3 Sententious Brand Building Strategies From Instagram


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May 05, 2024

If you are running any kind of business in 2019, you must be aware of the power of social media marketing and Instagram in particular. The platform gathers more than a billion users globally, while over 80% of them follow at least one business account.

It’s a unique opportunity to reach out to a big portion of the global population and maximize the visibility of your brand in the long run. This is exactly the reason why more than 25 million businesses run marketing campaigns on Instagram.

But how exactly can you help the brand grow with this network? There are so many ways to do it successfully, but we will show you the top three brand building strategies from Instagram. Let’s take a look!

1.     Optimize Your Instagram Profile

A profile on Instagram is like a social media ID for your online business. For this reason, it is essential to optimize the account properly and make it a genuine brand fortress.

This goes without saying, but you should not mistake a personal profile for a business account. Make sure to opt for the latter and create a fully credible business page with all the corresponding information about the brand.

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That includes details such as phone numbers, locations of physical stores, and so on. Besides that, a business account comes with a whole set of analytics tools that you can and will use to evaluate and improve Instagram marketing campaigns.

Of course, you’ll also need a high-quality profile image to represent the brand. The official company logo is the first choice for most brands and you can consider it to be the safest option.

Jake Gardner, an Aussie writer at the AustralianWritings agency, adds that each Instagram account needs a well-written description in the bio section: “Although you have only 150 characters to describe the brand, it’s a great way to keep the audience informed about your business and invite them to engage by adding a link to your website or landing page.”

2.     Create Stylish and Unique Content

A professional Instagram bio is definitely a good starting point, but it can only get you so far in the attempt to impress the audience and make the brand more appealing. The second step is even more important because it will give the fans something to remember you by.

Of course, we are talking about the content you are going to publish on Instagram because it has to be unique, memorable, and recognizable. Instagram posts should follow the overall branding strategy.

Let’s say you are promoting a highly authoritative business. In that case, you will try to publish a lot of serious and informative content that wins over the audience with the sheer power of data and logical thinking. On the other hand, a more relaxed brand targeting younger users will do the opposite and publish lots of entertaining posts.

Besides that, it is always a good idea to create content that reveals brand vision and values. Take the Nike Tokyo campaign for example – the idea is to empower women in the dawn of the 2020 Olympics, so each post perfectly corresponds with the main goal of the project.

And here is an extra tip for you – don’t be afraid of experimenting and mixing content because it will make your account more dynamic and versatile. You can mix it all on Instagram, including videos, images, stories, memes, GIFs, animations, and many more.

3.     Engage and Interact with Followers

The last but not the least important brand building strategy is to engage and interact with your Instagram followers. After all, you are not some sort of centralized authority that promotes only one-way communication, but rather a trustworthy brand in need of loyal fans.

To grow the number of long-term followers, you need to communicate with them by posing questions, answering their remarks, and commenting on their insights. If you are not sure how to do it, feel free to consult with content creation experts at the dissertation service – they can help you to learn the basics of Instagram communication.

You should also encourage users to create brand-related content as it will make them feel acknowledge and highly appreciated. Many studies prove the value of user-generated content (UGC), showing that almost 60% of consumers prefer seeing UGC photos and videos from brands.

All these engagement tricks will help you to build stronger relationships with the target audience and turn a large portion of your followers into brand advocates.


Instagram is the fastest-growing social platform in the world and the number one choice for marketers who want to help their brands grow and develop. But in order to reach this goal, you need to embrace the state of the art social media marketing techniques.

In this article, we discussed the top three brand building strategies from Instagram. Have you ever tried any of these tactics? Share your experiences in comments – our readers would love to see it!


Author’s Bio: Michael Gorman is a digital marketer and a content creator at https://www.uk-dissertation.com/. He is the man to consult if you are wondering how to write my essay or how to create the top paper writing service reviews. Michael is the father of two lovely toddlers and a passionate long-distance runner. Feel free to contact him via Facebook or check his Twitter.

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