Groundhog Day Email Subject Lines

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Groundhog day is coming. Looking forward to predicting the weather changes for six weeks?

Well, just like any other holiday ou need to be prepared for it to enjoy the day in style.

Irrespective of the kind of holidays, customers will spend on products. As a marketer, ensure that you prepare for this great day in advance to win more customers to your business.

Most of the customers are not prepared to purchase your services or products. Research by Marc Wayshak shows that at least 50% of prospects don’t fit into your brand.

You have to convince them that your products or services can help them solve their challenges.

The above report also shows that most business sales representatives don’t do active marketing for their brands.

They could be offering great products but most potential customers don’t know their business.

That is why it is essential to increase brand awareness as you nurture more leads to your business and increase conversion rates.

For this great upcoming groundhog holiday, you can use these emails in your email marketing campaigns to generate more leads, increase conversion rates and sales.

  1. GROUNDHOG holiday is around the corner. Make your order NOW and get great discounts
  2. Make your groundhog holiday orders now and enjoy FREE SHIPPING
  3. Our sweet deals this GROUNDHOG holiday are about to expire. BUY NOW!!! before time runs out
  4. All you need is to make an order NOW and SAVE $125 this groundhog holiday
  5. Confused if the groundhog predictions will prolog winter? Don’t worry, we got you covered
  6. And here comes amazing NEW products this groundhog holidays. Ready to shop?
  7. You have just TODAY to enjoy great offers this holiday. Join others in the wonderful shopping time
  8. It’s SAVING time. How about saving $35 for any item you buy above $100. Sounds cool?
  9. We have a 60% OFF sale offer this groundhog holiday. Don’t miss this chance
  10. It’s a free shipping day offer. With or without holidays for $250 and above purchases
  11. Happy GROUNDHOG holidays. Here is what we have for you
  12. The predictions will favor WINTER. Are you prepared for extended wintertime?
  13. Worried that a SHADOW will appear this GROUNDHOG holiday?
  14. Our brand cares for you. See the product guide for this GROUNDHOG holiday shopping
  15. Just a day and CELEBRATIONS begins. Are you ready for a great and special day?
  16. Here is our savings plan for this GROUNDHOG holiday for you. Happy shopping time
  17. Visit our store for AMAZING gifts and discounts this GROUNDHOG day
  18. The predictions are out. SPRING is coming. Make your orders NOW for the great season ahead
  19. Want to see the wonderful surprise we have for you this holiday?
  20. Make a purchase NOW and enjoy up to 80% OFF price and free delivery for $500 and abe items this groundhog holidays
  21. All you need for your holiday celebrations are here. Enjoy your shopping
  22. Make instant purchases and GET special presents and gifts this GROUNDHOG holidays
  23. We have WONDERFUL offers for this season. But they are ending soon. Shop while there is still time
  24. It’s a shadow groundhog day. WINTER is here to stay. Prepare for more cold days

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