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Here are 6 Ideas to keep your Digital Marketing Clients longer

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The marketing landscape has transformed significantly in the past few years. Now, digital marketing has become an essential part of the field. Building a sound brand image now pertains to being favorably represented online and offline. In fact, 72 percent of marketers find content marketing to be the most effective form of SEO.

As a digital marketing agency, one thing is for sure- you will get a lot of digital marketing clients. However, the key is not just to attract them and get them onboard. Instead, you must also retain them in the long-run as well.

Here are six ideas that will aid you in keeping your digital marketing clients longer.

  1. Have clear values

Customers to today, even if they are businesses, are not just interested in your service. Instead, they care about your values and how well they align with their values. In fact, a study was conducted by the Corporate Executive Board showed that 64 percent of customers want shared values with the companies they partner with. Therefore, if you want to retain customers in the long-run, make sure that you stand for something. And stand for something meaningful and valuable to society. Being just another digital agency Atlanta has to offer won’t cut the deal.

  1. Keep up with digital marketing trends


Digital marketing is ever-fleeting. The best practices of today might not be applicable tomorrow. This means that as a digital marketing agency, you need to keep up with the changing landscape. Make sure that the marketers you have onboard are aware of the changing digital platform. Keep up with SEO practices and deliver quality services to your customers in the long-run. By making sure that you know what digital strategies are in, you can ensure consistent services to your clients.

  1. Be friendly

As a digital marketing expert, you will be in close contact with your customers. Whenever you communicate with them, you must be at your best behavior. Make sure to be friendly and helpful. Listen carefully to their problems and show that you are concerned. Customers are more tempted to stay with companies that have friendly representatives than ones where they don’t feel appreciated.

  1. Focus on quality rather than speed

Sometimes trying to deliver results quickly is not the way to go. While it may allow you to retain customers in the short-run, it may become counterintuitive in the future. Why is this so? Well, this is because, generally the more quickly you offer results, the more fleeting they are in the world of digital marketing. This occurs because rather than treating the underlying problem, you focus on addressing the symptom. Rather than focusing on speed of service, try to focus on the quality instead. It doesn’t hurt to take your time. Let your clients know from the beginning that stable and lasting results can’t be achieved overnight. Work to provide long-term value to your clients.

  1. Customize your digital marketing services


As a digital marketing firm, some of you might consider standardizing your service. While it may work in other sectors, digital marketing is one field that has no room for standardized services. This is because every organization has varying needs and faces different challenges. And hence, they require customized solutions. Standard services might work initially to deliver essential services. However, to get a high SERP for instance, you need to alter your strategies than to rectify the issues faced by the organization. Customers like organizations that delve deep into their problems. They are more likely to stay with them long-run because this act helps in building trust.

  1. Be transparent

Transparency is one of the essential characteristics of any digital firm. It helps in establishing trust with your digital marketing clients. Rather than exaggerating the numbers or being ambiguous about a firm’s online performance following your campaign, try to be as transparent as possible. Keeping your client in the loop is just as important as delivering quality marketing services to them. You can be providing excellent ROI to your client, but unless they about it, they won’t be able to appreciate your service fully.


These are just six of the various ways you can keep your digital marketing clients with you for a longer time. At the end of the day, what truly matters most is what your clients are getting out of your service and association. By continuously improving your services to incorporate recent trends, being transparent and friendly, you will be able to retain your clients.

Have the right goals in mind as a digital marketing provider. Adopt a customer-centric approach and watch as your client bounce rate decrease substantially.  We live in a world where digital solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Leverage it now to get a significant mind share.

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