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Video marketing strategy is nothing new to the market but yes its influence has been felt quite strongly because of how captivating it is. Brands have felt the need to develop with the new features to compete seeing the impact that a good video marketing strategy accomplishes.  The effect is felt in a drastic manner with positive implications. Socially videos have an absolute dominant strain which currently is held strong. If you are not using videos as a marketing strategy yet, it shows the reason for your businesses constrained growth. Another reason for the demand of this strategy other than the amazing results it produces is that it is easy and reasonable in terms to cost which comes along as an added benefiting feature to it.

Even though it is feasible to avail video marketing in terms to cost but many hesitate or are mistaken due to the seemingly complicated procedure that comes with it. Like the much-advanced camera equipment’s, the lighting gadgets, the animator or the editing software used all adding up to seem very complicating and expensive. With the growth of video animation raising in the current era the value and demand of a video animator are remarkably high. If the video marketing guide if studied well, in accordance with the business and the strategy well planned the results are outstanding. Even in this year 2019, the focus on video marketing is quite persistent.

The 10 most common types of Marketing Videos

In specific, there are categories of marketing videos that are most popularly used. Before you tend to film, it is essential to first understand and with clarity choose a marketing video type so that the video is composed accordingly.

1)     Demo Video: Practically such a video is composed at an initial stage where the product is showcased. This may be done while demonstrating how the software would be implied or then may it be a physical product displaying its features and specifications.

2)    Brand Videos: It is a video that is composed to highlight the keys of a company which is part of a larger advertisement campaign. It is produced to attract as well as intrigue the market they orient towards by branding their image through their services, product and mission statement, etc.

3)    Event Videos: As simple as the category mentions it to be. Event videos are taken occasionally or at premiered official events that feature them such as conferences, product launch, fundraisers, etc. or such videos composed like interviews that add up to the business are considered as event videos.

4)     Expert Interviews: It is a great way to engage with the targeted audience by primary showcasing and placing leaders or expert interviews to gather up trust and build loyal customers. The authoritative opinion that the project gains the audience’s attention whether they confine or don’t with their interview.

5)    Educational or Informative Video: By delivering an educational or informative video you are able to gain the audience by showing them how to utilize the product or service being provided. It is an added plus since the sales team also highly benefit through these videos as it compels the audience with the urge to purchase is due to the persuasive content.

6)    Explainer Videos: Are composed demonstrating the requirement for the product and services in many scenarios even self-testimonies of people are interviewed to show how the implementation of the product positive affected them and as a further recommendation for the viewers.

7)    Animated Videos: Are graphic representation videos that require professional’s interventions. In the current era, it is highly demanded. The preference growth is also being experienced for promotions as it is fun, innovating and has a mind capturing feature carried along.

8)     Case study Videos: Case Studies mostly presents the loyal customers who are better vouching and advocating about your services/ product after consumptions on a video. They provide a completely described on camera, on how they faced the problem and the company played as an asset to overcome and be of help to them.

9)    Live Video: If put in simplest words for everyone’s understanding would be, videos that capture off scene or then behind the scene coverage of the company. It’s a very trendy manner to interact with the audience with on the go viewers count shown, questions and comments presented.

10)    VR Videos: Virtual Reality videos are also known as 360* videos. The prime feature of it is that it covers every angle presented in the video. Allowing the customers to control as well as navigate their experience.

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