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Engagement rate is a metric that measures how active and involved an audience is with content. It reveals how engaged they are through likes and shares.

Why is Engagement Rate Important?

Engagement rate is a critical metric used to analyze the efficacy of brand campaigns. Knowing how much time people spend watching videos, reacting to posts, and sharing content reflects the success, or failure, of published content.

Engagement can be determined by:

  • Websites: scroll depth, average time on page, average page views, bounce rate, shares and form conversions
  • Social media: likes, shares, comments, reactions and retweets
  • Email campaigns: open-rates and click-through rates

Analyzing your rate of engagement gives you deeper insights toward your return on investment. Successful engagement can lead to:

  • Referrals and word of mouth marketing
  • Credibility
  • Stronger relationships with customers
  • Greater visibility
  • Brand loyalty

Keep an eye on your engagement to improve your social media advertising campaigns and online marketing efforts. These insights reflect a direct relationship between your business and your prospective customers.

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