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May 05, 2024

Understanding eCommerce’s M. Patrick Doherty shares his business’s experience and his fight through customer acquisition, growth to get ahead of the competition and ways to overcome the obstacles that came in the way of his startup. This interview is part of a series conducted by Salesmate to enable startups to take their businesses to new levels of success.

Name: M. Patrick Doherty
Designation: CEO
Company: Understanding eCommerce
Email id: [email protected]

  1. You have come a long way. What do you think the most important aspect of successful sales and conversions for a startup?

Understanding your customer’s pain points. If you resolve an unmet need, your product sells itself.

  1. What marketing tactic/campaign was most beneficial for your startup?

I strongly believe in the email list. It may be old fashioned, but it cuts through all the noise on social media.

  1. What’s the worst marketing move you regret making the most?

Relying on one social media platform. Algorithms change and all your engagement can disappear overnight.

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

  1. While working on endorsing your brand, did you (or do you still) incorporate online marketing and sales tools? Can you name 5 of your favorite ones?

Yes. My favorite tools are: Yoast, Buffer, Wordfence, Grammarly and Slideshare.

  1. What is your company in 2–5 words?

Build, Grow & Convert

  1. What made you choose this path of building a startup instead of a 9 to 5 job?

I wanted to walk my dog whenever he needed it. Sadly, the dog has passed away, but I have a daughter and it gives me the flexibility to be there.

  1. If you were your own mentor, what’s the most important advice you’d give yourself?

Don’t keep clients you don’t like

  1. What do you enjoy the most about the day-to-day management of your business? What do you enjoy the least?

I like deep dives into our verticals.

I hate the work/marketing feast or famine nature of a small business.

  1. Where do you see your startup in the next five years?

I think AI and automation will mean smarter businesses and greater productivity. Most of our business will be done with tech.

  1. Any advice for new startup owners?

Have a proper plan and define your KPIs and goals.

To paraphrase, according to Peter Drucker, “If it is important, measure it!”

Patrick Doherty’s Understanding eCommerce has revealed its business success essentials: Understanding customers’ requirements to the core and striving to build, grow and convert.

Understanding eCommerce is a market leader providing competitive services in Digital Media Marketing. Digital media marketing is an important thing to consider and challenging at the same time since many businesses know how significant digital and mobile channels are for attaining, managing and retaining customers.

Patrick’s devotion to meet customers’ needs by its diverse services and growth in the same direction is taking Understanding eCommerce to new heights of success.

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