Tips For Creating High Converting Call to Action Copy

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There are many ways to fall on your face when it comes to marketing campaigns, but you probably already know it’s important to include a call to action in marketing content. Your goal is to encourage leads to take some action, whether it’s buying a product, signing up for an email newsletter, enrolling in a loyalty program, etc.

But you probably also know that a CTA alone is enough to yield results. It’s important to ensure the copy surrounding that button is as strong as it can possibly be. If you’re struggling with this, the following tips will help:

Highlight the Benefits

Convincing people to take action is much easier when you highlight the benefits of doing so. For instance, if you were trying to get website visitors to sign up for an email list, simply asking them to do so is insufficient. You need to explain precisely why they would want to do so.

Maybe your company is a B2B consulting business. You would thus ask people to sign up for your email list by letting them know they would regularly receive content with practical recommendations they could apply in their own work. You might also include testimonials from current subscribers to further cement your point. Again, the goal is to make sure you’re explaining precisely why someone should take a requested action. Every time you write CTA copy, ask yourself, “What’s in it for them?”

Generate a Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is an effective way to boost conversions. People are simply more likely to take action if they believe they’ll miss out on an opportunity if they fail to do so.

Thus, whenever possible, you should consider how to make your CTAs sound more urgent. The way in which you do this will depend on the nature of the CTA.

For example, maybe you’re promoting a branded event. You could include code in your CTA that tells leads how many (or rather, how few) spots are left. With the right code, the number will update every time a spot is claimed.

Or, if you’re promoting a temporary sale, use language like “Act fast!” or “Don’t miss out!” Doing so is key to making users feel like they need to act now to take advantage of an offer.

Use the Right Action Words

Obviously, a CTA should include action words. You just need to make sure you’re using the right action words. Some verbs will actually create friction, making a lead reluctant to take action.

These include such words as “buy,” “order,” “purchase,” or anything else that reminds a person this action requires an investment on their part. It’s better to use words and phrases such as “get started,” “view,” “learn more,” join free,” etc. These serve to remind people of the benefits they get from acting on your CTA.

Of course, you also need to monitor your CTA performance. These tips will certainly help you generate stronger CTAs. By paying attention to how well your new tactics work, you’ll continue to make improvements.

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