The Six Crucial Elements in an SEO Audit


Kevin Urrutia




February 28, 2023

The online world is expanding at a fast pace with new websites emerging with every passing day! Online entrepreneurs and business owners with a site today need to customize strategies to steer clear of this online competition. For that, it’s essential to check the way the website has been performing in search results. The best solution is an SEO audit.


What is an SEO audit?

Simply put, a search engine optimization (SEO) audit is meant to provide value and enhance the data, based on which business owners and entrepreneurs arrive at final marketing decisions. When you evaluate your brand’s crucial SEO elements, you can generate a well-developed action plan to enhance the organic search outcome.

Have you been planning for an SEO audit lately? If yes, you can always reach out to a professional service provider to suggest you the course of action. You can browse through Grant McArthur Media to know more on the topic. Also, you can consider the following six factors that have an essential role to play in your SEO audit.


  1. An extensive computer research

It’s always a smart call to kick-start the SEO audit by understanding the market competition that exists! Have you identified the market players who you need to outshine in your organic search results, for your set of keywords? Do you know other market players and your competitors are getting in their organic search web traffic for a selected set of keywords?

These are a few critical questions that you need to ask during an SEO audit. Your analysis should touch upon aspects such as:

  • Keywords used by your competitors
  • The expected value for traffic search
  • Expected search traffic per month
  • Linking of root domains
  • Domain authority
  • Inbound links

Today, you have access to SEMrush and Aherfs and other tools to assess and analyze it all. It’s useful when you compare these details using a chart to highlight the gap visually that is present between your brand and other market players. Such a graph or visual presentation helps to showcase the highest loophole. When you know the areas, you need to improve you can manage your strategies and concentrate all your efforts.


  1. Indexing and crawling

Crawling suggests the way Google is reading your website. It also shows the way Google further indexes your site thereby adding all the web pages to the search results. These elements form the basis for a correct SEO approach.

You can go ahead and depend on Google Search Console for determining if a website is getting adequately indexed and crawled or not. Just have a look at the robots.txt file to check the resources that get blocked from the crawlers and have a look at your sitemap, to check whether it caters to all the apt protocols. It’s always bad news to know that Google blocked a website. Hence, you need to evaluate the indexing and crawling of your site to make sure it has the best set up.


  1. Consider website accessibility

Website accessibility is an essential aspect that you need to look into! And there can be a few things that can add a hindrance on website availability. Some the common reasons are the 404 errors very slow page load speeds, excess server response times and others. The good news is you can detect it all in an SEO audit. You need to opt-in for Google’s PageSpeed Insights to check if there are any problems related to website accessibility. Simultaneously, check the Google Search Console to look for 404 errors and the like and address the issues instantly. For that, you can opt-in for Google’s resources. An SEO expert would also advise you to do so.


  1. Opt-in for link analysis

Important and relevant links are essential ranking factors in Google’s algorithm.  Do you know the way your website gets linked, both externally and internally on secured, third party websites? Using Google Search Console and its tools, you can evaluate both external and internal links for finding out the way your data gets linked and the pages that are crucial. One of the favorite tools you could resort to is OpenSiteExplorer. It helps you to evaluate external links and also recognize the essential link scopes.


  1. Consider keyword analysis

Are you using those keywords that will get you increased web traffic? Are you aware of these keywords and know where your company stands regarding these keywords? Also, do you know the trending keywords and the way it is converting an online viewer to a loyal customer?

It is what keyword analysis is all about. Both Google Analytics and Google Search Console offer a perspective as to the way keyword search affects performance. When you make use of tools like Aherfs, you can show the way in which keyword analysis can be a game changer for your company.


  1. A through convent analysis

Every business depends on content to progress ahead successfully! So, is your website content can generate increased business? Do you know the landing pages and blogs that get continuously created for targeting keywords and welcoming inbound traffic?

You might want to opt-in for a current content audit, both from the user and the search engine perspective! Is your content correctly optimized for the given set of keywords? Also, are the online site visitors spending quality time browsing through the website, its content, checking the image gallery and many more? Are you aware of any duplicate content problems that might occur in Meta descriptions, target keywords, and the page titles? If yes, then you should solve the same immediately.

Finally, all you have to do is collect all your findings to develop an SEO strategy! And this SEO content strategy is created to offer a stable route guiding the way your content team with work things out. Furthermore, it also makes sure that you will be generating content both for the search engines as well as Google. You can refer to Google resources if you require help on this. And when you are developing an SEO strategy, keep these above-discussed points in mind to reap the best results.

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