What HR Needs to Prepare before Hiring a Nomad Blogger


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January 23, 2022

Digital nomads are becoming common in companies of all sizes as it is no longer necessary to be physically present in the office to be a part of the team. With only a laptop and good WiFi, your best employees can be a thousand miles away, in a quiet room with a fantastic view, living a lifestyle of their dreams and still making you profits.

Such a lifestyle can really add value to your business too, especially when it comes to blogging – digital nomads’ blogs are often filled with great insights and creative and resourceful information that your target customers will love and enjoy.

If you’re considering your first nomad blogger hire, here are a few important things your HR needs to prepare beforehand.

Payment options

One of the basic things you need to agree upon is the payment. PayPal is the often default for digital nomads and is used by many companies and services, but using it is definitely not cheap especially when different currencies are involved. 

There are some other options which you should consider:

  • Transfer-Wise
  • Skrill
  • Payoneer
  • Multi-currency cards

If they are often on the road, your freelance bloggers could benefit from owning a multi-currency account. With such an account, they can keep money in local currencies, make transactions and withdraw cash without any additional conversion fees.

Good tech

When you’re considering the tech your digital nomad needs to have available, two are of crucial importance, as they are basically their working tools – a good laptop and a good phone. 

The choice of the laptop will depend on the job they are doing, as well as their lifestyle. If they are, by any chance, using heavy software for work, their laptop needs to be a really powerful one, but for the most common blogging tasks, such as writing, a midrange computer will do the job perfectly. If they are often on the go, they will need a laptop that is easily portable with excellent battery life.

Having a good phone is important too, as digital nomads often use it as a tool to access their tasks, mail and internet pages. An unlocked smartphone is the preferable solution, as they will be able to contract a GSM provider from any country without additional expenses.

Provide support

To get the most out of including a remote blogger in your team, make sure you’ve provided them with all the internal and external support they need.

First of all, make sure your new remote employees feel welcome in your team by preparing a good onboarding process and helping them acclimate to the professional and social expectations of the new environment.

Furthermore, your bloggers are going to need some external services too, from time to time. if you’re dealing with foreign markets, for example China, it’s essential to grant them access to professional english to chinese translation services so that you can be sure that the same message and concept of their blogs are conveyed, no matter the language.

Housing solutions

One of the ways you can support a nomad blogger you want to employ is by taking some stress away from their transition to the new location. As an HR person, you can get in touch with a temporary housing agency and try to find an apartment that will meet your blogger’s specific needs and wants. 

These agencies are often accessible 24/7 and will provide you with unbiased rental options based on your request. Some of them also offer meet and greet services, organize transfer from the airport to the new apartment and upgrade houseware and furnishings, if you demand.

Access to Cloud-drive

All your blogger’s data needs to be safe and sound in case their laptop or smartphone is lost or stolen so another thing you need to consider when employing a nomad blogger is whether they have access to cloud storage.

Make sure the cloud storage option they use is efficient and fast so that they can sync and backup they data easily. Some solutions even offer additional encryption to the user data, so if your company is concerned about data safety, consider them too.


If they are often traveling, as most of the digital nomads are, your blogger is going to need a fast and reliable internet connection wherever they go.

One of the best ways to support them is making sure they have a mobile hotspot available when they are out and about. Some of the top mobile hotspots are SkyRoam, GlocalMe, and TepWireless, but check the other ones too, to find the offer that suits your blogger’s needs the best.

Make sure you have all these issues covered and give your blogger the best support they need to make their transition from one place to another smooth and stress-free. Great results will surely follow.


Author’s Bio: Lauren is a regular Bizzmark Blog author that has many articles published with the main focus on clients who want their brands to grow in the fast-changing and demanding market. Her personal favorites are successes of small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. She goes through life with one strong moto – Kindness, always.

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