The 10 Commandments of Boosting Your Landing Page’s Conversion Rate


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

Conversion is the goal of all online marketing efforts. No matter what you do and how best you do it, it will flop unless you get your target users to take favorable action. The same rule applies when dealing with landing pages since your users land there before taking any action. But how can you boost your landing page’s conversion rate? How do you turn traffic into conversion without spending millions of money? So, I invite you to join me in learning how these proven and foolproof strategies can enable you to improve your landing page’s conversion rate. In the remaining sections of this post, I will discuss the ten commandments of boosting your landing page’s conversion rate.

  1. Mind How You Write Your Copies

We start our journey where content matters the most—because content rules the online world. If you want to boost your conversion rate, paying attention to the quality of the content your users interact with is necessary. Ensure that your content is explicit and resonates well with the needs of your target users. Also, make your content easy to understand before users take the desired action. Don’t forget to optimize it for convenient navigation, allowing your readers to glide through it easily using short paragraphs and sentences. Also, use bullet points to divide your sections and facilitate easy skimming by busy visitors.

  1. Say and Tell Only the Necessary

Even though the content is necessary for conversion, it is prudent to maintain balance in your approach. Some website owners assume storming their users with much information will enhance their conversion chances. However, giving your readers only enough qualitative data would be best. Otherwise, excess intake will defeat your goal of achieving more conversions for your landing page. Remember, we live in an age where people are busy, flooded with excess and similar competing information, and consequently, they suffer from short attention spans. So, don’t let the quantity of your content overshadow its quality.

  1. Take the Testing Test

Paying attention to testing will assist you in increasing your landing page’s conversion prospects. You should remember the cardinal rule that requires you not to trust anything you have not tested. After finding a direction, you feel will help you to achieve your conversion goals, test it first. You could start with A/B testing before trying more significant variations of the same design and copy.

  1. Draft Killer Captions

We have seen that content is king. If that statement is true, then what is its crown? Your content’s caption crowns it since users will interact with it first. Captions lie on top of your content like a royal crown on a king’s head—making it conspicuously visible. It would be best if you also remembered that only 20 percent of your readers would read beyond your content’s headline. Therefore, it is necessary to make it compelling since it is your content’s entry point. Below are tips that will assist you in drafting killer titles for your landing page:

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  • Make it clear and short to avoid distractions.
  • Don’t over-promise since doing so will attract your readers to mediocre content. Consequently, you will lose the trust you had won from the headline. So, make sure that your title reflects what the reader will find in your content should they continue reading.
  • Let your headlines promise readers a solution you offer using your products or services.
  • Optimize questions to capitalize on human curiosity. Remember, people will seek answers to questions if you offer them in your content’s body.
  • Make sure that your headline matches what your adverts are saying.
  • Don’t forget to incorporate selling words such as “free, secret, hidden, fast, proven, foolproof, and guarantee.”
  • Remember, humor works if you use it discreetly and decently.
  1. Make Irresistible Offers

People love free offers, so you only need to know how to make them irresistible to capitalize on human love for free things. Therefore, incorporate freebies like ebooks, guides, reports, and anything your target users find helpful. For instance, if you are targeting industry leaders, you could entice them with the latest industry reports relating to their industries.

  1. Optimize Videos

Videos are a great way of optimizing your landing page for higher conversion. Therefore, embed explainer videos in your landing pages to tell your readers what your business does. If you do your videos right, you will increase your landing page’s conversion rates. The reason is that they aid your reader’s attention span so they can keep interacting with your landing page. Moreover, these videos are a great way of arousing your target users’ emotional dimension. Remember, emotions are critical in influencing buyer decisions; anything that optimizes them deserves a place on your landing page. So, here are tips to enable you to maximize their conversion power:

  • Please make sure they are impactful and resonate well with your target audience.
  • Plan your explainer videos carefully since they can be costly to prepare (but worthwhile), especially when you need to conduct an A/B split test
  • Give your videos a powerful script because the video is not an end in itself. Therefore, let your hand guide your readers into what you want them to do and learn.
  • Be explicit with your desired results. Therefore, include clear calls to action at the end of your videos.
  • Include the hottest selling points and features of your products and services in the video to enable your audience to make informed decisions. This way, it will be easy for them to see “what is in there for them” before they decide.
  1. Install EV SSL Certificate

Do you want your landing pages to impact and inspire conversions positively? If you do, then you should install EV SSL. The reason is that an EV SSL certificate will inspire confidence in your visitors since they will be sure that they are interacting with a secure website. After all, nobody likes sharing their details on insecure sites. For instance, a case study VeriSign conducted shows that these badges can boost conversion rates by up to 30 percent. When it studied an online hotel booking site Central Reservation Service, it noticed a 30% increase in conversion rates after featuring an SSL badge on its website. Symantec’s similar study also reveals the same trend where clients experienced an increase of between 10% and 87%.

  1. Spice Up Your Calls-to-Action

True landing page conversion depends on one thing—your users doing what you want them to do. However, getting them to take favorable action is difficult unless you tell them to do so clearly and passionately. It is prudent to remember that your calls to action are some of the most critical components of your landing page. To get the most out of them, here are three tips to spice them up:

  • Mind your colors: Give your call-to-action buttons a different color from your page’s background.
  • Pay attention to size: Make the button just large enough to be visible to your visitors because a small size makes it hard to recognize, while an overly big button will be distractive.
  • Include an inspirational message: Your call-to-action message is its essence. Therefore, it should instill a sense of urgency and need in your visitor’s minds to inspire prompt action.
  1. Make it Mobile-friendly

It would be best if you also remembered that more than 65 percent of all Internet users access it using mobile devices. Therefore, your landing page has to be mobile-friendly if you expect it to have an increased conversion rate. Make sure all your text and video/photo contents display easily on mobile devices. Otherwise, you will miss the more significant section of your potential customers.

  1. Mind Your Loading Time

On physical highways, we see road signs warning people that speed kills. However, the online world works just the opposite, with warning signs indicating that the lack of speed will kill your business. Do you still want your landing page to enjoy an increased conversion rate? If you do, pay attention to how fast your landing page and its contents load. Otherwise, nobody has the time to keep hanging around your landing page if it takes ages to open. Make sure the videos, photos, and other contents load fast to avoid losing traffic. Remember, in the physical world, we say that delays are not denials. However, in the online world, delays will deny you, potential customers!

Parting Shot

Increasing your landing page’s conversion rate is not rocket science that only a few chosen geeks can understand. If you know the principles and apply them well, you will enjoy the goal of all your online marketing efforts—conversion. That is why I shared the ten commandments of boosting your landing page’s conversion rate. The ball is now in your court to take action and install an SSL certificate, among other measures, to enjoy the benefits of this post.

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