yes, please share it with us. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask. We will get back to you as soon as we can.


Author’s Bio: Joshua Sherman is a tutor in finance and businesses. He provides online training and planning for the construction of an e-learning management system in line with the virtual university.

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