The difference an unboxing experience can make to your brand


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

Chances are you’re guilty of spending a few too many hours on YouTube. And in that time, there’s every chance that you’ve watched an unboxing video. 

But just step back and think about that for a second…

You watched a video of someone taking a product out of its packaging. 

Now, to your grandma, this may seem bizarre, but there’s no arguing that unboxing videos are popular. Plus, when they’re made by the right person about the right product, they do wonders for the brand in question. 

But let me ask you this:

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How often have you watched an unboxing video with someone taking a product of our a simple plastic bag or standard cardboard box?


That’s because the brands in these videos have spent time creating an unboxing experience. 

And that’s why you need to create an unboxing experience for your ecommerce brand. 

In this article, you’ll see:

Let’s get into it!

What is an unboxing video?

An unboxing video is exactly as you read in the introduction of this article – its a video of someone taking a product out of its packaging. 

The most popular unboxing videos on YouTube are actually two concepts in one – an unboxing video, and a product review. 

This is especially true in the case of electronic equipment. For example, just hours after launching, you’ll find unboxing videos of the latest iPhone. 

Not only will you see what comes in the box, but also how the new software performs, new features of the device and a general review of the product. 

But unboxing videos aren’t limited to electronics. Toys, clothing, subscription boxes, cosmetics, even eBay mystery boxes get loads of attention. 

But here’s the burning question:


Why are unboxing videos popular?

Unboxing videos are popular because they put you, the viewer, in the position of being the one who opens the packaging. 

Remember when you were a kid, the excitement when you saw a present with your name on it. In all it’s colourful glory, it was there for you, your name on it. You’d get so excited because you knew that whatever was in there, it’s for you.

You just had no idea what it was. 

That anticipation was magic. And now, as an adult, even when you see a package with your name on it, where you know the contents, you still feel a little bit of that anticipation. 

Unboxing videos are popular because they take all those exciting emotions and deliver it, on mass, to viewers. 

Your brand can sell an unboxing experience

We’re all familiar with influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that relies on individuals with a large social media following to create and share content that involved your product amongst their audience. 

Now, consider for a moment that an influencer within your niche purchases your product. They get your product delivered, set their camera up and get ready to make an unboxing video for your target customers. 


What do you want your audience to see when your box is first opened?


Or this?

The answer is simple, isn’t it?

You obviously want your box to have a ‘wow’ factor, and it’s the second picture that does that. You’ve spent a lot of time and effort creating your branding and logo, so it’s only natural to take those visual assets onto your packaging and create a consistent branding experience. 

How an unboxing experience adds value

Do you remember the last time you went to a restaurant, ordered a meal and got a lot more than what you paid for? You walked out after a nice meal, full, and very impressed as you got a lot more than you thought you would. 

A quality unboxing experience does that. 

It’s the extra side of fries or the free drink that you didn’t expect you’d get. 

Your customer buys a product because they want the product. What they don’t expect is the extra value, in the form of a branded box, a thank you note and their product wrapped in custom tissue paper. 

They expected a product, but they got an experience. 

This is the kind of experience that you want to give to an influencer with a large social media following!

So now you know why it’s important to have an unboxing experience, let’s take a look at hoe to create it:

Designing an unboxing experience for your brand

First and foremost, a quality unboxing experience is built around a quality product. If you’re selling power banks or POD products, then an unboxing experience isn’t going to do much because people probably don’t care too much about your brand name. 

Here’s what else goes into an unboxing experience:

Product packaging

First and foremost, the box is important! Whether it’s a thick mailer box that’s sent through the post or a thin-walled cardboard box for a retail store, product packaging is important

Design a box that has your brand’s logo, typography and other visual assets. Copy elements from your website and retail store onto your packaging to create that coherent and continuous experience. If you’re selling in-store, remember to take the unboxing experience a step further with custom printed paper bags!

Mailer boxes

If your product is being sent in the mail, such as a subscription box, you can also make these boxes visually appealing. 

Triple-corrugated cardboard is the default packaging material for boxes sent through the mail. Whether you make them full colour or leverage the organic texture of natural kraft is up to you!

Void Filler

Not only do you need a box that fits, but it’s important that you fill up any space inside your box. Using void filler does 2 things:

Void filler like wood wool, printed tissue paper or organic peanut filler is your best options!

Product presentation

Now that you’ve figured out what will be in your box, it’s time to organise that your customer finds and when. 

Place all extras, like instruction manuals and other accessories on the bottom. Your customer wants to see the main product they purchased, so put this on top so it’s the first thing seen. 

Sealing it all up

Of course, you want your product to stay safe and inside the box if it’s being sent via post. Consider using a little custom packaging tape to seal the edges of your box. 

Packaging tape with your brand’s logo or even a simple greeting is not only practical, but it also creates more of a consistent image. It shows that you’ve paid close attention to the finer details of your brand!

Secure delivery

If part of your product is the packaging itself, then you want to produce your packaging against the elements, too. 

For this, consider using custom mailer bags. Made from durable corn or plastic resin, these bags are waterproof, dustproof and keeps the contents together if something should fall out of the box!

Main takeaways:

In this article, you’ve seen just about everything there is to know about the world of unboxing. 

Armed with this knowledge, it’s now your turn! Go find yourself a custom packaging supplier and start creating an unboxing experience that’ll blow the minds of your customers!

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